Who said things come in threes? They come in sevens!

>> Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I've been super busy vagabunding around! haven't been home in a few days (before 3 am). And I've got lots of dishing to do! Was at the opening of the US Open on Monday!! And yes I took pictures of the sexy Maria Sharapova of course. I'm also preparing the city for Cadiz!!! Who is comming to visit this weekend!!!!!!!!! We'll have plenty of gossip after the holiday weekend! (And if she doesn't tell, I WILL!!!!)

But untill then, I want you all to learn something! (about ME) heehehe.

GG wanted to peek inside my brain... :) And unfortunately that involved me having to go there too!!

Seven Things I…

Plan to Do Before I Die:
1. Set up an orphanage for street kids in Brazil
That's the one I really care about, all others seem trivial when compared, but here we go...
2. Learn to sail
3. Learn German
4. Plant a palm tree
5. Live in another country for a year
6. Harvest strawberries for a day (for a DAY)
7. Discover a continent (hey, its my list, I'll put whatever I want!)

Things I Can Do:
In accordance with the "SemprePrimavera" philosophy, I can do ANYTHING. But for this exercise's purposes I'll highlight the ones that are perhapss "important"
1. Seriously kick someone's butt
2. Speak four languages
3. Make people so angry that tears spray out of their eyes at 90 degree angles
4. Pick up and go at moment's notice
5. Be deliriously happy ALL THE TIME
6. Lie really well (see #5)
7. Find common ground with anyone
8. Find something beautiful in everyone (opps... 8 already... I can go on..hehe)

Things I Can’t Do:
Again, in accordance with the "SP" teachings, there is nothing that I (we) can not do... but here is a list of things that I never want to have to need to do... (you got all that?)
1. Be sweet
2. Work hard
3. Hate (unless it is NYC and anything related to it)
4. Hide my intelligence (AAAHHAAHA, just kidding, I can do that quiet well, its just you guys are so smart you see right through my cover!!! eehehehe)
5. Pass up an opportunity to give myself spontaneous compliments (see #4 for an illustration)
6. Jump out of a plane- even with a parachute
7. Be serious for 7 consecutive seconds (I stop at 5)

Things I say most: (At this time... I change my favorite words seasonally)
1. Delirious
2. Heinous
3. Ufff...!
4. Ciao
5. ...and why?
6. I don't think its possible (mostly at work)
7. Must

Things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. eyes (no particular colopreferreded, just what I see inside)
2. deep voice
3. quiet and serious
4. decisive
5Respectfulll of everyone around
6. happy
7. hard working (because I'm not)

Celebrity crushes:
1. Enrique Iglesias (so cute! still mad at Anna for snatching him up)
2. Marat Safin - tennis player
3. Sergey Brin - a good jewish boy- Google founder, only 31, one of the 400 richest people in the world.
AND a hottie!!! (Here he is on the left.)
4. Still Sergey...
5. Sergey....
Ok, lets move on--
6. Elijah woods
7. Ben Feldman (my newest crush) - another good jewish boy to take home to parents

But really, I'm not too much into actors. I am much more into wildly sucessful entrepreneurs or athletes, their work ethic and discipline really intrigue me.

Ciao belli



>> Sunday, August 28, 2005

yeah, CAT... miau, miau

Maybe Mr. Ian would care to elaborate on the love that Barcelonians have for symbols... Sure the picture above may be displaying a cat, but IS IT REALLY???

To a naked eye its a red cat. Its even LABELED so, for those of us that are not so quick... but what does it really mean??? Hmm...


Barca strikes back

I would like to formally thank Ian Llorens for finally stepping up to the challenge of speaking up for his home city Barcelona! Thanks for saying something because it was definitely not a fun game of abusing Barcelona when no one cared to retaliate! Even when Barcelona reporter found me, no one up to this point has tried to discredit my observations.

So check out Ian's response to my Barcelona bashing on his blog.

In fact, he makes a great going of saying that Barcelona is NOT Spain. It is Catalonia. I did make the mistake of expecting fiesta al "Andalusia" over in Barca. You want fiesta go to the South he says. Fair enough. He also points out that Flamenco and Bullfighting have nothing to do with the Calalonian culture...

Ok, point taken. Makes sense.

(Just on a side note, I would not go to a Bullfight, I can't bear to see animals get hurt... People- OK! Just not animals.)

However. This all this still doesn't disprove the fact that Barcelonians seem snotty. Maybe it is because everyone is trying to lump them in with the rest of Spain? or maybe that there has been a huge influx of people from all over Europe coming over to work? Maybe all them foreign students complaining about having to speak Catalan. Who knows.

