Mr. Officer... I'm not feeling very secure...

>> Wednesday, July 27, 2005

OK, so in response to last week's London attacks, NYC has decided to start checking bags upon peoples' entrance into subways, ferrys and other public transportation means. There is already a lot of police patrolling everywhere in the subways, now however they started checking everyone's bags. Its good, but they don't check at EVERY single station which is basically defeating the purpose, but apparently its already costing the city an extra 2 mil A WEEK, so I guess it will just have to do. (Check out the t-shirts some one made for the occasion, it hilarious!)

side note: Some of the police officers are rather HOT (Not pictured). And since they are there to make us feel secure... I keep being tempted to come up to one and ask him to make ME feel secure PERSONALLY. Maybe I'll get lucky... and he'll cuff me... nevermind...

So, what was my point? Oh, yeah. That WAS it... Some police guys are hot... that's all.

lesson kids: make sure the inside of your bag is CLEAN, so when a hot police officer guy checks it... you can strike up a conversation and he'll be compelled to ask you out... or cuff you... whatever you're into.


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