Dieting is fun to do!

>> Monday, May 26, 2008

WHY are Mondays such a PAIN in the REARRRR!!!????????


Ok, so this whole weekend I did nothing but EAT. We met up with friends for a picnic at the park where we had all kinds of scrumptiousness and deliciousness accompanied by white and red "GRAPE JUICE". Well, that is how we had to refer to it after we were acosted by cops. "Sorry guys you can't consume alcohol here, you see that statue over there? Only in that area can you drink alcohol". Well, fine so we'll put the offensive bottles away and carry on with the grape "juice''. Hmm... I wonder if that's how they invisioned their carreer as they sat through police accademy...

Then on sunday I spent an afternoon at High Tea to celebrate a firend's birthday at this super amazing place De Bakkerswinkel. OH......

So I am officially on a DIET!

Today for dinner I cooked up some leeks for myself in plain water. I also cooked a vegetable soup with meatballs for Vito. I went on to eating the leaks... they were yummy. But then I some how ended up adding some cheese and sour cream to them. I also made a delicious bean salad with olive oil, garlic and lime juice for this week... then I ate the whole thing.... Then I decided to try Vito's soup just to make sure it tasted fine... and had 2 bowls...

But apparently that's what happens when you go on a diet, because you're 'depriving' yourself you end up eating more of EVERYTHING ELSE!

Ok, I'll let you know how it goes... :)



>> Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This Saturday the boys had their birthday bash at the beach which was the party of the year. Two hundred of their closest friends joined for the intimate encounter.

I would however like to make an official announcement that if perhaps my friends back home think that certain unanswered emails go unanswered due to my very glamorous lifestyle, it is NOT the case. It is simply my "bad" behaviour. OK!? Can we get that clear people! Bad behaviour that's all. :P

But not to worry, you all are invited to stay in the west wing of my new villa!!!!! (Whenever we buy it that is.)


more flowers!!

>> Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Friday! yey!


Pretty Netherlands

>> Thursday, May 15, 2008

One of the millions of flower photos I took at the Keukenhof gardens last month. Vito's parents took us all to enjoy a sweet day at the park where I unleashed my hidden desire to photograph the insides of EVERY SINGLE TULIP!!! Yeah! Super tourist me!
Another very fabulous new site has been put together to showcase the pretty Holland is
As for me- I've been super busy and has not properly seen the inside of my own residence. I have started learning Dutch again with classes 3x per week. Crazyness.
Pst... huge party this Saturday!.... wheeeeee


Copenhagen weekend!

>> Sunday, May 4, 2008

Yes dears, Vito and I jetted ourselves away to a loooong weekend in Copenhagen! Ahhhh..... there is just something unexplainably dramatic and alluring about exiting the country you live in for a few days. I guess its like flyingover to Cali for a weekend from NYC. From the Netherlands however 2 hour travel in just about any direction by car or plane will lend you in another country! So we took advantage and hoped on over to Denmark. Added bonus, my friend bella Louisa lives in Copenhagen so we got to do some serious hanging around soaking up the sun.

And here you go and don't say I never tell you anything useful:
Copenhagen Island hotel: Lovely place to stay in Copenhagen, walking distance to the center overlooking the harbour:
Sexy modern rooms with big windows, very helpful and friendly concierge, SUPER brekfast bouffet in the morning anything from breakfast pastries, danish specialties, and fresh fruits, all taking place in a sleek restaurant overlooking the harbour.
Sticks'n'sushi: AWESOME sushi! It was intoxicatingly gooooood....
The one on Istedgade is in the neighborhood with a bunch of other good restaurants and bars (don't let the random hookers and junkies turn you off, it's an up and coming neighborhood) Best sushi I've had since NYC, and that's saying alot. (The nice concierge girl tiped us off about this one).
Also on the same street, a GREAT Thai restaurant Spicylicious:
Shoping.... oiiii just weave in and out paralel to the magior shopping street and you find lots and LOTS of cute boutiques.

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