The point is taken taken though. We should not be expecting Sevillian nights over in Barcelona. And maybe if we just open our eyes and try to discover Barcelona for itself maybe we'd understand it better and find its own unique things to like about it.

My favorite part was Ian's response to my generalization of going South and finding the friendliest people. He suggest going to Antarctica and chilling with the Penguins. Haahaha, that's funny. I always did wonder what it would be like to hug a Penguin... I bet its oodles of slip'n'sliding fun!

P.S. and finally, yes New Yorkers have a bad rep for not being friendly, its true. But that's why we have happy hours! We drink and we get real friendly!! Plus we are in the north... and that's why for friendly Americans you gotta head to the southern borders.

Thanks for disagreeing Ian, I'll be keeping tabs on you for further disputes :)


Wishing you all a happy HAPPY HOUR!

>> Friday, August 26, 2005

While Sempre Primavera may seem like one big, communal, never ending Happy Hour...

Just a reminder: Sempre Primavera is NOT just for fun. We do real work around here!!

Granted some of our projects here are sort of long termish, such as saving the world, ending terrorism and the fighting the invisible enemy... however, we have definitely gotten a few things accomplished already:

1. bridging cultural gaps - starting with Barcelona

2. keeping tabs on fellow aliens - hey guys, whatsup!

3. finding that perfect cup of coffee - (see previous post)

4. fixing the problems of the New York subway system (MTA)

5. taking a good picture of the perfect moon!

Now I know the above list is already very impressive, but we are not about to stop- we go further!

We also make things happen FOR YOU! here at SP. You want something... WE WILL GET IT FOR YOU! ...just remember... at one time... or another... I may have to call upon you... for a little favor... do not deny me... (The Godfather is such a great movie...!)

Anyway, back to business:

Our fearless Viking the cowboy, expressed the desire to get back to his "roots" a little bit and get a good refreshing drink of Mead. Here at SP, we decided to pick up this clue and reunite the man with his alcohol! Why? Because we have Power! Plus, he deserves it, he fights Godzilas, and rides cosmic sharks... he needs a little drink once in a while.

So I called on some people that owed me a little favor... and found Mead!

Manatawny Creek Winery
227 Levengood Road
Douglassville, PA 19518
Ph: (610) 689-9804
Fax: (610) 689-9838

And for other states here!

The website www.gotmead.com is just awesome. It's run by the "Mead Wench" who basically tells you where to get Mead, HOW to make it (in many different recipies), how to START your OWN Meadery!!! Oh, and you can buy some cool Mead stuff like shirts and things to keep you motivated in your Mead quest. How fun is that!?

Honey wine. I must try some. I'm all about liquors and other fermentations and such.

So kids, be nice and thank uncle Viking for the inspiration... (to add yet another alcoholic beverage to our already vast repertoire.)

You see! Like I said: here at Sempre Primavera WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Anyone else would like to try my Power??


Horror on the Staten Island Ferry

>> Monday, August 22, 2005

There has been a terrible CRIME committed against humanity this morning! OK, I know we are sadly not in the placid times when a statement like this causes a stir. Nevertheless, this morning on the Ferry I have lived through something so heinous that it hurts to have to go back to that awful place as I write this...

I along with a number of fellow commuters have been so grossly, atrociously, victimized I can't even begin to describe the pain caused!!! The pain, confusion, FEAR!!!! They have taken ALL that is SACRED and GOOD and smeared it in DIRT, DUST and STOMPED upon it like dirty elephants in heat!! While I have been able to walk away from the experience, we have yet to determine if I shall LIVE! And if I do live through it would the EMOTIONAL SCARING be too much to carry for the rest of my life? If I was forced to answer at this moment... the answer would surely be NO Señor! My only salvation is that there is no formal confirmation of this UGLY act committedd against us...

This morning the coffee on the ferry was REHEATED!!!! How can I be sure you ask?? OHHHHHM, how can I be sure my name is Ale? How can I be sure my parents gave me birth? How can I be sure the freakin' coffee, the one thing that keeps me sane (literally), the one thing upon which my survival on Monday morning (and every morning) rides upon, has been ADULTERATED!!!???? OH, I KNOW!!!!! I can tell any deviation!!! The coffee was reheated- its also possible that the bidons holding the coffee were not rinsed out properly, maybe they ran the hot water over already brewed batch!!!! Any of those are just too painful to even imagine...

I noticed the smell of something fowll as soon as I walked into the cafe salon. Seriously, it literally smelled funny... but I proceeded. I PRAYED it would not be affecting MY coffee cup. I mean, I did not have any other CHOICE!!!! I couldn't walk down a street and get my coffee in a different cafe... I WAS STRANDED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN!!!!!!

