Freaking ROYALLY!

>> Friday, April 7, 2006

Sorry this post will have no aesthetics value, no pictures or literary genius... (as usually we provide here at SP) The problem is I'm kinda stressed. And I'm the type of person that does not get stressed, unless its stuff at work that are beyond my control.

I'm trying to prepare for Nico's visit and everything was going smooth until Monday. Incidentally its the day things at work got really crazy and I wasn't able to sit around mulling over in my head all the different variations and combinations of places to take Nico to.

Let me just say what I have planned so far and you tell me what I'm missing...

- my outfits
- restaurant reservations (3 for each night to chose from just in case)
- residence
- rooftop cocktails

Still left to do (that I can remember):

- clean my car - will do this weekend
- one more bronzing session at the solarium - this weekend

So what am I missing?? Give me some ideas!!!! What would you want your guy/girl to plan for you if you were visiting from another country!???

I feel so stressed like I'm totally forgetting something.... I hate that feeling!

Oh, and please DON'T give me ridiculous answers like: "If he likes you, it doesn't matter what you guys do..." cus that's just nonsense. Or don't tell me: "you guys will end up staying inside the 'residence' all weekend anyway" yeah right! I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY!!!

So please hop to to it!!! Any idea is good as long its not the above paragraph...!


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