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>> Saturday, January 7, 2006

Sunday morning. I will get myself over to the pool today! I will get to New Jersey to try on Brides Maids dresses. (That's for the June wedding in Chicago.) Lots to do today... All I want to do though is just sit around drinking Imperiales and maybe later go climb something... ahhh wishing I was still in Costa Rica... well you do know what's the absolute best way to beat the post-vacation blues? is to plan your NEXT TRIP!!! And that's exactly what I'll do!... as soon as I'm done reveling in post Costarican bliss...

Ok, we continue:

Tuesday, December 21st, 2005

Good morning!!! Rise and shine!!!!! Our sleepy heads bobed from underneath the blankets thinking that it was way too cold in the house... (My parents like to experiment with how low of a temperature you body can take while sleeping...) Anyway, its OK, cus guess what!? This very evening we would be enveloped in HEAT! We'd be so close to the equator that the pure excitement from processing this information would be in itself a danger! Ahhh... we couldn't wait!

I flipped the TV on to check on the traffic and such. But the moment I saw the overly excited look on the news announcer chick's face I KNEW something was wrong...!


Today was a first day of a city-wide transit workers' strike!!! This meant that all public transportation including busses, trains, subways would be shut down! You know what ELSE!! The BRIDGES!!!! (Since no toll workers would be there). We live on an Island... BRIDE is the only way off the island!!!! I panicked. I'm not a panicky type person, but I panicked. There was something VERY important at stake right now... MY TIME OFF!!!!!!! I knew immediately thought that this was the work of the Invisible Enemy*.

*Just to remind you, I hate New York, but so many people can't see why!? Apparently they don't notice the ugly people in subways, or that there is never parking when you need it, or that public transportation is always late, etc...etc...etc... But I SEE THROUGH it! I know that there is this evil invisible force that does everything possible to make your life miserable... as if in re-payment for you living in this "great, wonderful Big Apple, full of magic and excitement" bleeeeh, its just an oversized, smelly trash container. Anyway, I call this evil force the "Invisible Enemy".

Well after about half an hour negotiating with car service companies that were just not "allowing their people to get of the island" my father took pity and offered to drive us to the airport. And amazingly despite all the threats and warnings about the traffic and bridges being closed we got to the airport flawlessly!

At the airport checkin counter we requested "emergency row" seats (Thanks for the tip Viking!) and flew in style. Of course Kaiya was starving the whole way, even though we had a huge breakfast at my house consisting of Ikea pancakes and Lingdonberry spread.

to be continued...

Tomorrow: First night in Costa Rica, and the horrific drive to Tamarindo...


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