I got my cup and even its temperature was too hot... as if they were trying to cover something up by forcing heat into DEAD coffee. I walked with it to the upstairs deck to sit outside. I tasted it... Yep. It was wrong... IT WAS ALL WRONG... I felt it, and panic started rising within me like an invisiblee tsunami about to engulf EARTH! I took deep breaths and tried to stay calm... I took more sips denying the fact that I was committing a huge sacrilegee... I was like a vampire sucking the blood of a dead person... It was like swimming in a sweet water lake instead of the salty ocean... It was like... fake leather shoes!!!!

The only way to keep myself from jumping overboard, I HAD to deny that anything horrible was happening. I HAD TO!!! I denied it and sipped the coffee... I continued sipping it in denial all the way off the ferry, all the way onto the subway, all the way out of the subway, into the first cafe I saw and the moment I got myself a new, FRESH cup of coffee I finally unclenched the hand with the offensive cup and watched it crash to its rightful death into the garbage can. It was over. I sucked on the new coffee like a cactus sucks the depth of the sands in the dessert... I just told myself that the incident never happened. That this new cup of coffee was in fact that first one I got on the ferry... The ONLY one I got this morning... Breathe, concentrate, breathe..

I will now take an advil, because I have a headache from stress and exhaustion...

Lesson to future husband: It doesn't matter how I like my eggs in the morning- JUST DON'T SCREW UP MY COFFEE!!!

p.s: kids, for educational reasons, if you are curious about the Staten Island Ferry and its history click the picture above.


All adventurers report to SP headquarters immediately!

>> Saturday, August 20, 2005

What a lazy Saturday morning! It's 11 and I'm still hanging around the house. I should be having a second swim at the beach already.

I've been pretty lazy last few weeks. Honestly, I think I kicked my own butt with the last post. Made me think for a second... I mean, I HAVEN'T done anything fabulous in quite a while!!! My last serious vacation was two years ago... or was it three?? But not only that, I don't even have anything special planned for anytime soon. Maybe part of the problem is that most of my trips in the past were just so unbelievably awesome, that now, I feel like there is no way to top them.

Also, my trips have all been longer than the standard two weeks. All through college I was going on my crazy expeditions and even when I started "real" work life, I was job hopping so much that there was plenty of time for travel in between. At my last long term job, where I stayed for 2 years, my friends and I were able to organize a great two week vacation. (To Sardegna! With a villa, and a jaguar and lots of MOON viewings on the beach...). Yes, I'm jealous even remembering it. I definitely think my lack of travel now, can be attributed to the fact that I haven't figured out yet how to top my previous trips. But agreed- sitting around yawning is NOT the Primavera way. Thus, I MUST THINK OF SOMETHING!

Funny enough, one of my headhunters sent me an e-mail the other day... Even funnier, I still have her on my phone's seed dial!! Haaahaha, those were the days. Change is exciting. There is always that hope for something bigger and better. New city, new life, new wardrobe! New, crisp BUSINESS CARDS with new LONGER titles!!! I mean I started salivating just from seeing her email in my inbox... tell me its not an ADDICTION!

BUT. I'm a rehabilitated job hopper. I've really gone away from my old ways. I've been "clean" for almost 6 months! And you know the first 6 months are always the toughest when trying to battle an addiction that has a deep hold over your life. Hehee, how dramatic am I!?

Still. Having a job that I'm planning to keep for a good while, is NO excuse to just not do anything on the side. What was so great about job hopping, the thrill and excitement of new things! Which if you think about it, is what travel does. Also getting involved with some new projects gives you this same kind of a "trip". I must think of something...

Plus, I've noticed that I haven't EVEN been able to bring any good gossip to the table, especially after the dissolution of my Older Man stunt.

OK, I'm going to THINK of something! I need to find adventures!

And with these happy thoughts I'll leave you with a little story with a moral...

Once upon a time there lived a prince in his beautiful castle. He was young and curious. One day after getting a bath, he put on his royal robe and called in his wisest and oldest advisor:

"Tell me my wisest and oldest advisor... why is it that I have this metal underwear that I am never allowed to take off???" - asked the prince. For he if fact wore these metal briefs that have never been removed.

"Well, it is so for your own good and protection." - said the advisor.

"But I want to know why I have them on!!" - Prince was getting super pissy!

"Well, you need a KEY to unlock them... and... amm... we don't have it..."

"Oh, you're such a liar, but FINE, I'll go FIND the key on my OWN!!!" - and with these words, the prince packed his royal, green duffel bag and set off to visit the four corners of the world in search of the KEY that will unlock the great mystery that was behind his metal briefs...

Seven years later, after he has seen the dessert's sands, the arctic's ice.. and the inside of every goldsmith's shop in the world... he finally came upon this little house in the forest.

