I am a culinary genius!

>> Friday, April 28, 2006

The other day I was helping WallStr to house sit for her folks who are having a lovely vacation involving a pool and a hot tubs... nice! Well, we decided to take over the kitchen and make some noise... I mean FOOD.

We thought to crack open a Moroccan recipes book I got for my birthday and make some yummy chicken with apricots and pine nuts. No problem! I always say: If you can read, you can cook! But I find that with my friends, some alcohol to encaurage them to brave the kitchen, usually what does the trick...

So armed with a bottle of white wine from Mendoza, Argentina we got started:

So you see the book version of the dish... hmmm.. piece of cake! (Well... more like pieces of chicken.)

As Emrill would say: "These apricots are getting happy!" Well yeah, with all that sugar and cinnamon!!!!

Lightly roasted pine nuts!!!!!

The dogs however didn't share our enthusiasm much... were kinda bored...

As I sat on the bar stool reading the cookbook out loud... WallStr very expertly gathered all the ingredients, stirred the apricot sauce, browned the chicken... ammm... yeah... well basically did everything... What did I do you ask? Well the MOST important job! Made sure our wine glasses (goblets) were replenished at all times!!

The cat had an attitude problem... kinda gave us dirty looks the whole time...

But inspite of complete lack of support from the animal kingdom, we (Wallstr) put together a pretty sexy lookin' dish!

In the words of Rachel Ray: YUM-O!

I think real, flavourfull food is so sexy!!

You see how the sauce is artistically framing the presentation!?! Yeaaah baby!!!!

Now di you enjoy that? Well, good, because visual feast is as far as you'll get with me. If you want something real to sink your teeth into you should just go and Stuff Your Peppers! There you'll get some real recipes all I can help you do is read the cookbook.


>> Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just in case you were wondering what the heck got skewed of its base the other day. Well the answer is pretty simple... on the ferry there were two incredibly annoying cutesy french couples making their gurgling sounds, giggling, and taking about a thousand pictures of the stupid statue of liberty all the while molesting each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.....still they're not the real problem.....

the real problem is that THEY were ME and NICO like a little over a week ago!!!! Uffffffaaaa!

(yes, its all about Ice Cream... if we imagine that there is any kind of other "intelligent" thought process going on... we're just kidding ouselves!)


Tell me something I don't know!

>> Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I belong in a little 10' by 10' room where little men in white lab coats will beat me until I stop BEING LAZY get off my A$$ and do what the G## DA#*ED Starbucks Cup told me to do for F$%*S SAKE!!!!!!!!

Sorry for all that profanity, but it was needed. Here I am imposing Sempre Primavera HQ laws of going out and "accomplishing whatever your mind comes up with" (yes its right on the TAG LINE!!) when THIS IS PRECISELY the concept I cannot beat through my own head! OK, I am convinced that anything is possible but am I convinced it is possible to find the ENERGY and the DESIRE to go into ACTION!?!?

Lets read the D*mned tag line again:

Sempre Primavera - A blog about finding the energy and the desire to accomplish everything and anything that your mind comes up with. What exactly happens when you start believing that anything is possible??

OK, again, I'm good with the "believing that anything is possible" part... but its the first part, "finding the energy and the desire" that I cant get over!!!!!!

Now kids, don't freak out, your little cult leader is OK, everything is under control! All part of the plan!!! Whaaahahaha

....yep, I said it myself... i need a small room with short man in labcoats.... hmm... maybe I'm just pissed that the mothership hasn't contacted me in a while!!!! Bastards! To cheap to even send me some ice cream damit!


Europa Europa...

>> Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You Belong in Amsterdam

A little old fashioned, a little modern - you're the best of both worlds. And so is Amsterdam.Whether you want to be a squatter graffiti artist or a great novelist, Amsterdam has all that you want in Europe (in one small city).
What European City Do You Belong In?

Hmm.... interesting.... I guess I was hoping for Berlin... but close enough right!? Or maybe these test are not the best way to tell if Nico and I are really competible? Nahh they tell the truth!!

