1 day untill DEPARTURE!!

>> Thursday, March 31, 2005

Actually, at this time tomorrow I will be getting into a white limo to be driven to JFK International Airport (...I had to put the stress on International). I know white limo's are vulgar, but WE at the "Primavera" headquarters happen to LIKE vulgar! Alright!?! However be comforted to know that it will not be a stretch limo.

I can't believe it I'll be going to Barca and even thought I'll be working all day I will have the nights free (unless not). Actually I'm looking forward to the flight. There is something very relaxing knowing that nobody NOBODY can reach you for these 8 hours! I'm not a stressed out kind of person (anymore) but still the subconscious understanding of this little truth make my skin glow.

Last night we: Dulce, Wallstr and SexyBomb went out to our usual spot for "Ladies Night". Unfortunately, or fortunately for some, we in NO WAY acted like "ladies" infact I think that our straight out vulgarities could have put the boys with trucks on interstate 95 to SHAME. Hey, sometimes when you need to express yourself you need to use appropriate language. What we were discussing last night called for explicit terms.

That's all I shall say, now I gotta run to complete a ton of work so I can get home in time for tanning. I just need a moment more to digest my beautiful French Dip sandwich... yaaaammm!
I don't usually eat stuff like that, but I've been hungry ever since yesterday.



Shopping 101

>> Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Michael Kors

Waw today was just soooo difficult! I didn't have work Monday so today was my Monday. Couldn't get into it. "Just wasn't in the mood." So during lunch I went to air my head out. (Be quiet!! who ever said that my head doesn't need any more air... I HEARD you!)

I went shopping on 34th street between 5th and Broadway. Now you guys that are not from NY, do NOT go shopping in that area. It's a zoo! Too many people... and you only have your generic stores like, Macy's, Aldo's, Gap...etc. And there are always these school groups that are on their way to the Empire State Building that is right around the corner. If you want to shop you've got to head over to SOHO (please refer to visuals provided below--hehe).

Anyway, as I was there, having a fight via SMS with one of my friends (you know who you are!), I stopped into ZARA and saw excellent indian style shirts. I like ZARA styles but not sure about the quality of their clothes. Now this is a true story. I had saw this blue sweater from ZARA that I got (same EXACT one) on the second floor of an Italian supermarket!!! Not to mention for a fraction of the price!!! Granted it was an ITALIAN supermarket...but it was a supermarket non the less!!! I checked out my sweater with my bread and yogurt!!! Makes you wonder what these fashion people are up to.

But these linen indian shirts were really nice, with slits up the sides and design around the collar. I didn't cave in though... because I know this awesome place called the Royal Sari House on 29th street and 5th ave, where they sell authentic indian shirts and saris. So I will pay them a visit first before taking out my wallet to raise ZARA's stock.

Honestly I love brand names, but sometimes the prices are completely ridiculous (ok, ALL the time)! I try to follow the rule of "heading SAUS" when deciding which items to splurge on.
S- Sunglasses
A- accessories
U- Undergarments (makes you feel super sexy knowing that your bra is more expensive than your coat... you've got to treat everyday as "i'm getting some today" day-"primavera teaching")
S- Shoes


>> Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ok everyone, here is exactly where you need to go for good shopping in NYC. There are over 500 stores and boutiques around this area. EVERYTHING from Bloomingdales department store to designer shops like Georgio Armani to little known boutiques... everything basically! The atmosphere is fun, a bit artsy (since there are a ton of galleries located at this stretch of Broadway). So your POR (point of reference) is: corner of Broadway and Prince st. From there just run around and you'll be sure to see all the fun stores. Spring street and Mercer St. has some of my favorite places. Also to put yourself in the "mood" head over to the corner of Mercer st and Houston, to this cafe called... check this out "Cafe". It's awesome! They usually have artwork from students displayed and there is a green house effect going on... and its always filled with NYU students studying feverishly.

The Important Map!

You can also check out the Meatpacking district, where you have the "up and coming" designers and designers from the BIG Mama fashion houses like Dolce, Armani etc.. that actually went on their own. There are very beautiful stores there. Stella Macarthy...Carlos Miele!!! (he's from brazil). Basically start out in front of the Gansevoort Hotel and go from there. Maybe catch a lunch at Pastis (but bring your best "I'm too sexy for this universe attitude"). If you're there in the evening and spent too much money feel free to go up the Gansevoort hotel to the roof bar and have a nice champaign. Everything is expensive though (I think).

