Don't get burned boys!

>> Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Well the "viewing" has been set up! The Vin Diesel guy, who is once again, a doctor, will stop by his grandmother's house for lunch as he often does (the hospital is near by) and MY grandma will "coincidently" be there innocently visiting HER friend (his grandma). It sounds less confusing as you say it... more confusing as you write it...

Anyway, so that's the dilly. Grandma is an evil genius! Haahaha, I think that's so hilarious. I really hope she checks out his ass real good... oh, good idea, I should call and remind her to do that...!


Tête á tête avec le grand-mère

>> Sunday, January 29, 2006

I had a heart to heart with Grandma yesterday. I told her that the only way her matchmaking is ever going to work is if the guy is s-e-x-y. The problem with her set ups in the past is that she never actually MET these boys... so most of them really were a waste of time. They were ok, but just like a predator I would feel the impending crunch of their delicate little gazelle-like necks. For me if I feel the guy has a weak spot, I just cannot help it but to aim and destroy. Its just a reflex. I don't like super pretty boys, but he has to be good looking. And Grandma of all people should be able to understand that... since she hooked up with the town's playboy- Grandpa.

My grandma landed my grandpa, who was a real good catch back in their town. An officer, just coming back from war, flashing money and his dark, handsome looks. Ya know those kind of guys. My grandma on the other hand was very quiet and shy; a short little sweet blond girl. As she tells the story, she was so taken by Grandpa that she decided she just HAD to have him. Apparently it all started 5 years earlier, before the war, when she was friends with my grandpa's younger sister, and often would play over their house. She was 12 and he 17. He of course did not even notice her. And as he likes to chime in at this part of the story and fill in the fact that he was dating 20 year old girls at that time... (Grandma rolls her eyes, they insult each other for about 5 minutes and the story continues...)

So how did a shy, quiet girl land this rowdy, dark officer? (Who apparently was throwing money and hearts around, a very naughty young man he was.)


She tortured the heck out of him! She drove him NUUUUTS!

When he would stop by her house in the afternoon to say hello. She made sure to NEVER be there, so he would have to sit around and wait for a while as she literally circled the block a few times and than made a grand swishing entrance with a grand surprised smile: "Ohhh, what a nice surprise..! how nice of you..."

If he didn't specify the time during which he were to take her out for some ice cream (the desert place was equivalent to the hottest bar/lounge at that time) She would get all dressed up and when he would show up, she would say... "Oh... I didn't know you were coming today... sorry, I already made plans with my girls..."

On the (rare) occasions that they actually DID get to go out, she would act very happy, smile and not talk much.

The day that he proposed, she had class in the afternoon (she was a university student). He wanted to go celebrate, but she made him drop her of at class and told him she'd see him after. Of course there was no class for her that day as she was very excited, so basically once he dropped her of, she went out the other entrance and walked home. But the point is she was always very striked with him...

I love hearing their dating story, because its amazing to see that after 50+ years together they're STILL in love, still getting jealous of each other...! (And the way they pick and insult each other is even more beautiful than the abuse that comes out a Tuscan's mouth during a Fiorentina soccer game.)

"So see grandma, if you want this thing to work, you gotta find me a good looking chap." - I told her.
Grandma paused for a few moments than looked at me and said:
"OK, here is what we'll do. I will arrange to take a look at him... and if he's good, you have to promise me to ACT exactly as I tell you on the date."
"Ohhh, this is interesting... I like-I like, I respect that..."

*Now just in case you are wondering how grandma knows all these boys, that's because my grandparents are very social, they go to more parties in a week than I care to go in a 3 months period. They pretty much know half the grandparents in the tri-state area... and well they all talk and discuss their grandchildren so there's where the reach comes from.