OK kids, go do it, tell me what you get...!


Sunday evenings

>> Monday, April 24, 2006

For me they are always quiet and slow. Well you know, the whole "have to go to work tomorrow" thing. Sunday evenings are usually the time when even the littlest annoying things may seem larger and sadder than they really are. Last Sunday evening was simply unbearable for many reasons. First of all I was feeling owerwhelmed at the whole situation. It was hard to figure out how to react after having spent the most incredible time with this great person and now having to see him leave! After I dropped Nico off at the airport I kinda just stood around there for a good twenty minutes just watching people move throughout the security line... The airport is only about a 15 minutes drive from my house and I felt like I was not ready to step out of the "weekend" yet, or face any people.

Finally I walked away from the security line, walked around looking for an ATM, than looking for a bathroom... than I slowly made my way back to the car. It was total confusion... I made an executive decision to put myself out of this misery and just head straight home, jump into bad and SLEEP.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and brilliant sunshine! I got up and "assessed" my vital signs. ALL CLEAR! Last night's confusion was completely gone and what was left is just me being super happy!!! I was really freaked out that I will be walking around devastated for days... weeks... but no!! I was completely FINE!!!! Not only fine, but I was even MORE energetic than usual, even more pleasant with the toll booth people on the highway as I drove into Manhattan. In case you're wondering, yes I had planned to go into work even thgough it was a holiday, just to ensure I would be kept busy all day since I suspected that might be needed. I was completely focused, I ripped through proposals, prepared my strategy agenda, and did a whole bunch of other stuff after which I decided to slow down since I may seriously have no reason to walk back into the office for the rest of the week. Yeah... Ice Cream has that effect on me.

Hmm.... so yeah, I just realized that no matter what happens, already last weekend is worthy enough to become a story for my grandchildren one day. (After they reach their 18th birthday at least!) Ha, I really do measure life in terms of whether it would be interesting enough to tell grandkids. I guess I always think back to the stories my grandparents tell me and how completely on the edge of my chair I sit listening... and I want my life to be like that too.

So this Sunday evening, exactly a week later, I am completely relaxed about to watch a movie... have a nice mint tea while burning my sweet vanilla candle... Feeling pretty self satisfied... Everything is ok!


Feliz Birthday Joan!

>> Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thanks to a reminder from Google we can all feel a bit culturally enriched today!

It is the birthday of Joan Miro' who was born on April 20, 1893. He is a famous Catalan surrealist painter. From our "favorite" city of Barcelona. He was buddies with Picaso and all them other cubists and fauvists. I am not too big on abstract art but once you learn what are some of his recurring symbols are in his paintings and sculptures, it is possible to "read" what the painting is saying. And a lot of it is pretty kinky! Where classical art is supposed to evoke a certain feeling in the viewer and is open to personal interpretation, I think (just MY opinion) is like apuzzlel that actually reveals a little hidden message from the artist.

So knock yourselves out! Google image the heck out of him and see if you have any favorites!

This is one of my favorites... I got it at the gift shop at the Fundacio' Joan Miro' when I was in Barcelona. Note: I said GIFT shop, since I didn't ACTUALLY go into the museum... yeah yeah ignoramus...

Anyway, the ant that is hanging in the air is supposed to represent something sexual... the bottle... um... something else... and the creatureswimmingg out of the stormy water is drunk? Is that why he has red eyes?

Also he is a bit of a hero to me because his family wanted him to be a business person, but after he worked as an accountatnt for two years he staged a "nervous breakdown" so his parents would let him persue other things... well... how come that didn't work for me!? I can draw cubes and lines and ants and stuff! Ignoramus... ok, off to lunch...


Danke Universe!

