We all need some Carmen!

>> Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We haven't done this in a bit, here is Carmen Miranda!

Now I can definitely say that one Carmen Miranda song a day keeps all doctors away!
We got two songs here so I guess this will fly us all the way into Friday.

Vito, listen carefully... remember at the amsterdamse party towards the end they played this exact melody! Oh... and we danced to it! AHA! So now you can't say that you don't dance to brazilian music, you were booming it and tchiking it real nicely as far as I recall!!!

And in color, why not~~



Boston minute

>> Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In the hotel watching the Bachelor... what agony!!! I don't know who is in more agony, him or me just from watching!!! Haha always a good time. I don't know what it is, the power of suggestion or what, but I don't understand how 25 cute enough girls act crazy in love with one rather average dude!? Hmm... don't know what's that all about...

Oh... and super exciting news, next month's line up includes Paris, Madrid.... and Valencia in a very healthy mix of both business and pleasure!!! Must recharge my camera battery! However not to discount the appeal of spending good quality time on the home couch!!!

Now don't be tricked by my once again over use of exclamation points, I'm actually totally tired, the bachelor is about to hand out his last rose and I'm going to fall immediately asleep..

Buenas noches!!!


A Staten Island Weekend

>> Monday, September 24, 2007

What a beautiful beautiful weekend I spent with my parents and brother. Again we went to watch the little golfer in action. He is SO GOOD! I am really inspired to take up golf, I love a sport that will take up a whole day and it will transpire in beautiful setting like nice green golf course.

Momi made a GRANDIOSE lunch on the patio and we just relaxed and enjoyed various russian delicacies along with pomegranate sparkling water.

No trip back to la casa would be complete without a quick peek into Target :) Here is the latest indulgence (though at that price you can hardly call it an indulgence).

Looooove snake shoes! I had a pair before but wore it to pieces so I'm happy to have found a replacement. Snakey goes with absolutely everything, can be dressy or casual.

I also could not walk by some really SUPER cute baby outfits over at Target... NO don't worry I'm not pregnant, but everyone we know basically back in Holland IS. I got some stuff for a boy baby and for a girl baby, I figure out of the four pregnant couples at least there is a good chance for boys and girls, though non of us know yet what variaties of babies they'll be having. Ahh the suspense! I do know one thing, probably they will be BLOND, all dutch babies are always blond!

Ps: I miss Vitooooooo!!! waaaahhh!


>> Saturday, September 22, 2007

In good ol' staten island now...

ps: i'm glad i didn't buy those shoes, cus' now they're discounted! Not a store discount just the natural kind, called the exchange rate.


Where r u now?

>> Tuesday, September 18, 2007

location: bean town
weather conditions: SUNNY!!!
status: no jetlag
last meal: starbucks cookie (half) was soooooo rich!
next planned activity: hit newburry street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
personal goal: DO NOT buy those DELICIOUS red laquered peecaboo toe shoes


>> Saturday, September 15, 2007

A windmill. Just because :)

This week back in NL flew by really quickly. I'll be going back to Bean Town for two more weeks. (Craziness huh!?) But its nice that I'll get to visit my family next weekend again!

I'll be missing Vito... awwww...... wwwaaaahhh... but I guess I will console myself in the mall... that is so very conveniently attached to the hotel I'll be staying in.

I'll bring my camera cord so I can put up some pictures while I'm over there.

Oh! And tonight Vito and I are going to this party his friend's parents are throwing and I was personally promissed real dutch folk music!!! Can't wait! :)


Happy new year!

>> Friday, September 14, 2007

We went to see these guys yesterday. Are they popular yet in the US? Well, Johnny the singer used to date Kirstin Dunst, but apparently (as Vito informed me) they broke up a few days ago.

We went together with Maudina and Bartolli (not to be confused with "Bertolli" the olive oil... hehe I just love giving everyone an Italian name, so easy!)

Today is Rosh Hashanah, the jewish new year! Happy new year! Also... Ethiopia celebrates today new year as well, and a special one, the millennium (info also courtesy of Vito, such smart cookie.) The article calls it a "special ethiopian ancient calendar", but its basically the same "ancient" calendar that the jews use. But ok fine, happy millennium to Ethiopia!

Tomorrow Vito and I are having friends over for dinner and we'll be eating some apples and honey to make sure the new year will be SWEET! Or even... saaaAAAWWWEEEEt!!!!!



How YOU doin'!?

>> Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's been a week... and longest week ever it seemed! I feel like I've gone half way across the world and back! :)

Over the weekend got a chance to hang out with the world's greatest golfer! My lil brother!!

Btw, just in case you'd like to know it was HOT in NY. I came back to good ol' Holland and immediately put on a ...coat.

There he is so cute all complete with a striped polo and so serious putting on his golfing gloves! My little professional! :) Oh, and he totally did his own hair with gel.

Staten Island's golf course is rather lovely, of course the scenery would not be authentic without BIG men with shirts undone to expose hair, gold bracelets and just super machoness. I watched as a bunch of such dudes walked by and said hello to my brother... he just kinda nodded at them. Finally the biggest and most macho of then walked by...

Big hairy dude with a Joey accent: Eii! How you doin!?
My brother: How you doin!? (plus a nod)

Me: Who was that?
My brother: That was Dough

Hmmm... I don't know about you, but when I was 8, I didn't know no Doughs like that.

POWW!!! .... WOOOW someone in New Jersey is about to get hit in the head!!!
What fun!
I gotta get all over the whole gmail blogging bit because I'm just never home anymore. Must learn to blog mid-air!


Going on a jet plane...

>> Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Well, I'm jetting of to Bean Town for work. (I love saying that! Although I believe "jetting"is really a term reserved for PRIVATE jet, and that's definitely not what I'll be flying, but still fun to say... Makes me want to have a glass of champagne already.) I'm also super excited that I'll get to visit my parents and brother!

Vito and I get to have another one of our dramatic goodbyes at the airport, I was not planning on that for a while, and what's more, Bean Town was actually the last place we went to when I still lived in NY and he here.

For a week... Oh and I'm bringing an extra suitcase for shopping. Yeah, who knew Target would all of the sudden become exotic!? Plus the whole Euro/Dollar situation. I remember exactly the MOMENT that shopping in Europe has become depressing. Four years ago (wow, has it been that long already?) when Kaiya and I were running around Rome buying everything in sight... then realizing the exchange rate was actually NOT in our favor. Yep it was depressing. Well, just think of how uplifting shopping in Target is going to be! ;)

ciaociao y'all be good now!

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