Bloggers' Counseling?

>> Friday, January 20, 2006

Oh my goodness, I'm so annoyed right now!

Have you ever experienced "blogger's rage"? And I don't mean angry blogging, just blogger's rage... Basically being pissed at something that is ONLY relevant in the blog world?

Is there a place for bloggers to go and have therapy sessions??? Let me explain...

I found this girl's blog a while ago. Its awesome! (I'm planning on sharing it with you all when I roll out my personal "list" of bloggers that I like but are not displayed on my dashboard.) Anyway, so I've been reading it for a while, I make comments here and there and its all good and dandy. BUT I do NOT get along with ANY of the OTHER commenters on her blog!!! Not only that but they kinda annoy me! So much so, that I've contemplated abandoning reading that blog. I mean, come-on we all know making and reading comments is the second half of the fun... So basically my question is this: I really do not want to stop reading her blog, but how do I deal with my "anger issues" towards some of her commenters??

Just so you'all don't go nuts thinking I'm talking about one of your blogs, I must say that its a blog that is not linked onto my blog, or to any of the people's blogs that are linked on my blog. If it was I would not be discussing it here with you. Because rule #1: never talk about the company present.

Am I disliking her commenters unjustly? I'm sure... but here is what they do:
1. Make comments obviously not having read the POST
2. Make comments obviously not having read the PREVIOUS comments
3. Talk in code (fine I've done this one myself a few times...)

Of course I'm being melodramatic and this is precisely why this whole thing is so funny! Go tell this to any "normal" person outside the blog world (that's reading OR writing) and they'll never understand. So who do I go to for help and counseling at such a moment of need!?!? :)


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