>> Wednesday, April 19, 2006

If there are any adrenaline lovers out there, i got a fun little activity for you to try! Forget bungi jumping, forget jumping out of planes, forget climbing the Kilimanjaro... try this instead.. Try going to the airport to pick up your potential international honey and wait as glamorous south americans come out front the buenos aires flight... as the asian group walks out from cathey pacific flight... than a slow trickling of pale europeans begin to make their way out... looking down the isle and seeing a familiar face... smiling at you...!!!!!!

Ok, so everything was absolutely incredible. I honestly could not have dreamed or thought it up better than it went. Besides the fact that he is hot, we really agree on many important issues like:

- sushi being a rockin' good food
- what is a good way to spend time
- same way to make fun of other people
- hate kids and dogs
- we even use the same brand of shampoo!!

It was honestly a bit overwhelming how nice it all was. Needless to say when I dropped him for the return flight I was quiet devastated... also could be the fact that I had only single digit sleep hours the entire time... However the next morning when I woke up I just felt really happy and energetic.

Sure it was a qucki where we both showed our "good faces" and tried not to let the "uglies" come out, but it is a good feeling to like what the other person's got to show you. However Nico advised me that even thought currently he didn't have any problematic episodes with me, he said he's sure he'll find plenty to dislike about me as time goes on! Nice one Nico glad to know you're looking forward to it, haha!


>> Tuesday, April 18, 2006

WAW... !

...just wanted to say everything was wonderful... i'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment (ya know, post bliss type of thing...) will collect myself and will try to formulate something other than "waw" by tomorrow... :)

thanks for sending good vibes!


>> Thursday, April 13, 2006

Ok people, this is the "do" time! Send me good vibes, and I will be back Monday with hopefully very scandalous stories... PLEASE UNIVERSE!

And on this wholesome note I wish you all a very beautiful Passover and Easter! Get yourselves to your appropriate religious establishments and try not to fantasize too much about "bunnies".



>> Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Here are some pics from our fun outing to the museum.

This is the Budda room... was cool! This is also the room where Dulce got reprimanded for being on her cellphone by the museum security attendant who was power tripping after an overdose of opium.

Wallstr told him that the tone of voice he was using "wasn't very nice". And I tried looking at his name badge so we can report him to for bad customer treatment! But he immediately started running away... and well my vision was still fuzzy from the drinks earlier.

Ahhh... and the sculpture garden! That's always marvelous! How hot would it be to have something similar in your house!? Amm... VERY hot.

Oh, and how cute are people whose English is a second language!??? Here is a tidbit of a conversation with Nico today:

Ale: Hey, I think you need to bring a jacket since it looks like it might rain on Saturday...

Nico: Oh, MAN! I was really hoping to wear as little clothes as possible this weekend!!

(Good boy!)


>> Monday, April 10, 2006

I am now relaxing in the living room with a huge cup of banana split ice cream. I don't know why I was stressing out last few days, there is really no need for that, I just have to concentrate on having a ton of fun with my soon arriving visitor. In fact Nico said he'll be sleeping for most of the weekend in preparation for next week. Good boy! I was supposed to do that too, but its just biologically impossible for me to sleep past 7.30 am no matter what day of the week it is (or what activities I was engaging in the night before)!

Went to the Met on Saturday. I KNOW! In the last two weeks I am averaging 1 museum outing per week!! That's NUTS! And in hopes of sucking in some knowledge and smartness... before the European delegation arrives. However I think the only thing I successfully sucked in were 1 bloody mary and 2 long island ice teas before heading over to the museum... and all that before 3pm. The girls Wallstr and Dulce were sucking right with me! Girls, we're just a powerful sucking treo!

Anyway, I really don't feel any smarter or more connected with the inner soul of the world or whatever... I also have updated myself on the current events which was PROBABLY what gave me anxiety in the first place!!!! I mean EVERYtime I open the newspaper there is just bad news!! Yeah, floods, protests, deaths.. etc... but I read that my favorite secret Bulgarian club is closing down because some idiot wants to open a hotel chain in its place! Well what's worse is that the club is moving to this cute turkish restaurant... the one I can't go to anymore since I've done bad things to one of the waitors there... like I said, news SUCK! I will continue to NEVER read the news!

