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>> Friday, January 20, 2006

Hey people! It was pointed out that my other post was not very fare. Not because I was ruthlessly giving scores to nice surfer boys, but because I didn't put up any pictures of any surfer GIRLS. Well, here you go! Here at SP, we deliver.

First of all, no this is NOT Kaiya and I... although these girls are definitely adorable as well. And I chose this picture (from the randomness of the internet) because this is EXACTLY what we would have looked like if we decided to go surfing. Why? Because:

1. We would also be renting only ONE board for two, cus' we're cheap like that.
2. We'd probably be holding on to each other in some way.
3. We would be laughing just like that.
4. I'd be the first on on the board pretending to know what I'm doing...
5. And yes I have blondish hair and Kaiya has black hair, we had great tans like that and cute bikinis!

There you have it. Except we didn't really go surfing... (better view of the surfer boys are from the beach anyway...)

No, honestly, when I was 8 on a summer family trip to the beach (at that time we didn't live near the sea) this huge wave threw me pretty hard. So hard that my kid bathingsuit (that was tied on strings) was on me no more, neither were my goggles, nor my blow up dolphin doll. After that time, I do NOT go swimming out into big waves. Everytime I see that towering wall of water I want to throw up. I'm not afraid of water, or anything, I've worked as a lifeguard all through highschool in a "wave pool" actually!! haha. But I am definitely not comfortable with ocean waves... I do think one day I will try it. This summer even! I think I may be ready. Yeah, after all, this summer will be exactly 20 years since the "wave throw". !!! I think I SHOULD celebrate it... on that board!!! Pura Vida! ...or shall I just say: Sempre Primavera!!!!!


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