He went in... no one was home. The prince looked around and saw a key on the wooden table. "Ahhh, what the heck..." Prince thought, and with a familiar movement (as he has done it soooo many times) he picked up the key and inserted it in the keyhole in his metal briefs.
"WOW it fits!!!!" Prince could not believe the coincident! "Could my travels be over!?? Have I finally found what I've been looking for????!!" He slowly turned the key, it was sticking a bit, but he applied more pressure... and...


....right after the click of the key, there was another crashing noise... The metal briefs split in two, and The Prince's ass fell to the floor in millions of small pieces!!!

Moral of the story? - in looking for adventures, you will surely find trouble to befall upon your own ass!

"Ahhh, what the heck..." LETS GO!!!


Where is MY EYE PATCH!? and my bottle of RUM!!!

>> Thursday, August 18, 2005

Maybe its the summer time, maybe its Guyana Gyal and her stories... maybe its a few other things... but I've decided to do my very own "survey" of the Caribbean. Of course this study will be very immature, just like the rest of my book reviews, but I definitely plan on doing some serious literary island hopping.

oddly enough, since I love to travel, I haven't been to the Caribbean islands yet. Oh wait, I think I'm lying... I guess technically I have! When I was in Panama visiting a friend, we went for a weekend to this tiny island of the coast of Portobelo. Part of the reason I haven't gone to any other places is because it has never appealed to me to stay in a resort. To me, visiting a new place means, learning about the culture, meeting and observing people there going about their everyday life.

Caribbean has been fascinating me since early kid days of reading pirate books, I didn't want my first experience with it to be on an organized, cookie cutter resort. Come on, when I was little I would draw anchors on my arm wanting to be a pirate! There aren't any pirates in the Caribbean anymore! You may say... well... how acquainted are you with the Panamanian banking industry?? (Shhhh- I did NOT say anything.)

Anyway, point is, so far the only time I've been to the Caribbean was when we went to the San Blas Islands. It was in fact a resort also, but a "different" type of resort. You see these islands are basically an autonomous region since 1920, with their own rules and ways of living and each island is ran by a chief. I'm not going to go into too many details (because I don't know them) but what I remember is that you need a permission to visit the islands and there is only a certain number of visitors allowed to stay on an island at a time. They also ask you not to run around the islands nEKed, basically "no shirt, no service AND YOU'RE OF THE ISLAND" policy.

The "resort" we stayed at consisted of a tiny island with about 7 straw huts. Yes they were definitely straw! And when it rained, our the second night there, the rain was dripping right on top of your nose. During the day we were dropped of on a neighboring island which was bigger and for a second there we panicked that no one would come back for us! Aaaaahhh!!! So we decided to start scouring for food. Just in case. I found a coconut but could not figure out how to crack it open... Yep... we would have been totally screwed if the Kunas hadn't come back for us. Thank goodness they did.

I don't even want to go into the details of how gorgeous it was, and how nice it was to fall asleep on the beach (but wake up an hour later because it was chilly and run back to the hut.) You can imagine I'm sure.

Here are some links just in case you can't imagine:

This guy took great pictures of the islands, and the Kuna Indians.

More pictures of Kunas and their villages.

And I couldn't believe I found a site that sells Molas! The traditional tapestries made by the Kunas. Also great site with info, and I guess they're based over here in da Bronx! ;)

So on one of the days, we went on this little tour of a village, at yet another neighboring island (there are like a couple of hundred islands there). The women are dressed so elaborately and colorfully. Apparently every village has this meeting house where they have discussions about everything and anything. What's funny is that this meeting house is also a site for alcohol fermentation! Nice! Kunas rock!

Every village also has a Shaman, a medicine man... So of course in an attempt to sample everything... I happened to be sort of sick when I was there. My friend and I went to talk to the ladies who prepared our dinners and we explained that my throat hurt and I couldn't breathe and all that good stuff. The plan being obviously to be taken to the shaman and cured... but you know what the ladies said? "We'll make you a really strong tea with honey and lemon! It'll cure you in no time!" QUE!!!! That's it!?!? I guess I was not going to be sampling black magic on that trip.

Oh, wait- so what was the point of all this reminiscing? Yeah- I want to learn about the Caribbean and when I finally go island hopping I want it to be a real experience. (Hey, so when I'm reading I'll be on the look out for sugar related gossip.) Speaking of WHICH! The other day I was reading the beautiful FT and there was a spread about Europe's plan to cut the amount of sugar prices!?!? I'm goint to try that next time I go shopping. How much? $68? Oh, well how about I just give you $38 instead! Brilliant!

Remember kids: throwing something against a rock doesn't always crack it open... (stupid coconuts!)

