if i was a rich girl... la la la la la la....

>> Friday, January 23, 2009

Have you ever thought of the possibility of a 'parallel universe'.  You know, the whole phenomenon of time travel and how just perhaps if you would have gotten an "A" in that blasted Finance class, it might have propelled you to be accepted at an Ivy league university which intern would have given you the opportunity to make friends with rich people, who would offer you that cushy highly over paid job at their fathers company? That job that would have sent you on a delicious spiral of champagne drinks in the morning and midnight soirees on your YACHT!????
Just saying...
I would like to be sitting on a white leather arm chair on a rooftop patio of Copacabana Palace, sipping a sweet, pink and packed with alcohol to a lethal consistency, drink from a martini glass.  The sun is setting... and I'm trying to decide which party to go to later.
Now I understand that Copacabana Palace is just the pure vulgar luxury that is just in your face.  Guess what, I'm so down with that right about now!
Enjoy the eye candy:


>> Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Excuse me.. Is it Friday yet??


I'm way too glamourous

>> Monday, January 19, 2009

Fabulously Glamorous Weekend, why... it's just so very normal daaaling!
Ok, so Friday after a fit of workaholicism that lasted precisely 5 days, I could not wait to run out in to the green pastures and get myself quickly to the nearest 'watering' facility.  Drinks were definitely in order and a few of my very fabulous friends and I met at the college hotel for some cocktails.
As I arrived I was welcomed with a shot of hot chocolate with brandy.  Yum.  I proceeded to the bar and immediately ordered a Kir Royal since I knew my fabulous friends will be running fashionably late. I on the other hand could not wait around for propriety's sake.
Sadly Friday was a bit of a goodbye thing for the lovely and talented "Andina', her and her brand new husband are moving to Cyprus to live in the sunshine.  Ahh... I just can't wait to visit and see what she'll do to the penthouse. I'm sure it'll look like eye candy. 
Everyone finally arrived and we settled into some plush chairs by the fireplace and got started with rounds.  I had a Martini (shaken not stirred) and a royal something or other, it was lovely, champagne topped with blue berries bouncing in the glass.
By the end of the evening we ended up in a tiny Greek restaurant chucking ouzo and singing to the owner sitting on the bar playing the guitar.  Fun times.
What is mind boggling is that Andina was completely difficult to get to go out, but now that she knows she is leaving she's become a bit of a party animal.  It does look like she is a lot happier and maybe it is what's triggering this shot of party energy.
Saturday Vito and I spent buying more stuff for the house.  Note to self: when I'm a billionaire I will hire a TEAM who will do all these things for us.  But never mind that for now.  In the evening our very glamorous friends came over for a nice relaxed dinner.  Seriously, they jetting of to LAPLAND in a while.  I'm so jealous.  Apparently it's currently dark for 24 hours and I imagine that just makes everything feel like a candle lit dinner!  They're staying at a cabin with fireplace and you can just imagine what they'll be doing the whole time.  Ahhh... while I'll be at work.
Anyway, Vito and I cooked up:
Gambas al ajillo for starters
Pork stakes with wild almond rice
and a spinach salad with lots of fun things in it like mandarins and cranberries...
Desert!? Don't even ask, limoncello granitas!
Sunday... Well I needed to detox from all the cocktails over the weekend.  It was Green tea and major exfoliation.  In the evening we were at the 'in-laws' having a completely Dutch meal.  Dutch food is super yummy.  Stompots or "mashes" are very popular.  I think it's heaven food for kids!  When i was little i used to LOVE mashing together everything on my plate, but my parents yelled at me saying not to play with my food.  Now if only I can somehow get everyone to eat with their hands, it'll be perfection!!!