Now if any of the shopping "professionals" are reading this and would like to get involved in the so called "SAMPLE SALES" here in NY. I will simplify the process for you. NYC's has many of such sales where top designers sell their items at half price or less and yes it is tricky to find them (to the naked untrained eye) but you really need to know what you're doing even if you actually do arrive at those places. Some of these designers are not so famous and some of the stuff perhaps has already gotten a bad rep somewhere so if you buy it people (in the know) will look at you funny. But who cares! The process is fun anyway! Like a secret sosciety of sort.

What you need to do is simply buy Time Out New York magazine and there is a section that lists all the sample sales going on that week. They're held usually at the show rooms (or back rooms) in regular buildings mostly in the Fashion District (34-42 streets). That's why you need to know exactly what you're doing. I would go to check something like that out just because you'll get to see the offices of that company as well and if you want to see a bit more of NY life than what's presented in the tourist magazines than this could be a fun little stop to make. As far as actual shopping goes... at places like that good luck... even though everything is half of or more prices are still $200 and up. You get the picture. ALSO: Chanel and Gucci and the really big designers don't usually hold sample sales open to public... they're usually by invitation ONLY so don't spend too much time trying to figure out how to go to one.

That's all kids, happy shopping!!!!


It's not a GREAT NIGHT OUT unless you end up hopping in BED with...

>> Monday, March 28, 2005

Waw we really made "little hours" Saturday. "Fare le ore piccole" is what they say in Italy when you go out partying and come home in the single digit hours. You know like 3am compared with 12am. Alright, you get it... I got it... Ok moving on.

So since Saturday was the most important day in the universe, few of my best buds and I decided that some celebration was in order. Originally I didn't plan on going out wanting to simply grace my (now) old age with retiring to bed early. But after dinner with my family (which I cooked! thank you very much... wait... the dinner I cooked, not my family) I decided that I couldn't give my grandparents the satisfaction of thinking that I'm a looser homebody and that's why I haven't found a guy to marry yet. (Cus' apparently that's the goal of every girls' life and in order to fulfill it you have to wear bright clothes and go out every night in order to attract that guy to settle down with.) Right Grandma... because that's exactly how YOU landed Granpa'!? As far as I remember you would make him drop you off promptly at 8.30 and give you a kiss on the cheek as you dimurely looked down at your shoes.

Personally I like to think that Grandma then would take out her Motorola and immediately dial her OTHER boyfriend to pick her up and go clubbing... or however that proceeded back then. Here is a valuable lesson for all aspiring debutantes:
Show "good face" to the boyfriend who you're trying to marry and show "real face" to the one you want to have fun with! (Cus' a girl has GOT to have her cake and eat it too! and not just on her birthday.)

Anyway, back to MY cake. After the delicious food (that I MADE) my Grandparents were getting ready to leave, and I quietly got ready, hair and all and walked out with them. Ha ha, they were surprised, 'oh my goodness how are you going out at such and such hour' (it was 9pm). 'My work shift is starting, Grandma... you know'. AAahahahh, no, just kidding.

I guess I showed them that I DO go out if I want to! So now I can go back into the house undress and go to sleep. Ahhh sleep! But wait... how are you going to do that when you've got a fabulously vulgar outfit on and your hair looks like you've been paying attention to Vogue for the past 11 years. Ok, decision made, in the car, off to the city.

One quick call to Wallstr and PlanB went into action.
Just to recap:
**Plan A- act according to the ripe old age of 27 and go to sleep early
**Plan B- act like and normal life loving human being and get your butt out of the house! (not forgetting to look like a prostitute so you can hook a guy to marry- grandma's bidding.)

We decided to go to Le Souk in the east village. I LOVE the place to death, but DO NOT go there on a Saturday. Here is my 'official' review:
"Le Souk, is a Middle Eastern bar/lounge/club/restaurant/outdoor cafe place. The twist is that going there one may think they're in a Middle Eastern bar/lounge/club/...etc... in a EUROPEAN city." The atmosphere is very 'Euro' like. There are 3 floors, one being a lounge/restaurant where you can ask to be put into the "sultan's" bed! Let me just stay, I LOVE going out to a place with a bed! That way, if throughout the course of the evening you decide to revert to **Plan A, you may certainly do so!! Brilliant!!!

