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>> Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thank you Sara for explaining that Casino Royal and Quantum of Solace are actually pre-quels of James Bond.
NOW it makes a lot more sense!!!
So last night I saw Quantum of Solace, good.... very pretty movie too.  Like!
I think in general pre-quels have better chance of being 'good' rather then sequels.  Star Wars did it right.  I like the James Bond ones.  Now lets look at Indiana Jones, they did a sequel and it just didn't work. They're just a lot harder to pull off!  I mean we already have our own expectations and ideas of where we wished the story would go, and most importantly we are ATTACHED to the character! we dont want to see them age or be replaced by a son or whoever.  
I'm still annoyed at how he fell in love with that chick in exactly THREE days!?????  Whatever.
And M!?  what a TEASE!  She started out both movies by pretty much trying to bring Bond back 'in' and ended each movie with "I'm going to need you back".  Love it, kinda I hate you go away, no wait, I need you come hold me.
On the other note, I'm part of the expat blogs (as you see on the side bar) but I can't seem to find anything 'expaty' to write about!   I just don't find Netherlands to be all that different from the US.  Which is GOOD in terms of working and living here, but NOT good in terms of finding expaty things to blog about.  But here we go:  alexisinamsterdam.blogspot.com had a post about why dutch people are deathly afraid of sticking out.
Now you can't say I never tell you anything relevant...


sarah b. January 13, 2009 at 11:10 PM  

haha. you're welcome! i just liked the movies enough to try to get you to agree!

alexis January 15, 2009 at 7:32 PM  

wow, scary - linking to my blog! Only you didn't link to the story and now people are going to wonder what rijstafel has to do with dutch ppl

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