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>> Monday, January 23, 2006

'Twas a quiet weekend. Was in fact so quiet that I thought someone had put the "mute" button on. Was SO NICE!!! Please keep it that way!!!!

Right... I guess this is what "getting old" means. Not only do I not find anything wrong with having a quiet weekend, but I even find it... STRANGELY GOOOOD!!!! That's it... its all over.

Actually this hasn't happened overnight. It's been happening for a few years now. It would sneak up on me during crazy nights dancing when I would just get TIRED at an angelic time of 3.30!! I would feel like a Cinderella whose clothes have turned to rags and whose carriage has turned into a pumpkin... I would feel so tired that I would have to sit down... that I would have to say goodbye to my friends and go home!!! What has been even more disturbing that when I would try to take leave of my friends they would actually look more relieved than pissed and we would all just go home. These "occurrences" continued to happen with increased frequency and... well got to a point where going out in general had to get curbed a bit. Reluctantly at first, than with a fullblown heartfelt welcome. Slowly but surely I have found myself migrating from the dance floor over to the loungy areas, from where I exited the places with dancefloor all together. Than even the Lounges and bars have become "too loud" and I migrated further out to quieter and sexier rooftop bars.... now even those places are not acceptable anymore since there are just "too many people". Now I much rather get together with friends to cook together while downing bottles of wine.

What I'm trying to say, is that I'm just not sure what and how this happened, but SOMEhow it did. Even more... sometimes I have this really strong urge to put on a sweater set, drive my pretend van to a soccer field to pick up my pretend 2.5 kids from practice.

AAAAHahhahaha, NO not QUITE there YET!!!!! I run out of the house get into my vulgar two door red car and take a little drive back to normality... with the windows down and some angry boys rapping something about communism in Italian. Yes, like I said back to good ol' NORMALITY! Ahhhh

Yes, I'm crazy, still not convinced?
Sempre Primavera!

*disclaimer kids: SP does not condone breaking speed limits, italian rap, communism, or sweater sets of any colors.

Please exercise caution when driving vulgar vehicles of red color especially.
Please exercise caution when driving in Staten Island. (Day, night, midnight or in twilight).

Ciao belli!


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