Music is great, the lounge part plays Middle Eastern music with French and Spanish undertones. Imagine Alabina and Dalida together with the Gypsy Kings (which I think they actually do get together sometimes, no?). Floors are also broken up into different rooms, and are connected with staircases and hallways lit by candles in metal lanterns with patterns. You really do feel like you're in a mansion almost... Very nice and beautiful I do agree. What ruins this "romantic" feeling is the HOARDS OF PEOPLE!!!!! The pretty hallways are pretty no more if you are inside the flux of people who are so tightly wowen around you that if you would just lift your legs by bending them at the knees you would be CARRIED! I remember being there on a Sunday and it was by far more acceptable, it only got crowded by around 2am as we were leaving. So my suggestion, make a reservation, and go there on a weekday or a Sunday in the early evening.

But when you make decisions to go out last minute you don't think of all the boring details. I collected Wallstr at her Faaahbulous Loft and we were off to the city in my car. (Because I do not do public transportation! No amount of "Primavera" will ever dull the sheer disgust, panic, nausea and thoughts of suicide I feel when taking the subway.) I realize that this is not in congruence with the "Primavera" school of thought but HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ON A NYC SUBWAY!?? Take a ride, and then call me. (I'd like to hear how they're treating newly admitted patients at the psychiatric wards.)

After picking up the hot Wallstr we were on the way Le Souk where the beautiful Dulce de Leche was meeting us. Promptly at 10.30 I dropped Wallstr by the entrance to wait on line with Dulce. The line was HUGE. I on the other hand started circling the streets looking for parking. OK, here is the trick... Parking in the city is like a match against the "invisible" enemy. Its very psychological... You MUST go into this battle visualizing victory! If the "invisible" enemy senses any hint of fear or doubt YOU'RE FINISHED!!! Well... that night... I just couldn't block out the thought that maybe I won't find a parking space right away.... THAT WAS IT!!!!!! MY END!!!!!!! The more I circled the more I knew that tonight the "invisible" enemy has won the battle! There was NO PLACE to park.

I know all about parking in the city since for a year living in Manhattan and having to park and repark my car I've grown to know very intimately the "invisible" enemy. Some days you just KNOW that you will park right away, and some days you know that after about an hour and a half of circling you will be submitting your car to the nearest parking garage. That's just how it is.

Half hour into my loosing battle with the "invisible" enemy, I got a call from Dulce:
"Hey, what's up?" -she said.
"Nothin' what's up with you?" - I said trying my very hardest not to bite her head of.
"We're about to go in are you almost here?"
"No, not yet" - what I really wanted to say was: "I'm having too much fun driving around in circles looking for a STUPID parking space!! The homeless guy on the corner is laughing at me, and the druggies near the deli are wondering when am I finally going to do my "drop off" and that it must be really premium "stuff" if I'm taking my sweet time like this."
"Alrighty, later than" -she said, and I knew that even though I tried to be as polite as possible she knew exactly what I was thinking.

This time Wallstr called me:
"Hey are you almost here yet?" -she said in her excellent 'I'm annoyed' tone.
"Um, no...not yet..." -I said through my teeth because I knew I couldn't take my frustration out on them and that it wouldn't help me park my car any faster.
"Where are you?" -she continued in her tone.
"....Well actually I decided to go to this other place...so um I guess I'll meet up with you guys later-on or something." -I said as seriously as possible.
"Very funny, we're going in so text us when you get here." -click-

I got a call from my friend ClubVarna (I'll call him that because he is from Varna, and his computer is endlessly streaming european techno dance beats). Unfortunately for all the women of the world he recently got married to the Black Haired Vixen, a sexy tall coed, also from the Balkans. They do however seem to be deliriously happy and disgustingly in love. Bleeehhh!
"What's up, we are here, just got on the line, are you inside?" -he asked in the apologetic tone because he knew he was an hour late (from the 10.30 appointed meeting time).
"What! you're here and parked!? I can't find parking!!" -I knew I could at least whine to him.
"Oh man, yeah, it took us 45 minutes also!" (Only 45 mins! You're so lucky I thought.)
"Alright, just call Dulce and go meet them inside."
Now, I made my resolution to just park ANYWHERE! Legal-shmigal, I just couldn't take it anymore and I needed to make this nightmare stop immediately. I was about to miss out on my birthday outing!!! So I looked for a hydrant that I could possibly inch my car in so that it still looked legit. Not even those! All the cars were already dangerously close to them (forget the 15 feet rule on each side, most hydrants had maybe 10 feet in total around them at the very best.) Ok, scratch that...