So the lesson is: if you're exurting too much pressure and not getting desired results - most likely there is be a different and better way of doing it!!


"Life is a highway"

>> Tuesday, August 16, 2005

It really does seem like one.

Now, WHICH highway it is, is a more complicated question.

I spent the entire weekend at the beach, which means my day starts with an early rising and a nice drive to Long Island. I start out by crossing Staten Island, over the Verrazzano bridge I go, dash through Brooklyn, pass a corner of good old Queens... and finally start screeching to a halt with the momentum still sliding me past Nassau county into Suffolk county where I finally roll into my "private" parking spot on Johns beach. Yes, I'm there so often that I assigned myself a spot! And under a single tree non the less!! (Also I have connections there, don't forget.

As you may note, I have quite a ride. It takes about an hour, which isn't that bad considering that it is entirely highway driving and I don't have to mess with street lights and other similar idiocies. I also know the flow really well and thus when to change lanes in anticipation of a patch of traffic.

I was returning rather early on Sunday afternoon, around 4pm, so the traffic was still heavier than during my usual driving time (around 7pm) and I had some time to contemplate life and such. Damit, thinking is just not my preferred activity choice, as I like to advertise, but the traffic made me captive audience to my own thoughts. Even the music blasting was not keeping the pesky thought processes subdued.

First, I was wondering why Californians are such cry babies about their "traffic". After living in LA for a couple of months, I don't understand why California is considered a state with the worst traffic. Fine, they have lots of cars. Fine, they're highways are 7 lanes wide... But to them traffic is if you are forced to drive at SPEED LIMIT due to "congestion". NO. That's not called traffic, that's just normal driving. OK, OK, it does get bad, but even in the worst moments you are still steadily moving at least at a 35 mph speeds! OK, its annoying, but you're MOVING! I guess you never hear anyone saying that New York City has a big traffic problem... but I guess that's because BEING PARKED on a highway does not fall in the category of traffic. I guess because that's called STANDING! Honeys, your little L.A. traffic problem is nothing but a suckling baby compared to the seven headed monstrosity that is NY traffic!!!

Than I was thinking who was it that said: "Life is a highway..." I dont' remember reading about it in Vogue so I was not sure. But anyway, if life is a highway... would it be a highway in NYC? The gray, attitude filled, stop and go obstacle course? or L.A.? The congested, wide, palm tree lined hazy and hot? Or... maybe the Autobahn? No speed limits, old world charm with German tin around your ass propelling you forward? Which highway would resemble life the most?

I don't know. I'm asking.

Maybe "life is a highway" doesn't really mean to resemble driving on a specific highway. Maybe it just represents the process. You're driving; sometimes you're alone on the road, but mostly with others, and in traffic. Obstacles can pop up at every corner slowing you down. There could be an accident on the side of the road, slow grandpa drivers, lane closures, weather conditions, etc.. etc.. etc... You start out the same as everyone, in your car turning the ignition key, and ramping on to the highway... but then it starts. Each driver begins making their own decision. Drive fast, drive slow, change lanes, change again, pass this car or that, with the end result being getting to your destination in the shortest amount of time.

Its like some kind of unspoken race. To be successful, to be loved, to set up your life the way you want. Even if you're not of a competitive nature, you're still pressured. There is only a certain amount of time given to you for this ride, that is life.

Every decision we make has an effect. Do you know which lane is the fast lane? Is it the left lane? Or maybe in this particular stretch of the highway you'll go faster in the right lane?? If you see a window of opportunity do you think to long about taking it? And than realize that your hesitation made you miss out? Do you act to hasty and realize you made a rash move when you should have waited and now this mistake will cause you a delay? Do you make ten more rash moves to try to remedy that first mistake, and come out on top? Or maybe these rash moves delay you even further erasing all hope of ever being able to "make up the lost time"??? Do you stay calm and without losing hope proceed steadily forward? Do you know when to keep the speed limit and when to risk and exceed it for a while? Or do you feel invincible and speed all the way, realizing that you are so griped by the adrenaline that you cannot stop even if you wanted to?

For me personally, its hard to answer these questions. I'm not sure. I've experienced many of those turns. I've always thought I knew exactly the kind of person I was, but I'm not sure how I will react when the road changes. When I'll be put into a new driving scenario, I'm just not sure how I will react.

