Do you see what I see?

>> Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Today we shall do another exercise Sempre Primavera style. This one si called "Pika-boo, what do you see?"

Lets set the stage just a bit.

Setting: Somewhere near 23rd St. Park
Time: Lunch hour
Activity: I go for a little stroll

Now here is the exercise... can you guess what I see?

Lots of garbage
Bags full of garbage
Garbage trucks
Homeless people sitting on benches in the park talking to themselves
Some are definitely drunk
Ugly people (Aaaaa!!!)

or maybe I see...

Golden roof tops
Lots of green trees
UPS trucks with cute drivers in brown shorts
Sexy New Yorkers chewing on their salads on benches in the park
Some are definitely in love
A super model being photographed hopping with a big red LV bag
Cute German guy tourists (Yumiiiii!!)

So here is the big question: What was it that I saw?? List #1? or List#2??


Well, to be perfectly honest I saw everything on List 1 AND on List 2. Yep, every single thing. And here is the trick. Well, more like a decision we face everyday... Do we choose to focus on things in List 1, or on things in List 2?? Hey, the fun part is you get to pick! I'm sure you can guess which list I chose...

Lesson learned today kids: big RED bags are going to be in this fall!!!


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