>> Monday, April 10, 2006

I am now relaxing in the living room with a huge cup of banana split ice cream. I don't know why I was stressing out last few days, there is really no need for that, I just have to concentrate on having a ton of fun with my soon arriving visitor. In fact Nico said he'll be sleeping for most of the weekend in preparation for next week. Good boy! I was supposed to do that too, but its just biologically impossible for me to sleep past 7.30 am no matter what day of the week it is (or what activities I was engaging in the night before)!

Went to the Met on Saturday. I KNOW! In the last two weeks I am averaging 1 museum outing per week!! That's NUTS! And in hopes of sucking in some knowledge and smartness... before the European delegation arrives. However I think the only thing I successfully sucked in were 1 bloody mary and 2 long island ice teas before heading over to the museum... and all that before 3pm. The girls Wallstr and Dulce were sucking right with me! Girls, we're just a powerful sucking treo!

Anyway, I really don't feel any smarter or more connected with the inner soul of the world or whatever... I also have updated myself on the current events which was PROBABLY what gave me anxiety in the first place!!!! I mean EVERYtime I open the newspaper there is just bad news!! Yeah, floods, protests, deaths.. etc... but I read that my favorite secret Bulgarian club is closing down because some idiot wants to open a hotel chain in its place! Well what's worse is that the club is moving to this cute turkish restaurant... the one I can't go to anymore since I've done bad things to one of the waitors there... like I said, news SUCK! I will continue to NEVER read the news!

Yeah, maybe some people can say: "Because of such disinterest this world is not being improved" Well I have to say, that if more people concentrated on exfoliating correctly, prettifying their clothes, and going to spas for some mud wraps, they'd have less time to make wars or meddle in other people's business.

peace out cub scouts!


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