Going on a jet plane...

>> Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Well, I'm jetting of to Bean Town for work. (I love saying that! Although I believe "jetting"is really a term reserved for PRIVATE jet, and that's definitely not what I'll be flying, but still fun to say... Makes me want to have a glass of champagne already.) I'm also super excited that I'll get to visit my parents and brother!

Vito and I get to have another one of our dramatic goodbyes at the airport, I was not planning on that for a while, and what's more, Bean Town was actually the last place we went to when I still lived in NY and he here.

For a week... Oh and I'm bringing an extra suitcase for shopping. Yeah, who knew Target would all of the sudden become exotic!? Plus the whole Euro/Dollar situation. I remember exactly the MOMENT that shopping in Europe has become depressing. Four years ago (wow, has it been that long already?) when Kaiya and I were running around Rome buying everything in sight... then realizing the exchange rate was actually NOT in our favor. Yep it was depressing. Well, just think of how uplifting shopping in Target is going to be! ;)

ciaociao y'all be good now!


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