All I know is that when I got my driving license at 17, I told myself that I will speed everywhere until the first time a cop stops me. After that, I would start driving "normally". Let me tell you, it was a crazy summer. I was surprised that after all that speeding, I was finally stopped only in September. I was going 75 mph in a 55 mph zone, but since it was my "fist offence" the cop was nice and ticketed me only for a 10 mile overage. Did I learn my lesson? Well, depends what lesson was it that I had to learn? I haven't gotten a speeding ticket since than. Pretty good 10 year track no? But this by no chance means that I do not speed anymore. I speed like crazy. I bought a sporty red car just to make myself slow down, since I know such a car is a police target. But what lesson DID I learn after that cop gave me that first ticket??? I don't know. That's the point. I don't think I learned the lesson I was meant to learn since I still speed. But I must have learned something since I haven't gotten another ticket since!?!

Once again we come back to this thing about learning lessons. Why is it so important? And IS it really that important, since we obviously CHOOSE which lessons to learn?? and when to learn them? Do we even have TIME to learn them so that this knowledge is relevant to our drive on a highway that is life? Since unlike my weekend drives from Staten Island to Long Island repeat themselves giving me an opportunity to memorize each turn and each traffic patch, LIFE's highway is NOT like that. We drive it only once, we drive it "blind" not knowing the turns before hand. Scary... or exciting? I don't know.

But one thing for sure kids: Better to be moving steady in a Ford, than be on the side of the highway in a freshly busted up yellow Ferrari. (Or is that just an opinion?)


SMS Etiquette

>> Friday, August 12, 2005

Huh?? what's this beeping sound...??? hmmmm... and the blinking light?...

Actually, I've been writing this one since I started the blog, since this week I was overdosing on SUGAR I've had the mental strength to finish it. (As you know, I try to stay away from thinking too hard since its bad for your skin... you know creates wrinkles above the nose.)

This is however a VERY important subject and should have been brought to life long ago!!

I CAN'T believe there are STILL people out there that do not know the SMS Etiquette. (Not to mention the people that do not know HOW to SMS!!) They are oblivious to the fact that any carelessly unanswered text message leaves the sender in a fit of sheer breathless panic until in fact the answer comes through. How could you NOT know that!!??

Some of us have been lucky enough to be born with the innate understanding of the unspoken rules that must be applied to text messaging, while others are just... well... not so lucky. This here creates a big problem. Especially since these are no "real" rules, they're not set in stone and you will not find them on the nearby cave wall. But you will surely experience the very REAL wrath of hurt SMSers and you WILL get cold shoulders, regardless if you know what the cause is or not.

So before we loose our boyfriends/girlfriends, friends, our jobs, jobs of our friends, and see our lives taking on a downward spiral... I will once again save the world and chisel the SMS rules on this cave wall for all to know and obey! OBEY... Obey.......obeyyyyy...... (Get it? There's an echo in the cave.)

RULE #1: EVERY text message warrants and immediate reply.

If you do not reply you are sending a msg that you are not available leaving the "why" to sender's interpretation... which is not necessarily what you want to do... this is how boyfriends/girlfriends begin to think you may be up to no good... your friends begin to think you're blatantly ignoring them...this is how your life starts going downhill!...

RULE#2: EVERY subject mentioned in a text message requires an acknowledgement.
Simply can't stand it when people upon receiving your SMS about a specific something, think its ok to just respond with something completely unrelated! It ceats confusion and the sender will think that you have a specific reason for not addressing the initial subject... more creative interpretation... will lead to resentment... sadness... depression... loss of appetite... hospital.

RULE #3: CAPS are meant to express excitement in an SMS msg. (NOT YELLING!!! as in the case of internet and email.)

Yelling does not exist in the world of SMS. In case yelling must take place, you make a real phone CALL (don't forget we still can use the phone for the prehistoric activity such as voice calls). So unlike an email where caps signify yelling, in the SMS world caps mean excitement, wonder. For those of you that are "advanced" you may also use caps to stress a certain letter creating an illusion of an accent. Like: "hAAllo" - would be hello with a german accent.

RULE #4: The proper way to respond to an SMS is via an SMS. You do NOT call or leave a voice mail. (Unless an SMS instructs you to do so.) The way to understand this simple; imagine Voice calls and Text Messages living in parallel universes. While they're in the same galaxy, their paths do NOT cross. Therefore a response granted to an SMS in a form of a Voice call or voice mail is not valid.

Trick question: What do you do if you receive an SMS instructing you to call back?
Answer: You immediately text back a response- "ok, I'm calling you right now", "I'll call you in an hour", "I am calling you right now, and you didn't answer so I'm leaving a voice mail".. etc. The point is, there must be a textual response to the SMS.