"So what do I gotta do?" - I'm beginning to have fun with this thing...
"I will write you a list, that you should memorize... I'm not wasting my time just saying it to the wind right now..."
"What..? Come again"
"I'm saying you have wind in your head, that's your problem."
"Waaahahahaahahahha! Wind...heeeeheee... my brain is getting cold... aaahha" - (me laughing)
"Ale, this is very serious, its not funny at all." - Grandma is serious, and assumed the role of a doctor about to perform life saving surgery...
"Ok, Grandma, we'll do exactly as you say." - Oh boy... this is going to be F-U-N! hehehehe


Two Vin Diesels please...

>> Friday, January 27, 2006

Its true, we've been holding our breath a little bit here at Sempre Primavera. There is a reason why I haven't really talked much about what's happening here in NY. Well its because I've been kinda waiting out to see how "things will turn". (Yes, I know its illegal in blog world...)

Our Nicholas has not been making any headlines for a while. We're writing long emails and I guess I'm getting impatient with the fact that he is far and even more with the fact that I think I like him... See, Ale doesn't like to hold her breath...

Back in the real world, yesterday, it arrived. An extra long envelope. It was gold. It had three different cards in it, and another little envelope inside. A wedding invitation!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! I didn't want to touch it. I didn't want to open it. Than I did. And yes, it was bad. Basically I have till February 18th to secure a date to the "first" wedding of 4 mandatory ones I have to go to this year.

But the evening was not over yet. I called my grandma to see how she was feeling after her eye surgery. Poor grams had to go to a hospital for some eye surgery. Grandpa answered the phone and I clearly heard some laughter in the background. (Grandma's laughter) Of course when she picked up the phone she assumed a very weak tone of voice...

Somehow ten minutes later she was telling me about this new boy she wants to send me on a blind date with...

Grandma: "He is a very nice guy"
Ale: "Nice guy? Are you saying he is fat???"
Grandma: "No, but there is something strange about his hair... he has a buzz cut"
Ale: "so he is BALD??"
*Yes, Ale is superficial and shallow, but in all honestly I always said I like guys with substantial leg, and I LOVE buzzed heads (makes me think of my male role model Vin! Yes, Diesel. Though somehow, I don't think in Grandma's case it would be a Vin Diesel type to pop out of the cupboard).

Anyway, since I wasn't buying her guilt trip this time, it was clearly about the stupid golden envelope... gleaming in the dusk... imposing deadlines over my head. Or was it that she mentioned that he had a twin brother... I'm so not even joking... think about it... TWO Vin Diesels!


Caption it...

>> Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Now imagine that you have purchased this to hang in your office... how would you caption this picture? Give me the MOST "motivational" line possible (that would fit).

*This is from our Costa Rica trip, we went riding around for a few hours to a different beach and through the country side. We had to wear these goggles that were deffinitely NOT Vogue authorized to protect our eyes from the dust.


A few words on the aging process...

>> Monday, January 23, 2006

'Twas a quiet weekend. Was in fact so quiet that I thought someone had put the "mute" button on. Was SO NICE!!! Please keep it that way!!!!

Right... I guess this is what "getting old" means. Not only do I not find anything wrong with having a quiet weekend, but I even find it... STRANGELY GOOOOD!!!! That's it... its all over.

Actually this hasn't happened overnight. It's been happening for a few years now. It would sneak up on me during crazy nights dancing when I would just get TIRED at an angelic time of 3.30!! I would feel like a Cinderella whose clothes have turned to rags and whose carriage has turned into a pumpkin... I would feel so tired that I would have to sit down... that I would have to say goodbye to my friends and go home!!! What has been even more disturbing that when I would try to take leave of my friends they would actually look more relieved than pissed and we would all just go home. These "occurrences" continued to happen with increased frequency and... well got to a point where going out in general had to get curbed a bit. Reluctantly at first, than with a fullblown heartfelt welcome. Slowly but surely I have found myself migrating from the dance floor over to the loungy areas, from where I exited the places with dancefloor all together. Than even the Lounges and bars have become "too loud" and I migrated further out to quieter and sexier rooftop bars.... now even those places are not acceptable anymore since there are just "too many people". Now I much rather get together with friends to cook together while downing bottles of wine.