Finally!!!!! I saw something that resembled a spot by the curb near this round about thing, but it was a spot! It wasn't near a hydrant so even if I was unsure of it being a completely legal spot or not I knew that in case there was a fire my car would not be the one blocking the water source. (As if I gave a flying flip by that point.) Thank goodness!!!! I thought as I finally tore out of my car. Across the street was a beautiful small church. Yes, this was a divine moment in deed!

Ok, almost 2 hours after getting into the city, I was reunited with ClubVarna the the Vixen on the HUUUUGE line outside of Le Souk. Hugs and kisses later, I was wondering why they weren't inside yet... Apparently they couldn't get a hold of Dulce and Wallstr. After a range of text messaging (it was too loud inside for them to hear). We decided to go converse with the bouncer guys to try to explain that we are here for the birthday party and our friends were already inside.
"Whose birthday party please?" - said the slender black girl that came out after the big bouncer dude called her to take care of us, as he had no time for our nonsense.
"Um... Actually its MY party... we're just late getting here." - ACTUALLY we were NOT late getting here. We just stupidly did not account for the TWO HOURS it takes to park.
"What name please?" -proceeded the calm black girl with her interrogation... I swear these bouncers and hosts at NY clubs must have gotten their training at a KGB camp or something. So secretive... if you don't have a "password" there is no way you're getting in.
Name, name.... this was tricky, did they give them MY name... did they give one of their names?? Well, I gave them my name and apparently this was WRONG! but...but.... Its my birthday.... I promise... here check my driver license.... She was long gone back inside behind the black curtain. UGGGHHHH!!!! I texted Dulce and told her to come out and get us because I did not posses the correct information and needed help from the "inside".

We were in... and by the bar... with a round of drinks... (minus me... I ordered something else to suck on...) The music was fun, so we were dancing a little. Some girl pushed the Black Haired Vixen and she spilled her apple martini right on my shoulder... ahhh, cold cold.... And strangely for her, being mildly natured, she slammed her drink on the bar counter and pushed back right into the offending party and began the most wildest dance ever! Haaaahahah! You should have seen the other girl's scared face! You go Vixen! That's the way to hold off your spot on the floor! We also had to use our elbow muscles (yes they exist trust me) to keep people off our "counter" space. Some jovial Irish guy also tried to steel my "hooka" by telling me how gorgeous I was... but he could not blow as beautiful white cloud of smoke as I did. (He just wasn't a powerful sucker... as I am... Grandma, are you listening!?)

SexyBomb and her bf Dynamite smsed us to say that they were outside. Ops... time of sms said 11.47... Waw, I must have just missed them at the time I went inside. At that time I knew the procedure. I went outside and after getting the authorization form the bouncer dude I went to grab them from the line.
"No!!! NOOO!!! we're in line for the past half hour... we won't be able to get in... AND we'll loose our spot..." - they pleaded with me, after I told them that I was going to "bring them in".
I literally had to grab Sexy Bomb's very sexy black suede "touch me" jacket and pull her to follow me...

We were finally ALL inside and the night proceeded without any major happenings. Except for when Dynamite almost strangled this guy that proceeded to blow out cigarette smoke into his face "Instead of blowing out into his friend's face that was also smoking" as Dynomite pointed out angrily. (Btw: it is illegal to smoke anywhere inside in NYC, but some idiots insist on it anyway.)

