>> Monday, January 9, 2006

We booked a hotel near Alejuela for our first night. Plane arrived at 6.00pm and we had a dinner reservation for 7.30pm and it turned out to be perfectly timed! Customs at Juan Santa Maria Airport were just about non existent, ok, fine they did stamp our passports but when we got to the people that checked luggage and we hesitated while looking for the special forms we had filled out... they simply just waved us through without even pausing their conversation. Pura Vida! (This is a Costa Rican saying meaning anything from hello, godbye, whatever, nevermind, it's all good. Literal translation is: Pure Life, meaning that in Costa Rica life is pure, without artificial ingredients. Or maybe its just a tourism slogan...? Ahh, who cares, pura vida.)

Next day, early in the morning... ok, fine, like 11.30, we got into our brand spanking new Toyota, Yaris and drove of west... woooow wait... First, we had an AMAZING breakfast! Delicious, fresh fruits, coffee, toast, eggs and bacon... and somebody stop us!
(Note: the pasty white arms, bleeh.) Ok, THAN we got into the Yaris and drove of

Important info:
Hotels by region:

Cellphone band:
GSM 1800

Toooo tired to talk about our horrifying drive to Tamarindo beach... tomorrow...
I will give a Nicholas update: he asked me for my number... and yes we are emailing everyday and stuff. I'm begining to get a bit impatient though. Like I just wish he'd fly over here so I can take a looky-look-see. Or at least offer to sponser my visit over there. I don't want to be the one making moves but at the same time I want to move things along already. (My impatient Aries nature.)


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