Yeah, maybe some people can say: "Because of such disinterest this world is not being improved" Well I have to say, that if more people concentrated on exfoliating correctly, prettifying their clothes, and going to spas for some mud wraps, they'd have less time to make wars or meddle in other people's business.

peace out cub scouts!


Freaking ROYALLY!

>> Friday, April 7, 2006

Sorry this post will have no aesthetics value, no pictures or literary genius... (as usually we provide here at SP) The problem is I'm kinda stressed. And I'm the type of person that does not get stressed, unless its stuff at work that are beyond my control.

I'm trying to prepare for Nico's visit and everything was going smooth until Monday. Incidentally its the day things at work got really crazy and I wasn't able to sit around mulling over in my head all the different variations and combinations of places to take Nico to.

Let me just say what I have planned so far and you tell me what I'm missing...

- my outfits
- restaurant reservations (3 for each night to chose from just in case)
- residence
- rooftop cocktails

Still left to do (that I can remember):

- clean my car - will do this weekend
- one more bronzing session at the solarium - this weekend

So what am I missing?? Give me some ideas!!!! What would you want your guy/girl to plan for you if you were visiting from another country!???

I feel so stressed like I'm totally forgetting something.... I hate that feeling!

Oh, and please DON'T give me ridiculous answers like: "If he likes you, it doesn't matter what you guys do..." cus that's just nonsense. Or don't tell me: "you guys will end up staying inside the 'residence' all weekend anyway" yeah right! I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY!!!

So please hop to to it!!! Any idea is good as long its not the above paragraph...!


>> Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Yesterday was a major WME!!!! WORST MONDAY EVER! Besides it being a Monday, it was freezing, it rained... it just sucked!!!! Ok, whining over... next topic...

So this weekend I went to Brooklyn to this SMS -Special Magical Store- called Loehmanns. Saturday morning is just about the only time you can squeeze in and do some shopping because the Jewish Princesses are in Synagogues trying to seduce Jewish boys and the Vulgar Russian girls are still sleeping off their hangovers and probably NOT in their own beds... SO, Saturday morning it is actually possible to walk in and do some shopping without being ripped to shreds. I didn't find any La Perla, but there was a very fabulous black linen backless top that will make it possible to go sans bra! (ou-la-la)

Oh yeah, and after that I went to visit my lovely aunt and uncle and they dragged me to a museum! What!? Yes, the Brooklyn Museum of Art. It was like some kind of big party out there being the first Saturday of the month which is free entrance. It was ok, but the way I was yawning I think people around me were afraid that I'd rip my mouth and squirt blood.

All this cultural/artsy immersion made me realize that I don't know anything, and what's worse is I possibly remember learning about it so I THINK I know it, but in fact I don't so I can't even imagine what it is I should re-learn. What's more concerning is that I realized I should really prep a bit for Nico's visit. You know how these European boys know absolutely everything about the US and politics and world economy and ... all that other good stuff... I bet HE will be the one telling me about the background of NY's architecture or prominent historical and social figures! That would be super embarrassing! I mean hopefully he will not want to talk politics or world peace... or even talk at all!... but you never know what the heck kinds of strange things turn people on... gotta be prepared for anything.

So you see, besides learning key words in German, and making sure I have perfect outfits to channel sexy/classy/slutty/pretty/bitchy/sweet all at the same time, I have other preparations to conduct! Some current events to read up on, learn everything about the European System of Accounting practices... or whatever..

Note: Just kidding about Brooklyn Museum being boring. The current exposition of the Jewish Mosaics that were found in some dude's backyard in Tanzania was very interesting. The mosaics and other artifacts were apparently from the times of Flavian dynasty. Inspired me to read a book about the Ruler Vespasian, my uncle promised there would be scandal and promiscuity. Good stuff!


>> Sunday, April 2, 2006

Ale: How do you say in German - "I like to take off my clothes" ?
Nico: ......???##!!%??**$#!!!?

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