>> Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Yesterday was a major WME!!!! WORST MONDAY EVER! Besides it being a Monday, it was freezing, it rained... it just sucked!!!! Ok, whining over... next topic...

So this weekend I went to Brooklyn to this SMS -Special Magical Store- called Loehmanns. Saturday morning is just about the only time you can squeeze in and do some shopping because the Jewish Princesses are in Synagogues trying to seduce Jewish boys and the Vulgar Russian girls are still sleeping off their hangovers and probably NOT in their own beds... SO, Saturday morning it is actually possible to walk in and do some shopping without being ripped to shreds. I didn't find any La Perla, but there was a very fabulous black linen backless top that will make it possible to go sans bra! (ou-la-la)

Oh yeah, and after that I went to visit my lovely aunt and uncle and they dragged me to a museum! What!? Yes, the Brooklyn Museum of Art. It was like some kind of big party out there being the first Saturday of the month which is free entrance. It was ok, but the way I was yawning I think people around me were afraid that I'd rip my mouth and squirt blood.

All this cultural/artsy immersion made me realize that I don't know anything, and what's worse is I possibly remember learning about it so I THINK I know it, but in fact I don't so I can't even imagine what it is I should re-learn. What's more concerning is that I realized I should really prep a bit for Nico's visit. You know how these European boys know absolutely everything about the US and politics and world economy and ... all that other good stuff... I bet HE will be the one telling me about the background of NY's architecture or prominent historical and social figures! That would be super embarrassing! I mean hopefully he will not want to talk politics or world peace... or even talk at all!... but you never know what the heck kinds of strange things turn people on... gotta be prepared for anything.

So you see, besides learning key words in German, and making sure I have perfect outfits to channel sexy/classy/slutty/pretty/bitchy/sweet all at the same time, I have other preparations to conduct! Some current events to read up on, learn everything about the European System of Accounting practices... or whatever..

Note: Just kidding about Brooklyn Museum being boring. The current exposition of the Jewish Mosaics that were found in some dude's backyard in Tanzania was very interesting. The mosaics and other artifacts were apparently from the times of Flavian dynasty. Inspired me to read a book about the Ruler Vespasian, my uncle promised there would be scandal and promiscuity. Good stuff!


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