We couldn't take it anymore and decided to go somewhere else (ANYWHERE else). Ahhh, but wait a minute... in NYC it's not jsut tricky to get IN to places... They also make it tricky to get OUT too! So off we went making a line to pick up our coats (and I have 2 angry points about that:
Angry point #1
Why in the HECK are we all still wearing winter coats for when its almost APRIL for crying out loud!!!!!!!! Crazy NY climate! -the "invisible" enemy works in MANY mysterious ways-
Angry point #2
Why are we on line AGAIN!????!!!
So apparently the "invisible" enemy was not appeased by me parking the car for 2 hours, by my friends waiting to get inside for 45 minutes... it needed to draw more blood!!! IT NEEDED MORE SACRIFICE!!! And this time "it" was as creative as ever: Wallstr-who apparently thought she was immune to anything negative happening to her, as she would just scare it away by giving it attitude- well, the wardrobe people couldn't find her coat!!!!! And as scantily dressed as she was it was just not practical to leave without it. So the glamorous Wallstr had to take this huge lantern looking flashlight thing that they gave her and go rummaging through all the coats trying to locate hers... I was so angry I was yelling for her to take the prettiest one and be done with it. (I know this is terrible... but that's how the "invisible" enemy gets everyone to do bad things that affect others, who are then forced to do bad things... and so the vicious circle goes round and round.) Well luckily for Wallstr, the coat was found! You see we would not be able to enjoy this little joy it everything was always smooth.

We decided to go across the street to this nice CALM little bar that exuded inviting red glow from the inside. I've never been there, its called Chinese #1, thus explaining the buddah statue that was part of a lamp with a HUGE red lamp shade on top. (We all thought Wallstr should sneak it out and put it in her FAHbulous loft.) And then install a dozen wooden bunk beds in her bedroom and serve opium to sweaty people... (sorry... I have a feverish imagination).

We sat down at this huge table to take a breather. Finally, this was great, not crowded, not loud... if there was a bed here it would have been perfect (I could start executing PlanA). Anyway, beds should be a must in all bars. Dulce's entrepreneurial mind immediately came up with a new Bar concept... "Bed in a Bar", simple and straight to the point. You're a genius Dulce! You need to do something about that python of a brain you got there! In Sardegna for example every bar or club has huge beds. Now that's what I call renaissance thinking!

After a while we noticed people coming in and making their way through this inconspicuous white door in the back of the room... hmmm what's going on...

As it so happened, down stairs were 2 different rooms, music, big plush couches... even an aquarium with funky looking fish. We stayed there dancing (in a very vulgar way) for a while and as it neared 3am the place began to slowly empty out. And than... there it was!!!!!!!!! On the other side of the room... there stood.... a..... BED!!!!!!!! This was joy in its purest form!!! I forgot who noticed it first but within seconds we all (me, SexyBomb, Wallstr and Dulce) were hopping in it! We left poor Dynamite sitting by his lonesome...ooohh. Who knew that we could all just be so happy in bed together! This is the greatest birthday ever!! Hey girls, next year promise me we'll forgo the parking the going out the dancing and just hop straight into bed in the beginning of the evening!! But than again, maybe it would not have been so wonderful it we were all just easy hookers (as grandma suggests). Maybe the reason we were able to arrive at this state of euphoria, uninhanced by any unnatural chemicals, was precisely because we had to endure this night and the many obstacles thrown at us by the "invisible" enemy? Maybe. All I know it was a perfect way to end the night! In bed with my girls!! Who the heck needs a fiance when you got...all this.... Dynamite didn't even come over, he knew there was no way he can compete.

So just remember: All's well that ends well, and a great night, is a night that you end up really tired in bed with your best buds!

Thanks for a great night girls!!!! Muuuuaaah!


>> Saturday, March 26, 2005

notice the FIVE candles!

Hey people! Today is a VERY important day... can you guess why..? hehe
So I've started out by doing all the important (note: order is chronological, NOT by importance)things:
1. jogging (I usually say 'running' but today I was kinda dragging myself)
2. tanning (the girls at the salon acknowlegded the importance of today as they checked me into my Delta 3000)
3. breakfast (fresh squeezed juice "Energy Capsule" with apples, 1 beet, and lemon- delishUUs! and gives your lips a semi permanent hooker red hue- very funcional)

Now I'm about to take a nap, as I came home rather late last night. Wallstreet and I were reminiscing about the 'good'ol' high school days. Apparently we were the mean girls! I NEVER realized that before!!! It took bumping into a few of my old schoolmates and having a lovely chat with them complete with hugs and all... only to later remember having made fun of them... Waw, talk about feeling stupid and embarrassed. Looking back on it now I can't even imagine a more immature way to behave, and as if there were any reason for such behavior! Nope, absolutely none whatsoEVER! Just pure teenage stupidity I guess. I have NO IDEA...

