Wishing you all a happy HAPPY HOUR!

>> Friday, August 26, 2005

While Sempre Primavera may seem like one big, communal, never ending Happy Hour...

Just a reminder: Sempre Primavera is NOT just for fun. We do real work around here!!

Granted some of our projects here are sort of long termish, such as saving the world, ending terrorism and the fighting the invisible enemy... however, we have definitely gotten a few things accomplished already:

1. bridging cultural gaps - starting with Barcelona

2. keeping tabs on fellow aliens - hey guys, whatsup!

3. finding that perfect cup of coffee - (see previous post)

4. fixing the problems of the New York subway system (MTA)

5. taking a good picture of the perfect moon!

Now I know the above list is already very impressive, but we are not about to stop- we go further!

We also make things happen FOR YOU! here at SP. You want something... WE WILL GET IT FOR YOU! ...just remember... at one time... or another... I may have to call upon you... for a little favor... do not deny me... (The Godfather is such a great movie...!)

Anyway, back to business:

Our fearless Viking the cowboy, expressed the desire to get back to his "roots" a little bit and get a good refreshing drink of Mead. Here at SP, we decided to pick up this clue and reunite the man with his alcohol! Why? Because we have Power! Plus, he deserves it, he fights Godzilas, and rides cosmic sharks... he needs a little drink once in a while.

So I called on some people that owed me a little favor... and found Mead!

Manatawny Creek Winery
227 Levengood Road
Douglassville, PA 19518
Ph: (610) 689-9804
Fax: (610) 689-9838

And for other states here!

The website www.gotmead.com is just awesome. It's run by the "Mead Wench" who basically tells you where to get Mead, HOW to make it (in many different recipies), how to START your OWN Meadery!!! Oh, and you can buy some cool Mead stuff like shirts and things to keep you motivated in your Mead quest. How fun is that!?

Honey wine. I must try some. I'm all about liquors and other fermentations and such.

So kids, be nice and thank uncle Viking for the inspiration... (to add yet another alcoholic beverage to our already vast repertoire.)

You see! Like I said: here at Sempre Primavera WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Anyone else would like to try my Power??


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