What I'm trying to say, is that I'm just not sure what and how this happened, but SOMEhow it did. Even more... sometimes I have this really strong urge to put on a sweater set, drive my pretend van to a soccer field to pick up my pretend 2.5 kids from practice.

AAAAHahhahaha, NO not QUITE there YET!!!!! I run out of the house get into my vulgar two door red car and take a little drive back to normality... with the windows down and some angry boys rapping something about communism in Italian. Yes, like I said back to good ol' NORMALITY! Ahhhh

Yes, I'm crazy, still not convinced?
Sempre Primavera!

*disclaimer kids: SP does not condone breaking speed limits, italian rap, communism, or sweater sets of any colors.

Please exercise caution when driving vulgar vehicles of red color especially.
Please exercise caution when driving in Staten Island. (Day, night, midnight or in twilight).

Ciao belli!


Caution: Girls on a board!

>> Friday, January 20, 2006

Hey people! It was pointed out that my other post was not very fare. Not because I was ruthlessly giving scores to nice surfer boys, but because I didn't put up any pictures of any surfer GIRLS. Well, here you go! Here at SP, we deliver.

First of all, no this is NOT Kaiya and I... although these girls are definitely adorable as well. And I chose this picture (from the randomness of the internet) because this is EXACTLY what we would have looked like if we decided to go surfing. Why? Because:

1. We would also be renting only ONE board for two, cus' we're cheap like that.
2. We'd probably be holding on to each other in some way.
3. We would be laughing just like that.
4. I'd be the first on on the board pretending to know what I'm doing...
5. And yes I have blondish hair and Kaiya has black hair, we had great tans like that and cute bikinis!

There you have it. Except we didn't really go surfing... (better view of the surfer boys are from the beach anyway...)

No, honestly, when I was 8 on a summer family trip to the beach (at that time we didn't live near the sea) this huge wave threw me pretty hard. So hard that my kid bathingsuit (that was tied on strings) was on me no more, neither were my goggles, nor my blow up dolphin doll. After that time, I do NOT go swimming out into big waves. Everytime I see that towering wall of water I want to throw up. I'm not afraid of water, or anything, I've worked as a lifeguard all through highschool in a "wave pool" actually!! haha. But I am definitely not comfortable with ocean waves... I do think one day I will try it. This summer even! I think I may be ready. Yeah, after all, this summer will be exactly 20 years since the "wave throw". !!! I think I SHOULD celebrate it... on that board!!! Pura Vida! ...or shall I just say: Sempre Primavera!!!!!


Bloggers' Counseling?

Oh my goodness, I'm so annoyed right now!

Have you ever experienced "blogger's rage"? And I don't mean angry blogging, just blogger's rage... Basically being pissed at something that is ONLY relevant in the blog world?

Is there a place for bloggers to go and have therapy sessions??? Let me explain...

I found this girl's blog a while ago. Its awesome! (I'm planning on sharing it with you all when I roll out my personal "list" of bloggers that I like but are not displayed on my dashboard.) Anyway, so I've been reading it for a while, I make comments here and there and its all good and dandy. BUT I do NOT get along with ANY of the OTHER commenters on her blog!!! Not only that but they kinda annoy me! So much so, that I've contemplated abandoning reading that blog. I mean, come-on we all know making and reading comments is the second half of the fun... So basically my question is this: I really do not want to stop reading her blog, but how do I deal with my "anger issues" towards some of her commenters??

Just so you'all don't go nuts thinking I'm talking about one of your blogs, I must say that its a blog that is not linked onto my blog, or to any of the people's blogs that are linked on my blog. If it was I would not be discussing it here with you. Because rule #1: never talk about the company present.

Am I disliking her commenters unjustly? I'm sure... but here is what they do:
1. Make comments obviously not having read the POST
2. Make comments obviously not having read the PREVIOUS comments
3. Talk in code (fine I've done this one myself a few times...)

