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>> Friday, April 28, 2006

The other day I was helping WallStr to house sit for her folks who are having a lovely vacation involving a pool and a hot tubs... nice! Well, we decided to take over the kitchen and make some noise... I mean FOOD.

We thought to crack open a Moroccan recipes book I got for my birthday and make some yummy chicken with apricots and pine nuts. No problem! I always say: If you can read, you can cook! But I find that with my friends, some alcohol to encaurage them to brave the kitchen, usually what does the trick...

So armed with a bottle of white wine from Mendoza, Argentina we got started:

So you see the book version of the dish... hmmm.. piece of cake! (Well... more like pieces of chicken.)

As Emrill would say: "These apricots are getting happy!" Well yeah, with all that sugar and cinnamon!!!!

Lightly roasted pine nuts!!!!!

The dogs however didn't share our enthusiasm much... were kinda bored...

As I sat on the bar stool reading the cookbook out loud... WallStr very expertly gathered all the ingredients, stirred the apricot sauce, browned the chicken... ammm... yeah... well basically did everything... What did I do you ask? Well the MOST important job! Made sure our wine glasses (goblets) were replenished at all times!!

The cat had an attitude problem... kinda gave us dirty looks the whole time...

But inspite of complete lack of support from the animal kingdom, we (Wallstr) put together a pretty sexy lookin' dish!

In the words of Rachel Ray: YUM-O!

I think real, flavourfull food is so sexy!!

You see how the sauce is artistically framing the presentation!?! Yeaaah baby!!!!

Now di you enjoy that? Well, good, because visual feast is as far as you'll get with me. If you want something real to sink your teeth into you should just go and Stuff Your Peppers! There you'll get some real recipes all I can help you do is read the cookbook.


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