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>> Monday, July 18, 2005

My sandal

Oh, how much I don't like Mondays- Like hitting a brick wall at full speed in a ferrari. That is just such a horrible thing... you know, a beautiful ferrari RUINED... Just like a Monday- a beautiful chance to go to the beach- RUINED!!!

But I shouldn't complain, it was a very nice weekend.

Up there is my sandal in the sand. The beach was really beautiful this Saturday. (Sorry Jasmine, close you're ears for a second.) I love going on dreary days because there aren't that many people, only the die hard appreciators of salt, sand and waves. Also, curiously the water always seems much warmer when the sun is not beating down on you. I actually swam instead of my usual in and out. (Long Island sticks out in to the open ocean so the water almost always is freezing!!)

There were yummy lifeguards trotting down the beach with their sugar donut buns... have you ever noticed? Sand on tanned skin looks like sugar on a donut. Lickylickystickysticky...ok sorry I'll behave...

Made my way to the bookstore. No, not to buy the Harry Potter books. Don't get me wrong I like the movies. Last year I dated this guy that I swear looked just like Harry, a really TALL Harry (and a bit older, but not by much). Among my friends we would refer to him as Harry Potter and once I accidentally called him that to his face... Ooops... But yeah, fun times...

What's really cool is JK Rawling's story. She started writing the stories just to entertain her young daughter while living on public assistance and working as a part time secretary. And now, apparently she is earning 1million pounds AN HOUR!!!

Good for her! There is a lesson for us all; NOT putting yourself and your "stuff" out there could actually be COSTING you 1 million pounds AN HOUR! Aha! (Also, she used to be a brunette and she is now a platinum blonde... I don't know if it means anything...)

Oh yeah, I was talking about my trip to the book store... I got 5 books (I'll be done in a few days and will report... thanks to my hours spent commuting.)

Saturday evening I went out with my beautiful older man... I really like him. The more I get to know him the more I see that he is not only a very handsome man, but also a beautiful person.


and Ahhhh...some more....

Sunday I visited my grandparents. It's crazy to see two people over 80 who are still in love with each other! And that's after OVER 50 years of marriage. I pray to God I will have that.

I mean they sit there and continuously diss each other and make fun of each other... my grandma tells my granpa off for flirting with some lady! and my grandpa comes back and reminds her of the time she danced with some sailor boy when they were dating (like a hundred years ago)... and its back and forth like that every time I see them...

Oh, yesterday my grandpa asked me if I like kissing. (umm- Yeah! I got my "flag" on many countries and continents.) "Well, I totally love kissing too" my grandpa said. Yeah, we all know! My grandpa kisses all the women on the lips, every one! He doesn't care who's wife, sister, daughter they are, everyone gets a kiss on the lips. I remember when I was 7 and grandpa came to talk to my class about WWII, after, my teacher (a very attractive 24 year old with long blonde hair) walked him out of the classroom to thank him... the draft creaked the door open just enough for my entire class to see them in a lip lock! It was just a peck, but still.
Dude grandpa! That's my 1st grade teacher!!! The entire class laughed and my teacher just turned bright red. I'll never forget that episode.

lesson kids: shut the door when you're trying to make out with someone's teacher...


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