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>> Saturday, July 16, 2005

I'm probably the only one up and awake this early on a Saturday morning! But, that's what I do.

For some reason this morning especially I feel like I really am here to save the world. Does anyone ever get a feeling like that? I so do, many times. After all, Alexandra (Ale), my self given name means exactly that: a defender of mankind. Actually it all started when I was five and my father and I were on a bus going somewhere early in the morning (to the beach I believe), and I was looking over the undeveloped mounds of sand thinking. (At that time we lived in a brand new neighborhood where construction sites were very common.) I asked him:

"Dad, why are we here on earth?"

"I'm not really sure..." he said, which is not really surprising since when I was 5, he was only 26. A year younger than I am right now... and I can totally see myself saying something moronic like that to a kid. Which really is a good answer, so they know not to take you at every word.

"No, dad, seriously, why do you think we're here? I don't mean mommy, because she is a normal person, I mean me and you???" I continued.

"Yeah, that's true. She is normal." he said looking over across the sand too. "Hey, have you ever thought about life on other planets?" he asked.

"Sure. Like aliens? I think they're just like people actually."

"Well maybe we are aliens and were sent to live here for a while." said dad.

"WAAAW, you're serious? Oh my goodness that totally makes sense!!... Wait a minute, are we going to have to go back there?? What about mommy?? Will she want to come with us? Is she going to be able to breathe up there???" I started getting concerned.

"Nah, I don't think we have to go back. Unless we really want to. And mommy can breathe upthere, they'll give her a special suit." said dad.

"But what do they want us to DO...HERE...??" I wasn't giving up.

My dad looked over and said "I think the reason we were put here is to find people we love and live all together".

"That's it?... Are you sure??"

"Yeah- I think so."

Hmm... I don't know dad, I still think I'm here to save the world! :)

lesson parents: watch what you say to your five year olds, because they will remember it for the rest of their lives.

*fellow aliens: please email me, we're overdue for our anual picnic!

Now, I will go and contemplate my next step in saving the world... as I lay on the beach.
cosmic kisses comming at you! muak!


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