the game

>> Friday, January 16, 2009

Ok, I have a new fun game for us to play!
My life is pretty normal now, it's fabulous and very cosy in fact.  That however does not make for a very exciting blog I'm afraid.  And I don't really want to go on and on about how everything is peachy because unfortunately it's not fun to read about. 
So we're going to get into a bit of a alter ego type set up.
Ok ready? Here we go.
Who should I be:
1. Billionaire heiress
2. Super duper entrepreneur extravaganza chick
3. ? open for suggestions?
Rules of the 'game' -
I will write about my life as if I'm my alter ego.  There must be at least ONE truthful element in every post.  All personas mentioned have to be actual people from real life, though they can also be embellished to such an extent that they do nor resemble any reality what so ever.
Theme - James Bond meets Paris Hilton meets Alwilda!


wrong answer

>> Thursday, January 15, 2009

OK fine, I can do some cultural commentary as well. Here is what went on last weekend in the wilderness of Holland! They froze the field and skated on it. I got a bit nostalgic over my childhood in Kiev... we did the same thing. As a proper little girl I had my cute white skates and was skating around pretending to be a Snegurachka, or sometimes Snezjinka... sometimes even a little white furry bunny... that's probably because I had a white rabbit fur hat.
Anyway, funny thing is that the Dutch think they're the only ones that do this. Maybe they should not feel blind confidence that just because they travel a lot they understand the world. Understanding the world involves making friends with the people from those lands.
Let's take the USA for example. The Dutch think that they know everything about the US and Americans. When I ask them how many actual Americans they have met - most of them reply: Joey, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Ross and Phoebe. Wow, like omg, that's SO crazy! I totally know a TV SHOW with the same exact people! How cool!


R u taking notes hollywood?

>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank you Sara for explaining that Casino Royal and Quantum of Solace are actually pre-quels of James Bond.
NOW it makes a lot more sense!!!
So last night I saw Quantum of Solace, good.... very pretty movie too.  Like!
I think in general pre-quels have better chance of being 'good' rather then sequels.  Star Wars did it right.  I like the James Bond ones.  Now lets look at Indiana Jones, they did a sequel and it just didn't work. They're just a lot harder to pull off!  I mean we already have our own expectations and ideas of where we wished the story would go, and most importantly we are ATTACHED to the character! we dont want to see them age or be replaced by a son or whoever.  
I'm still annoyed at how he fell in love with that chick in exactly THREE days!?????  Whatever.
And M!?  what a TEASE!  She started out both movies by pretty much trying to bring Bond back 'in' and ended each movie with "I'm going to need you back".  Love it, kinda I hate you go away, no wait, I need you come hold me.
On the other note, I'm part of the expat blogs (as you see on the side bar) but I can't seem to find anything 'expaty' to write about!   I just don't find Netherlands to be all that different from the US.  Which is GOOD in terms of working and living here, but NOT good in terms of finding expaty things to blog about.  But here we go:  alexisinamsterdam.blogspot.com had a post about why dutch people are deathly afraid of sticking out.
Now you can't say I never tell you anything relevant...


>> Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday's totally SUCK!
I have seen Casino Royal for the first time on Friday. Am I the only one who is completely disgusted with James Bond being all in LOVE??? That's so wrong!  EWW!  Sean Connery stays number 1 James Bond ever of all times!!!!
Seriously, WHY mess with a formula that works.
This new James Bond breaks every rule in the book, falls in love with ONE girl.  Orders some funky martinis (Shaken not stirred!!!! JUST SAY THAT and don't be making up other nonsense.)
I hear in Quantum of Solace a Russian chick plays a Bolivian.  WHY??? WHYYY????? You finally got a real Russian actress, LET her be RUSSIAN!  OH... and I hear he doesn't even do her!?!?  Seriously!???? What!?
Mr. Connery, can you PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!??


Clickady click click show me the money!

>> Friday, January 9, 2009

This fun..
Have you ever wanted to know how much your co-workers are making?  Have you ever wanted to know how much you manager is making?
Well here you go: http://www.glassdoor.com
This is pretty much something you can take to the negotiating table at your next salary review.  Get your HR department back for scoping you out on facebook.
I'm thinking that will all these resources available on the internet there's very little anyone can hide weather employer or an employee. 
That being said; we can also manipulate these resources to work for our benefit... like say, a gold digger can photoshop herself on an expensive yacht and upload these pictures on facebook in order to attract rich boyfriends and fool them into thinking she is also rich.  You know... just as an example.... like totally random... you know... or say, that same said gold digger wanted to know if the guy she just met at a bar underneath the law firm really IS making as much money as he was hinting at.  ...Again... totally random example...
My evil genius is really boundless...
You're welcome, let auntie Ale teach you everything...
Have a great weekend!!!!!!