RULE#5: Certain subjects have NO place being discussed over SMS. Examples below:
1. Breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend
2. Asking for a promotion at work
3. Telling a friend that their outfit sucks
4. Cooking instructions
5. Fights

RULE#6: Certain subjects are perfect for discussion over SMS. Examples below:

1. Gossiping
2. Letting your manager know you're running late
3. Discussing funny people you're sitting next to while on SI ferry
4. Testing out insulting new nicknames for friends
5. Transmitting what's going on at a work meeting to non-related parties
6. Making plans with boyfriend/girlfriend
8. VETOing boyfriend suggestions from Grandma (Thanks for the idea Kaiya)
9. Flirting

and now some more guidelines...

Its OK to be texting a person about one subject while on the phone with same person talking about a different subject. (Remember the parallel universe rule.)

While its rude to TALK on your phone during dinner, its OK to send SMS messages. (I know there is controversy about this one, but if you share what you're texing about than it ok, well- you have MY permission)

If you have more than one boyfriend/girlfriend its NOT OK to send the same exact SMSs to all of them. (You will be caught, and there will be digital proof.)

Indecent proposals over SMS are sexy. The same proposals over the phone are VULGAR.

If you do not know how to SMS that does NOT excuse you from responding.

Sending a "blank" SMS is basically the same as calling and hanging up.

Sending an SMS to not intended receiver accidentally is embarrassing.

Sending an SMS to not intended receiver on PURPOSE is called STALKING.

Prank SMS messages are fun, but be available to confront the angry party as they CALL you. (Thanks for the wonderful example Mr. HighContrast.)

And if all this is completely overwhelming for some of you. :) There is this ONE rule that must be remembered that will keep you out of most SMS trouble. And it is that: EVERY SMS msg requires an asap SMS answer.

You're WELCOME! Ale saves the world from crisis yet again.

LESSON kids: Its very important to read, memorize and internalize what you read on cave walls!


They found me... I don't know how... but they found me!

>> Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ohhhhh goodness... The mighty barcelonareporter.com found me!!!

See, now this is a perfect example of how EVERY word you say (or write) flys like a little bird up in the sky... and you can't catch it!!! Now my "beef" with Barcelona is broadcasted for the world to see. Ooops! I wonder how much hate mail I'm about to get??? But I'll wait a little bit before posting a "public" apology for the people of Barca.

So if you have a chance- get on over there and leave your opinion.



Barcelona STILL sucks!!!

>> Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What's wrong with this picture??

This picture was taken on my trip to Barcelona last April. Its such a backwards place! If you've read my reaction to the city, than it was obvious to you that I have "issues" with Barcelona. Ok, fine, its a pretty town, but so is every other freakin' town in Europe. What bugged me to no end were the people! Lets not talk about how the girls dressed... they must have been reading Vogue upside down... through their ass holes (excuse my Catalan.) But the real problem was that people were just so unfriendly! So snoby for NO reason, so... just so.... blaaah.

I used to LOVE Spain after my experience in Seville. And I remember that when I came back, and people asked me what struck me most about my summer there, I would respond without hesitation by saying that the people were the most FRIENDLIEST I have EVER met! Well now I know. I love Sevilla, but that does not include the rest of the country.

In fact, my most pleasant moment in Barcelona was in a cab ride back to the airport. My elderly taxi driver happened to be from Sevilla! At first I didn't know it. But after I found out, it sure explained his super friendly and animated banter (At 7am mind you!). He was going far and beyond what may have seemed like try for a tip. I mean, he wanted to know EVERYTHING! How old I was, what was I doing in Barca, who was my boyfriend (and who was my daddy). And of course he was more than willing to volunteer information about himself as well. About his jealous wife (from Barcelona by the way!), how he loves to play the guitar and its not his fault that the Guapas just surround him and want a piece of him.

He said that it's how it is in the south of Spain: everyone in sight is a neighboor therefore a perfect party partner! Pour the sangrias, Jose, play the guitar and someone please start SINGING!!! (And of course no one needs an invitation to start dancing.) By the end of the 20 minute ride I had we were practically exchanging information and invites! Now that's what I call Spain!

Not like moscas muertas de Barcelona... Get a tan!

Lesson kids: Further south you go, the friendlier the people get. (I think it applies to all continents, just think about it) Lesson #2: no matter how friendly your cab driver is - do not accept a ride to HIS house. (Unless he is from Sevilla, than he's cool.)


Give me sugar, baby!

>> Monday, August 8, 2005


I've been having a very uncharacteristic craving for sweets. Normally I hate sweets, I don't eat cakes, candy, chocolate. I like sweet fruits, and you better believe I put loads of sugar in my coffee, but that's as far as it goes. I don't even like ice cream much. I'll take an italian ice any day over an ice cream. On Friday however, I ate a bar of dark chocolate... for breakfast! (Yes, it did make me sick.)

One of my friends, who happens to be from Italy, seems to be convinced that what I'm really craving is some goodol'fashioned kissin'. Of course he followed up his theory with the fact that he is ready and willing to get started whenever I say.