Of course I'm being melodramatic and this is precisely why this whole thing is so funny! Go tell this to any "normal" person outside the blog world (that's reading OR writing) and they'll never understand. So who do I go to for help and counseling at such a moment of need!?!? :)


Lots of Deliciousness in Costa Rica!

>> Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ok, so after we got over the initial shock of being on vacation and having only to worry about rotating your bodies to be in perfect alignment with the sun rays... we really started to relax and enjoy the good things Costa Rica had to offer...

Ahhh... lets survey the beach.... beeeeautiful.....

Oh... what's this? Looking good... looking good, ehhh, seven and a half, respectable, though I must disagree with his shoe choice...

Now this is a sight for sore eyes! Very nice, very nice, lets give them both

a 9...

And look at THAT!

Now this fillet gets a PERFECT score!!!!

Yes, definitely hungry after all that wild life watching...

This is what we would have for lunch usually, a "casado" (married). Rice, beans, a plantain, salad and your choice of fish, chicken or meat. This one is actually a Mahi-Mahi fillet. YUMMY!! (And of course - about 4 or 5 Imperiales!)

*Disclaimer: Yes its OK for SemprePrimavera to assign numbers to surfer boys. But Kids, don't repeat everything aunt SP does... we may all get into trouble...


First leg of the trip - Tamarindo

>> Monday, January 16, 2006

How great was Tamarindo?! VERY great! :)

Actually to be perfectly honest, Kaiya and I had a slight freak-out session the first day... First of all, for me, this was the first "real" vacation in 2.5 years! (I know I'll never wait this long again!)

Secondly, we have spent the better part of the day battling potholes... so you can imagine that when we pulled into town and finally found our way to our hotel up the road, all we wanted to do was have a drink IMMEDIATELY. (MANY drinks to be exact.)

We were experiencing this strange sense of pride to survive. Yet, its not like we did anything special... just drove a few hours from one city to the next? Right? Well, I think it was more... It was almost pride in being able to escape the civilization as we know it, our corporate jobs, our auto-temperature controlled homes and self-flushing toilets... I think it was the realization of how complex, information driven, multi-tasking our everyday life is; it was realizing that our brains have probably changed to function differently because of the lifestyle we are forced to live. I think the scariest part was thinking that there is "no way out" for us. Here we were about to start our two and a half weeks of relaxation, beach and sun! And all we could think of was how HORRIFYING this idea was. How almost uncomfortable it made us feel... how foreign it seemed!

We RAN down the hill to this restaurant called "Las Palmas". It is set right on the beach with tables sharing the space with palms. Before we even sat down we made eye contact with the waitress across the restaurant and soundlessly mouthed the words: "Dos Imperiales, porfavor!" She sensed our desperation and come over immediately with two bottles.

Kaiya and I subdued our usually prolonged toasts to a simple "Cheers" and inhaled our beers without a word. By the time the waitress made her way to bring the menues we were already looking for her and signaling for two more Imperiales. After the third beer, Kaya looked over and as if she was reading my mind, said:
"We're gonna be OK..."
And yes, we finally were beginning to "relax", to notice the swaying leaves of the palm trees, to sense the magnetic darkness of the ocean, to feel the breathe carrying the scent of jasmine flowers. Yes we would learn and remember how to enjoy life again... even if it took many more hours of driving over potholes or 100 more IMPERIALES!!!

Some info on Tamarindo Beach:
Tamarindo Info
Chocolate Aparthotel


A trip to a strange land...

We interrupt our trip through Costa Rica to travel to the opposite side of the world. Allegedly the center of Asia... We're going to the Republic of Tuva!

The Republic of Tuva (from

"Situated in southern Siberia on the border with Mongolia, the Republic of Tuva has an area of 170,500 square kilometers and is one of the least known regions of the Russian Confederation.

It is the geographic center of Asia and in Kyzyl, the capital, there is a monument to mark the most distant point from the sea. The climate is continental, with temperatures ranging from 40°C in the summer to -50°C in the harsh Siberian winter. The variety of landscapes and temperatures has resulted in a huge range of flora and fauna: from the taiga—the Siberian forest of firs and birches—to the Mongolian steppes; from the yaks in the most mountainous areas of the country to the camels in the far south.

