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>> Monday, January 19, 2009

Fabulously Glamorous Weekend, why... it's just so very normal daaaling!
Ok, so Friday after a fit of workaholicism that lasted precisely 5 days, I could not wait to run out in to the green pastures and get myself quickly to the nearest 'watering' facility.  Drinks were definitely in order and a few of my very fabulous friends and I met at the college hotel for some cocktails.
As I arrived I was welcomed with a shot of hot chocolate with brandy.  Yum.  I proceeded to the bar and immediately ordered a Kir Royal since I knew my fabulous friends will be running fashionably late. I on the other hand could not wait around for propriety's sake.
Sadly Friday was a bit of a goodbye thing for the lovely and talented "Andina', her and her brand new husband are moving to Cyprus to live in the sunshine.  Ahh... I just can't wait to visit and see what she'll do to the penthouse. I'm sure it'll look like eye candy. 
Everyone finally arrived and we settled into some plush chairs by the fireplace and got started with rounds.  I had a Martini (shaken not stirred) and a royal something or other, it was lovely, champagne topped with blue berries bouncing in the glass.
By the end of the evening we ended up in a tiny Greek restaurant chucking ouzo and singing to the owner sitting on the bar playing the guitar.  Fun times.
What is mind boggling is that Andina was completely difficult to get to go out, but now that she knows she is leaving she's become a bit of a party animal.  It does look like she is a lot happier and maybe it is what's triggering this shot of party energy.
Saturday Vito and I spent buying more stuff for the house.  Note to self: when I'm a billionaire I will hire a TEAM who will do all these things for us.  But never mind that for now.  In the evening our very glamorous friends came over for a nice relaxed dinner.  Seriously, they jetting of to LAPLAND in a while.  I'm so jealous.  Apparently it's currently dark for 24 hours and I imagine that just makes everything feel like a candle lit dinner!  They're staying at a cabin with fireplace and you can just imagine what they'll be doing the whole time.  Ahhh... while I'll be at work.
Anyway, Vito and I cooked up:
Gambas al ajillo for starters
Pork stakes with wild almond rice
and a spinach salad with lots of fun things in it like mandarins and cranberries...
Desert!? Don't even ask, limoncello granitas!
Sunday... Well I needed to detox from all the cocktails over the weekend.  It was Green tea and major exfoliation.  In the evening we were at the 'in-laws' having a completely Dutch meal.  Dutch food is super yummy.  Stompots or "mashes" are very popular.  I think it's heaven food for kids!  When i was little i used to LOVE mashing together everything on my plate, but my parents yelled at me saying not to play with my food.  Now if only I can somehow get everyone to eat with their hands, it'll be perfection!!!


alexis January 19, 2009 at 9:01 PM  

if you get them to, I want a picture

cadiz12 January 20, 2009 at 12:31 AM  

indians have made eating with hands into an art form. it takes years to figure out how to do correctly.

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