As smart and "mature" as I am now though (that is, having the age to suggest at it) I realize that in some ways I'm still the same way... passing out judgments left and right, categorizing everyone o pieces... Oh well, some things never change. I guess at least now I'm AWARE of it being an incorrect way of thinking. OK, progress, so maybe by 50 I'll actually STOP doing that.

Wall str is so funny though, reading the multiple love revelations by various classmates (and sometimes more than one from some) she just laughed hysterically, you know that soundless laugh that makes you turn red in the face. Yeah, well that was her for a good part of the evening! Apparently its funny to read how someone is professing their love for you and not even being able to recall "who in the heck" that person was! Nice one Wallstr, at least I remember everyone that I've put my mark on! (Well actually its because I wrote their names down in my journals... in a special tally at the end of each month entitled "the secret black box".) Ahhh high school, what sweet careless time it was, and all those silly little problems just seemed so real! Amazing. Hmm.. I wonder if 10 years down the road my "little problems" now will seem like silliness?


Coffee break anyone?

>> Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Waww, good morning world!
Yes, I'm happy and chipper even though there is a tradgedy happening outside... its SNOWING and RAINING at the same time!!! Ok, its March 22!! can we get with the program and have some SPRING weather!? This is after all the official "Primavera" head quarters!

So why am I happy you ask? (Besides the fact that I want to annoy the heck out of you) Its because I've had a wonderful cup of coffee with lots of cream and sugar!

I figured I'd give you a nice visual, except that my cup is about 5 times the size of the one in the picture.

Now speaking of tragedies... yesterday, I show up to work, and in efforts to take care of the first order of business*(see below), I walk over to the kitchenette and see.... AAAAAAAHHH!!! a little sign written on a loose leaf sheet, taped to the esspresso machine that reads: out of order.
What the f*#@#!??!!! (pardon my grammatically poor French). Now all you coffee lovers will agree with me that these three simple words can cause a lot of emotional turmoil on a Tuesday morning!

(Tuesday in my book is as bad as Monday. Maybe worse, at least on Monday you can just not do anything and write it off as Monday blues, and Tuesday is just as difficult but you're actually expected to start functioning.)

Needless to say, after seeing this sign and attempting. inspite it, to press the "on" button at least 20 times in continuation, the little button remained lifeless. This was just horrible.

*first order of business- getting a well loaded cafe latte at the esspesso machine in the kitchenette*

As I realized that this was terminal, the cute esspresso machine will not be revived, I was instantly gripped by sheer panic. I don't ever panic, I'm always cool and relaxed, but this was definitely bordering on a real Panic Attack (which I had the misfortune to experience once before as the result of work related stress) So here I was in the kitchenette... having flashes of death... I experienced shortness of breath... Immediately a headache crept up on me... I even had a brief black out... All this lasted no more than 10 seconds (except for the headache, that stayed), but it was enough to force me to staggering back to my desk enveloped in a dark, DARK clouding feelings of complete despair and inability to imagine living throughout the day.

No I am not addicted to coffee (I was at one time... and that's a whole other story for another day kids) what I am addicted is to the process as a whole, its a purely mental addiction this time. I love to sit there sipping the hot coffee as I go through my morning share of a few dozen emails. The aroma, the taste and how all of the sudden life becomes colorful... (ok, maybe its a little bit physiological as well).

I tried to stay strong and see if I would be ok not drinking coffee but at around 10.30 I just couldn't take it anymore and went downstairs to grab a cup from the cafe. Also it didn't help that as I was speaking to an associate in Europe he asked me if "I was not in the mood" today. And mind you he is not a native English speaker so he did not mean it as we do here in the States, but I did crack a smile and told him that "Of course I'm not in the mood, it only Tuesday!", it made me laugh though, I can't believe he was able to pick it up from all the way across the ocean!

Well, after that, I decided that before I cause another international scandal I'll go and properly caffinate myself... Now... what was the point of this story again?? Oh, yeah... As soon as my lips made contact with this delicious, magical, wonderful beverage I felt life seeping back to my body. I was happy! This reminds me of an excellent book I read: "The Coffee Trader" by David Liss. Its about the beginning of the coffee trade. The book takes place in 1659 in Amsterdam. A must read for coffee lovers! http://www.bookreporter.com/reviews/0375760903.asp Here is the link for a review.

Anyway, off I fly... on my wonderful coffee high!!!