The land of Tuva has been inhabited since Neolithic times and there are many historical and artistic remains from this period (rock carvings, burial sites, stones and artifacts of many kinds). In the 13th century, the region had to yield to the ‘Golden Hordes’ of Genghis Khan, while in the 18th century it came under the sphere of influence of China under the Manchu dynasty. After a war of liberation, it became independent once again in 1912, and in 1914 became a Russian protectorate. The Popular Republic of Tuva was formed in 1921 and remained a sovereign state until 1944, when it became part of the USSR. In 1992, following the break-up of the Soviet Union, the Republic of Tuva returned to being an independent state within the Russian Confederation."

Shamans of Tuva (from

"Shamanism, probably the earliest religion on earth, believe that every mountain, river or forest has its own spirit which owns the place, and is in command of animals and birds living there. Spirits can protect people, provided their goodwill is obtained with prayers and sacrifices. Shamans have therefore a vested interest in protecting their environment. They were our first ecolo ancestors. They were also our earliest doctors and psychiatrists: through a trance, the shaman engages in a dialogue with spirits to clean the patient of evils which affect his heath, physical and psychic. Spirits help the shaman to look into the patient's past and apprehend his future. After decades of violent persecution by Communists, shamanism makes a forceful comeback in Russia, mainly in the Siberian republic of Tuva." (A story of a woman Shaman "Heart Moon")

Now for a treat. A slide show of Tuvan landscape, also included shots of the inside of a Yurt, and the main city in Tuva. Its accompanied by some traditional music and you can hear a bit of the famous "throat-singers".

What inspired me to look all this up is going to see a performance this Saturday. A group called Huun-Hoor-Tu . They were amazing. Its unbelievable quartetrtette of voices can take you on a journey through the Taiga with cries of birds, howls of animals and the sounds of galloping horses... all done with their voices, simply incredible.

Cheers! (To another discover in this world)


Corona, you got NOTHING on these bad boys!!

>> Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy FRIDAY!!!!
Here is an inspirational photo to get this weekend started RIGHT!!!!!!

More Costa Rica to follow this weekend... or not...

For those of you that have experienced the wondrous taste of Imperial beer, you'll be happy to know that their export to the USA has already started. They're already in California and hopefully very soon will be everywhere!

Imperial Cerveza


Bad girls just don't listen

>> Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ok, before deciding that renting a car for our trip to Costa Rica I did some serious planning...
I sat down with a map and measured the roads with my finger than looked at the little ruler on the bottom of the map and measured my finger to see how many kilometers we would be driving. Simple? Yes. Effective. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Fine, fine, it wasn't EXACTLY like that, I'm not THAT blonde. I did check out various websites and articles about driving and roads and such. I did read the warnings and the horror stories on other blogs about the potholes and bad roads, and conditions and traffic, etc, etc, etc. What did I do?? I laughed, sometimes rolled my eyes... laughed some more, shrugged my shoulders... than "just to be on the safe side" added about half an hour driving time to each of the legs of the trip and that was it! BAD ALE!!!! BAAAAAD!!!!!! Now if you are reading this, and you are yourself planning a trip to Costa Rica, and you are planning to drive... listen closely... NO, GET closer... CLOSER, I want you sooo close that you are kissing the screen.... good... now listen....


You got that!?
If you think you will be driving for 2 hours, you will be driving for 4! Some stretches of the road are just so bad with potholes that you will be driving at the rate of 2km/hour. Drive early in the morning just in case you run late. And remember it gets dark promptly at 6pm, and you DO NOT want to be driving in the dark.

Now sure, you can be like me, and kinda laugh and shrug your shoulders, but honestly you really don't need the aggravation on your trip. Do you need a 4-wheel drive? Yes if you plan on getting of the main highway. We didn't have a 4WD and we got by ok since we only drove to main areas, but even so, the extra $200 would have been spent very well to have the security. Even on the best stretches of roads there are little holes and dents that if you are not careful can damage the wheels in a little car, while in a bigger 4WD would be hardly noticeable. Plus your butt won't get wet as you're fording rivers (OK just kidding, no river fording on highways.)

