Barcelona STILL sucks!!!

>> Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What's wrong with this picture??

This picture was taken on my trip to Barcelona last April. Its such a backwards place! If you've read my reaction to the city, than it was obvious to you that I have "issues" with Barcelona. Ok, fine, its a pretty town, but so is every other freakin' town in Europe. What bugged me to no end were the people! Lets not talk about how the girls dressed... they must have been reading Vogue upside down... through their ass holes (excuse my Catalan.) But the real problem was that people were just so unfriendly! So snoby for NO reason, so... just so.... blaaah.

I used to LOVE Spain after my experience in Seville. And I remember that when I came back, and people asked me what struck me most about my summer there, I would respond without hesitation by saying that the people were the most FRIENDLIEST I have EVER met! Well now I know. I love Sevilla, but that does not include the rest of the country.

In fact, my most pleasant moment in Barcelona was in a cab ride back to the airport. My elderly taxi driver happened to be from Sevilla! At first I didn't know it. But after I found out, it sure explained his super friendly and animated banter (At 7am mind you!). He was going far and beyond what may have seemed like try for a tip. I mean, he wanted to know EVERYTHING! How old I was, what was I doing in Barca, who was my boyfriend (and who was my daddy). And of course he was more than willing to volunteer information about himself as well. About his jealous wife (from Barcelona by the way!), how he loves to play the guitar and its not his fault that the Guapas just surround him and want a piece of him.

He said that it's how it is in the south of Spain: everyone in sight is a neighboor therefore a perfect party partner! Pour the sangrias, Jose, play the guitar and someone please start SINGING!!! (And of course no one needs an invitation to start dancing.) By the end of the 20 minute ride I had we were practically exchanging information and invites! Now that's what I call Spain!

Not like moscas muertas de Barcelona... Get a tan!

Lesson kids: Further south you go, the friendlier the people get. (I think it applies to all continents, just think about it) Lesson #2: no matter how friendly your cab driver is - do not accept a ride to HIS house. (Unless he is from Sevilla, than he's cool.)


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