The "immature" Book Review #2

Welcome, welcome, we are now in Review #2... continuing with immaturity...

First of all I absolutely LOVED this book! There was nothing immature about it. As I mentioned before this is a very first novel by the author and its always a ton of fun to read while thinking about what parts of the book perhaps actually happened to her in real life!?

Here is the cover.

This book really does capture the "feel" of NYC. I think anyone who is thinking of coming to work here in the city should read this book first. It describes some very real elements and situations that comprise the experience of working in this hectic and crazy city. Anyway, the book is a ton of fun anyway you want to look at it!

Here is the "official" website and has a little Q&A with the author:

Somehow I think the book is based on more of her own experiences than she'd like to reveal...


Rainy Sunday

>> Monday, March 21, 2005

As I've mentioned before Sunday is deffinitely not a "fun" day in my book. Now imagine RAIN all DAY! That could pretty much send you crying to the nearest solarium!!

In my case anything remotely unpleasant in my life sends me running to "decompress" in the warm booth where the soothing sound of the fan and millions of lightbulbs will cheer me up guaranteed. (Oh, and I absolutely love the scent of the different lotions... with coconut, banana... just love it!)

I actually had to sit and study today... I'm taking my GMAT test. I personally think grad school is a complete waste of time, I do however reccoment getting the title for the following reasons:

1. just to have it
2. meet guys
3. extra excuses for celebration and parties (like tests passed, projects finished, etc, etc)
4. meet more guys
5. looking at everyone at your job utilizing "i'm better than you and now have paperwork to prove it" looks
6. excuse to buy new casual clothes
7. excuse to buy new leather notebook and portfolios
8. having such a busy schedule that guys will line up to ask you out --ok, here is the explanation to that one:
Rule used-Supply and Demand
Ex- since you will no longer be available much, that will deminish the supply, which in turn, will drive the demand up!) hahaha applied science at work.
9. Getting back your SPRING BREAK AND WINTER RECESS!!!!! I don't know about you guys, but for me vacations after graduation never quite tasted as delicious as when in school... There is just something about taking vacation because its THE ONLY time you can, as opposed to being able to take it whenever. (once again supply and demand at work)
10. nothing can beat #9, so lets not try--

And here you have it! The 10 beautiful reasons to go to Grad School!
What a rather sad day... its a Sunday, its raining, I have to study... well knowing that misery was inevitable, and also knowing that misery loves company, I made sure to be at Wallstreet's house. Also today her brother and his fiance were comming over as well as her mother for some cooking lessons! So lots of company to ease the misery!! AND DELICIOUS HOME FOOD!

So you see kids, there is always a solution to every problem, and there is always a way out of any situation! Waw, this Sunday was just full of opinions for me... too much work... I promise to be back to my normal "blonde" self on monday!


>> Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hello beautiful people!

Last night the girls and I went out a little bit. Its been a while since I was out in the Meat Packing district on a weekend and I didn't realize that its completely overrun with completely silly 20 year olds giddy from the fact that they're in NYC!! oooh-aaah! Their huge starry cartoonlike eyes that expose their complete bewelderment and fear is completely unoriginal... It not even funny... Just looking at them and their Maybeline make up, and their colorful Mandy tops that expose way too much skin and not in the right places... makes one squint their eyes! It totaly gave me flashes of them taking the wrong guys back to their tini-tiny apartments after drinking too many little pink cosmopolitans, and the next morning calling all their little friends back in Oklahoma or some other wholesome town and telling them how wonderful NYC is. Really girls! This is not the way to do things... I just wish I could save them 3-4 years of noncense before they inevitably will pack-up and move back to where they came from hopefully not addicted to some drug or carrying some exotic desease... not to mention the credit card debt that they will aquire as soon as some one shows them Sephora and the jean's department at Bloomingdale's.

I suggest you go to these stores immeditaly and realize that if you think spending $150 on a pair of designer jeans is an accomplishment... well why not get a pair right next to them for $300? Look, unless you're a trust fund baby socialite and designer clothes is a part of your "work" uniform... than it is just NOT realistic to make your wardrobe into a meeting ground for Gucci, Prada, and Dolce and Gabbana. (Yes, I know that rhymes.)