How to beat seasonal blues. 7 step super program. You're welcome.

>> Thursday, January 8, 2009

The winter season. If you're in the northern leaning regions I'm sure that many of you are experiencing some form of the seasonal blues. Depression is such a yukky word so let's not use it, I prefer saying the 'blues' because it makes me think of Louisiana and fun old men singing while people are chowing down jambalaya.

Anyway, I thought I would be nice and share my infinite wisdom with all you mare mortals. I will outline here exactly how to beat the seasonal blues OR even worse the D word.

As you start feeling the symptoms which could include: low energy, constant munching on the couch in front of TV, mood swings, not being in the mood for your favorite sweater... etc.. you should immediately start executing the official "Sunny all the time Super System for anti Blues".

1. Get a PEDICURE. Or if you're in the Netherlands where it's impossible to get a decent pedi, you can do it yourself. The most important thing is the color. These are the approved color list:
a. Fire engine RED
b. The Dutch Royal ORANGE
c. Little mermaid on a CORAL reef
d. The only blues on me are on my toes ELECTRIC BLUE
e. I'm a lady that gets paid for her affections in South Beach HOT PINK

2. Next you get yourself to the nearest lingerie shop and buy something completely inappropriate for the cold winter weather. Silk and lace!? Bring it ON!

3. Change your hair. A slightly different cut? Maybe more highlights then usual?

4. Get a new eye shadow or a new lip gloss, new perfume even!!

5. In the morning dress as if you're meeting prince Harry for drinks after work. (Why prince Harry and not prince William? Well because we like young thangs! And we looooove red heads.)

6. Extra exercise. (Hmm this should be number 1 actually).

7. Take good multi vitamins - they so totally work I so promise you! For real!

Now here comes the most important thing*******

This program must be continually followed for 6 WEEKS.

I must add however that what worked VERY well for me last year was a 3 week trip to Argentina last February!!!! Ah... oh well... this year inappropriate undies and red toes will just have to do I guess.... ;)


Learning life lessons and how Laundry can be utilized as the vehicle with which to learn those lessons.

>> Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wow it works!
email blogging works!!! and i was 'afraid to learn it'.
This is yet another the classic case of blondness. 
Do you know that I was able to hold off learning how to do laundry till about 26.  What's even MORE amusing is that people seemed to be OK with doing the laundry for me.
Here is how I did it:
birth - 11 - mommy did my laundry
11-14 - summer camp - the younger kids managed the washing machine and drier for me and thought it a privilege
College years - my roommate did my laundry or I would take it home on the weekends
1 year in Italy - my roommate did it... AND since we didn't have a dryer she'd hang it outside on the balcony
about 1 year living in California - my roommates did it and when I moved to my own apartment, I'd bring the laundry to my cousin down the street to do it.
1 year living in Manhattan - took it home on weekends
THEN I finally decided to learn how to do it and it was EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!  SO easy!!!!!
Anyway, the brief moment of nirvana ended when I moved to the Netherlands and the washing machine was in dutch... and had a whole lot of more settings....
1st year in Holland - Vito did the laundry
2nd year in Holland - I learned some Dutch now I can speak to the washing machine... it is harder though then the american machine.  You have to read the clothing labels to see the suggested temperature then select matching one on the dile, then decide weather or not the clothes are black, white or mixed, rough, delicate or synthetic..?? WTF? THEN.... not to mention the same story repeats itself when it comes to drying... do you want it: dry? very dry? or extremely dry?
So my point was that I refrained from learning how to email blog for SUCH a long time, but it turned out to be EASY.
Homework kids, go try something you've never tried because you thought it was too complicated, come back and report.



just testing the gmail blogging... this way i can post everyday without a sweat.

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