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>> Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I belong in a little 10' by 10' room where little men in white lab coats will beat me until I stop BEING LAZY get off my A$$ and do what the G## DA#*ED Starbucks Cup told me to do for F$%*S SAKE!!!!!!!!

Sorry for all that profanity, but it was needed. Here I am imposing Sempre Primavera HQ laws of going out and "accomplishing whatever your mind comes up with" (yes its right on the TAG LINE!!) when THIS IS PRECISELY the concept I cannot beat through my own head! OK, I am convinced that anything is possible but am I convinced it is possible to find the ENERGY and the DESIRE to go into ACTION!?!?

Lets read the D*mned tag line again:

Sempre Primavera - A blog about finding the energy and the desire to accomplish everything and anything that your mind comes up with. What exactly happens when you start believing that anything is possible??

OK, again, I'm good with the "believing that anything is possible" part... but its the first part, "finding the energy and the desire" that I cant get over!!!!!!

Now kids, don't freak out, your little cult leader is OK, everything is under control! All part of the plan!!! Whaaahahaha

....yep, I said it myself... i need a small room with short man in labcoats.... hmm... maybe I'm just pissed that the mothership hasn't contacted me in a while!!!! Bastards! To cheap to even send me some ice cream damit!


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