Thanks dude.

Anyway, I was at Sephora and got me a SWEET perfume. Pink Sugar by Aqualina. Its soooo sweet smelling that its unbelievable. Its just like eating a huge globe of cotton candy... see visual below:
Cotton candy is so freakin' great. I think its a MUST have in anyone's life. ;)

So I just HAD to look up the origins of sugar, here is what I found:

Sugarcane culture dates from antiquity and probably originated in what is now New Guinea. Its cultivation spread along human migration routes to Southeast Asia, India, and Polynesia. The technology for making sugar by pressing out the cane juice and boiling it down into crystals was developed in about 500 BC in India.

Sugarcane cultivation did not reach Europe until the Middle Ages, when conquering Arabs brought it to Spain. Columbus carried the plant to the West Indies, where it thrived in the favorable climate and soil. Sugarcane cultivation began in what is now the United States in the middle of the 18th century, when cuttings were planted in New Orleans. The first American sugar refinery was built in New York City in 1689, and the industry was finally established by the 1830s. From Compton's
Interactive Encyclopedia Deluxe © 1998 The Learning Company, Inc.

Sugar really feels rather "civilized", I mean, compared with chocolate. Now that's one scandalous food. I was rather disappointed that sugar didn't have a more dramatic past... But than again, what about all the intigues surrounding the sugar plantations in the Caribbean?

And I'd like to leave you with this gorgeouss image. That actually illustratess my sugar craving rather well... its the famous Pao de Asucar (Sugar Loaf) mountain in Rio de Janeiro.

Apparently the origin of the name is unknown. Some say that it sounds very much like a Native American phrase pau-hn-augua, which means a high and pointy hill. Others believe the name originated from the Portuguese, who thought the shape of the hill resembled a loaf of sugar cane, or sugar loaf.

Makes you want to take a bite, doesn't it!? Ahhh, so pretty... and look- cotton candy sky!


Another immature book review.

>> Thursday, August 4, 2005

Has anyone ever wanted to just leave the "regular life behind and run off to a beautiful tropical island?? Well, this book may just have you unpacking those suitcases!! (Maybe not.)

This is one of the five books I brought home the other saturday. It was the first I read and its AWESOME. Very fast and easy read. Its hilarious! Really. I don't like books that try to be funny, but I found myself laughing out loud and people on the train would give me the "eye".

What I loved most about it is that it gives you a nice synopses of the happenings in the Pacific. About the life there, the politics and the history... It takes you completely to the opposite side of the world and explains "how it is". Another cool thing is that its a true story of the author and his fiance as they spend 2 years on one of the islands.

Touches upon the nuclear testing in the pacific and the effects it left.

Just a heads up: it was rather disappointing that there was NO sex mentioned in the book. (except a few times the LACK of it was discussed.) I mean you'd think when tropical islands are involved there'd be plenty of sex. But no. Something else that thouroughly disturbed me about the book, is that apparently there was NO COFFEE on the island!!!

Here some more fun links:

More info on Kiribati
....see it sure LOOKS like a place I'd like to waste my days away on...

and some more....

I didn't think to google the places BEFORE I read the book, so I was reading it "blind", but Maarten (Mr. Troost) did such a good job with the descriptions that when I finally did google for pictures it was as if I've seen the places before.

Lesson learned from the book: Things are NOT always as they seem. And most importantly: PACK YOUR OWN COFFEE!!! Tnks Maarten!


Do you see what I see?

>> Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Today we shall do another exercise Sempre Primavera style. This one si called "Pika-boo, what do you see?"

Lets set the stage just a bit.

Setting: Somewhere near 23rd St. Park
Time: Lunch hour
Activity: I go for a little stroll

Now here is the exercise... can you guess what I see?

Lots of garbage
Bags full of garbage
Garbage trucks
Homeless people sitting on benches in the park talking to themselves
Some are definitely drunk
Ugly people (Aaaaa!!!)

or maybe I see...

Golden roof tops
Lots of green trees
UPS trucks with cute drivers in brown shorts
Sexy New Yorkers chewing on their salads on benches in the park
Some are definitely in love
A super model being photographed hopping with a big red LV bag
Cute German guy tourists (Yumiiiii!!)

So here is the big question: What was it that I saw?? List #1? or List#2??


Well, to be perfectly honest I saw everything on List 1 AND on List 2. Yep, every single thing. And here is the trick. Well, more like a decision we face everyday... Do we choose to focus on things in List 1, or on things in List 2?? Hey, the fun part is you get to pick! I'm sure you can guess which list I chose...

Lesson learned today kids: big RED bags are going to be in this fall!!!

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