Under NO circumstances, and I mean that, should you ever take the highway that goes to Liberia. If you are driving to Nicoya (Tamarindo and such) take the Amistad con Taiwan bridge. Also I hear that the highway around the Arenal Lake is terrible, we have not been on it but fellow travelers have given some tearful accounts.

Basically we leisurely left the hotel at 11.30. We had the AUDACITY to stop for a nice sit-down lunch at this place called "White Horse". Which is overpriced and overrated, stopping at any "SODA" of the highway would have been just fine as well. Anyway, after that we basically spent the next 5 horse swerving to avoid potholes. And its not like you swerve, or go slowly, you kinda sverve into ON COMING TRAFFIC!! Or they're swerving right into you!!! If you slow down too much, you run the risk of cars behind you ramming into you, which would be especially unpleasant if the car behind you is a CEMENT TRUCK!!!!! We actually would just pull over and let trucks and cars pass us if we felt we were holding them up. Of course within minutes we would see those hot shots on the side of the road calling their mommies to come change the tires for them... but hey, pura vida...

We did make it to Tamarindo. FINALLY we pulled into town just as the sun definitively set...

to be continued...



>> Monday, January 9, 2006

We booked a hotel near Alejuela for our first night. Plane arrived at 6.00pm and we had a dinner reservation for 7.30pm and it turned out to be perfectly timed! Customs at Juan Santa Maria Airport were just about non existent, ok, fine they did stamp our passports but when we got to the people that checked luggage and we hesitated while looking for the special forms we had filled out... they simply just waved us through without even pausing their conversation. Pura Vida! (This is a Costa Rican saying meaning anything from hello, godbye, whatever, nevermind, it's all good. Literal translation is: Pure Life, meaning that in Costa Rica life is pure, without artificial ingredients. Or maybe its just a tourism slogan...? Ahh, who cares, pura vida.)

Next day, early in the morning... ok, fine, like 11.30, we got into our brand spanking new Toyota, Yaris and drove of west... woooow wait... First, we had an AMAZING breakfast! Delicious, fresh fruits, coffee, toast, eggs and bacon... and somebody stop us!
(Note: the pasty white arms, bleeh.) Ok, THAN we got into the Yaris and drove of

Important info:
Hotels by region:

Cellphone band:
GSM 1800

Toooo tired to talk about our horrifying drive to Tamarindo beach... tomorrow...
I will give a Nicholas update: he asked me for my number... and yes we are emailing everyday and stuff. I'm begining to get a bit impatient though. Like I just wish he'd fly over here so I can take a looky-look-see. Or at least offer to sponser my visit over there. I don't want to be the one making moves but at the same time I want to move things along already. (My impatient Aries nature.)


Finally we take of.

>> Saturday, January 7, 2006

Sunday morning. I will get myself over to the pool today! I will get to New Jersey to try on Brides Maids dresses. (That's for the June wedding in Chicago.) Lots to do today... All I want to do though is just sit around drinking Imperiales and maybe later go climb something... ahhh wishing I was still in Costa Rica... well you do know what's the absolute best way to beat the post-vacation blues? is to plan your NEXT TRIP!!! And that's exactly what I'll do!... as soon as I'm done reveling in post Costarican bliss...

Ok, we continue:

Tuesday, December 21st, 2005

Good morning!!! Rise and shine!!!!! Our sleepy heads bobed from underneath the blankets thinking that it was way too cold in the house... (My parents like to experiment with how low of a temperature you body can take while sleeping...) Anyway, its OK, cus guess what!? This very evening we would be enveloped in HEAT! We'd be so close to the equator that the pure excitement from processing this information would be in itself a danger! Ahhh... we couldn't wait!

