Give me sugar, baby!

>> Monday, August 8, 2005


I've been having a very uncharacteristic craving for sweets. Normally I hate sweets, I don't eat cakes, candy, chocolate. I like sweet fruits, and you better believe I put loads of sugar in my coffee, but that's as far as it goes. I don't even like ice cream much. I'll take an italian ice any day over an ice cream. On Friday however, I ate a bar of dark chocolate... for breakfast! (Yes, it did make me sick.)

One of my friends, who happens to be from Italy, seems to be convinced that what I'm really craving is some goodol'fashioned kissin'. Of course he followed up his theory with the fact that he is ready and willing to get started whenever I say.

Thanks dude.

Anyway, I was at Sephora and got me a SWEET perfume. Pink Sugar by Aqualina. Its soooo sweet smelling that its unbelievable. Its just like eating a huge globe of cotton candy... see visual below:
Cotton candy is so freakin' great. I think its a MUST have in anyone's life. ;)

So I just HAD to look up the origins of sugar, here is what I found:

Sugarcane culture dates from antiquity and probably originated in what is now New Guinea. Its cultivation spread along human migration routes to Southeast Asia, India, and Polynesia. The technology for making sugar by pressing out the cane juice and boiling it down into crystals was developed in about 500 BC in India.

Sugarcane cultivation did not reach Europe until the Middle Ages, when conquering Arabs brought it to Spain. Columbus carried the plant to the West Indies, where it thrived in the favorable climate and soil. Sugarcane cultivation began in what is now the United States in the middle of the 18th century, when cuttings were planted in New Orleans. The first American sugar refinery was built in New York City in 1689, and the industry was finally established by the 1830s. From Compton's
Interactive Encyclopedia Deluxe © 1998 The Learning Company, Inc.

Sugar really feels rather "civilized", I mean, compared with chocolate. Now that's one scandalous food. I was rather disappointed that sugar didn't have a more dramatic past... But than again, what about all the intigues surrounding the sugar plantations in the Caribbean?

And I'd like to leave you with this gorgeouss image. That actually illustratess my sugar craving rather well... its the famous Pao de Asucar (Sugar Loaf) mountain in Rio de Janeiro.

Apparently the origin of the name is unknown. Some say that it sounds very much like a Native American phrase pau-hn-augua, which means a high and pointy hill. Others believe the name originated from the Portuguese, who thought the shape of the hill resembled a loaf of sugar cane, or sugar loaf.

Makes you want to take a bite, doesn't it!? Ahhh, so pretty... and look- cotton candy sky!


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