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>> Thursday, August 4, 2005

Has anyone ever wanted to just leave the "regular life behind and run off to a beautiful tropical island?? Well, this book may just have you unpacking those suitcases!! (Maybe not.)

This is one of the five books I brought home the other saturday. It was the first I read and its AWESOME. Very fast and easy read. Its hilarious! Really. I don't like books that try to be funny, but I found myself laughing out loud and people on the train would give me the "eye".

What I loved most about it is that it gives you a nice synopses of the happenings in the Pacific. About the life there, the politics and the history... It takes you completely to the opposite side of the world and explains "how it is". Another cool thing is that its a true story of the author and his fiance as they spend 2 years on one of the islands.

Touches upon the nuclear testing in the pacific and the effects it left.

Just a heads up: it was rather disappointing that there was NO sex mentioned in the book. (except a few times the LACK of it was discussed.) I mean you'd think when tropical islands are involved there'd be plenty of sex. But no. Something else that thouroughly disturbed me about the book, is that apparently there was NO COFFEE on the island!!!

Here some more fun links:

More info on Kiribati
....see it sure LOOKS like a place I'd like to waste my days away on...

and some more....

I didn't think to google the places BEFORE I read the book, so I was reading it "blind", but Maarten (Mr. Troost) did such a good job with the descriptions that when I finally did google for pictures it was as if I've seen the places before.

Lesson learned from the book: Things are NOT always as they seem. And most importantly: PACK YOUR OWN COFFEE!!! Tnks Maarten!


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