I flipped the TV on to check on the traffic and such. But the moment I saw the overly excited look on the news announcer chick's face I KNEW something was wrong...!


Today was a first day of a city-wide transit workers' strike!!! This meant that all public transportation including busses, trains, subways would be shut down! You know what ELSE!! The BRIDGES!!!! (Since no toll workers would be there). We live on an Island... BRIDE is the only way off the island!!!! I panicked. I'm not a panicky type person, but I panicked. There was something VERY important at stake right now... MY TIME OFF!!!!!!! I knew immediately thought that this was the work of the Invisible Enemy*.

*Just to remind you, I hate New York, but so many people can't see why!? Apparently they don't notice the ugly people in subways, or that there is never parking when you need it, or that public transportation is always late, etc...etc...etc... But I SEE THROUGH it! I know that there is this evil invisible force that does everything possible to make your life miserable... as if in re-payment for you living in this "great, wonderful Big Apple, full of magic and excitement" bleeeeh, its just an oversized, smelly trash container. Anyway, I call this evil force the "Invisible Enemy".

Well after about half an hour negotiating with car service companies that were just not "allowing their people to get of the island" my father took pity and offered to drive us to the airport. And amazingly despite all the threats and warnings about the traffic and bridges being closed we got to the airport flawlessly!

At the airport checkin counter we requested "emergency row" seats (Thanks for the tip Viking!) and flew in style. Of course Kaiya was starving the whole way, even though we had a huge breakfast at my house consisting of Ikea pancakes and Lingdonberry spread.

to be continued...

Tomorrow: First night in Costa Rica, and the horrific drive to Tamarindo...



Costa Rica... ahhh... what can I say... except...


Ok, I guess better start at the very beginning...

Monday, December 20th, 2005

My friend Kaiya arrives from Chicago at New York City. We decided to embark on the advanture precisely at the same time! (That and the fact that neither of us wanted to wait for the other at the airport, or worse... out there in Costa Rica somewhere...) A bit of background information on Kaiya, since we'll all be getting pretty tight right about now...

Kaiya and I met in high-school, I think due to mutual admiration of each other's outfits or something. She eats non stop all the time, but is THIN! (Hot and Sour soup is her absolute favorite). She is very talented in the arts and music. Some or our past escapades include trips to: California, Key West, Sardegna and countless gallivanting in NYC and Chicago.

Knowing these few brief facts, it should not surprise you that at precisely 1.45pm, as I dialed her number, wondering where the heck was she since the plane landed at 12.55...
"Where ARE you!?"
"I'm buying Hot and Sour soup around the corner" said Kaiya's calm and collected voice...
"WHAT!? You're already HERE! And you did not call me upon "touch down" as I instructed you to!?!" I hissed into the phone obviously jetlegged and over caffeinated (remember the day before I came from the Spain trip).
"Oh, well pick me up a small one.." I added remembering that I haven't had lunch yet.

After a whole bunch of hugs and exclamations we headed to Barns and Noble to make some last minute purchases for our trip... such as some books, Vogue.... oh and a ROAD MAP! (yes that would indeed be helpful.)

Later, standing on a corner trying to catch a cab, in complete darkness enduring FREEZING wind, we exchanged looks and I said:

"Kaiya, this NASTY weather just SUCKS major ass, why don't we just freakin' go somewhere HOT!? Whatever, lets just go to Costa Rica!!!"

"Good idea!!!" said Kaiya

How many times people say things like that in the desperate moments as freezing cold creeps through to the bone, but it felt great to say it knowing that the next day it would be precisely what we will do!

We're going to Costa Rica!!!!

to be continued...


...Estoy Aqui... quiriendo te....

>> Friday, January 6, 2006

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and i will tell you EVERYTHING!!!!!!
...tomorrow :)

I missed you guys for real! you can ask Kaiya!! (ok, fine, i missed everyone the first week... the second week I was so relaxed and having so much fun I couldn't even remember MY NAME!!!)

.... but tomorrow.... tomorrow I talk....


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