So go on... look and educate yourelf. I do however reccomend a trip in the flesh to these stores for the full effect:
http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com or at least...http://www.bloomingdales.com
The one below is apparently for "money concious" younger generation:

So in actuallity, its really NOT about the clothes that you wear. Its about getting rid of that ridiculous "look" of awe on your face! (Which we just discovered -by me telling you- that clothes will not help you to accomplish.) In NY you need to learn fast, and some girls go through quite a few designer jeans and maxed out credit cards to realize that they still don't fit into the NYC "sceen", whatever that may be.

NY is a powerful place where you need to know EXACTLY what you want and what you are trying to accomplish. Otherwise you will become a pray of someone who does. There are only two functions that you can have in NYC: you are either executing YOUR PLAN, or you're helping someone to execute THEIRS!! There is NOTHING in between! You can't just be a "happy go lucky" silly little girl with big Bamby-like eyes just bouncing along the cobble stone streets from one "trendy" lounge to the next... NO! If you do that you WILL be hunted down! (or run over... by a car... or a limo). Seriously, you MUST have a plan of action. And precisely THAT will mold your face to exhibit some sort of glimmer of intgelligent thought. This will convey the message to all the idiot guys that will try to approach you with the hopes of getting you in bed quickly, that you are NOT an easy target and they should NOT annoy you by waisting you time. (...Oh and don't worry, you'll still have plenty of chances to take guys to bed... they will however be the guys that you've chosen, and specifically planned for, and that makes all the difference in the world.) This look will tell bone heads at by the velvet rope to hop on their hind legs and get that door for you; it will tell your parents to never again ask you why they spent $40,000 on your tuition. And probably most rewarding: this look will also tell your Bitch boss lady to move her skinny little ass (or fat ass... we don't discriminate) out of YOUR way because in a year or so YOU will be deciding wheather or not she keeps her job! And for future refference, I like my coffee light and no sugar (since my life is sweet) Thanks!

Now that I've tought you how to live... and I'm not even your mother... I'm totally exausteed!!
You in the mean time, think about what I said, and don't let me catch you at RightAid looking at Cover Girl.


>> Saturday, March 19, 2005

Ok, so I finally figured out how to download the pictures onto this thing! You may start sending your flowers and congradulatory notes! Not that I'm not smart or anything... I just HAAAATE following instructions!!!! (I like giving them...) So after kicking and screaming "I don't want to follow step #2!!!".... After going for an hour long run.... after completing the step#2.. and #3.... here we have it! Very first picture downloaded! Aaaahhhh, I am so on the phone right now making a reservation to celebrate this accomplishment with champaign tonight!

So HERE IT IS the FIRST ONE!! Finally I have the beautiful Gazpacho soup for all to see
(that's my backyard... OK, its not.)


St. Patrick's Day!

>> Friday, March 18, 2005

Hey people,
Last year we celebrated with a BIG bang (to the head next morning...) with lots of fun, midnight kisses, and yet another sincere self promise to never -NEVER- drink again.

So that was then, and today a year later we knew we had to celebrate. (Yes, I'm the biggest sucker for creating and keeping traditions, they're such lovely and NOBLE excuses to get drunk, go wild, and vow to never do anything so stupid again...till next year.)

I stayed at work a little longer. I've been really putting on a "good face" for the past 2 weeks. It seems that those extra 10 minutes in the morning and in the evening really help to put you in the category of "the good one". hmmm... I'm a slacker through and through so doing stuff like that really means I'm enjoying myself.

Back to the party life... so after serving the extra 10 minutes at work, I headed to the "Apple Core", which is Dulce's house in Manhattan- for those who are simuli challenged. I picked up corona's and 7up to make Rrrrrrhadlers (you know, german drink of beer and sprite-like soda).

Grande Dulce de Leche had awesome spanish food! Leftowers from her fabulous dinner the night before, as she explained. Sweet life girl... I had a half of a cashew myself last night! I had to converse with the ever present Felippo the boyfriend. Yet again not being able to be abusive to him because he totally heated up "the leftovers" for me!!! I mean he knew how to use the microwave and everything! -good boy!-

Sexy Bomb showed up at around nine all because Dulce is completely oblivious of SMS Etiquiette!! (I will post the official rules in the next entry!) The little, slutny was as gAAArges (irish accent) as always. I did get totally pissed off at Dulces roommate, we'll call him the Aztec Warrior Prince, because he has a beautiful face that (in my mind) resembles the great ancient aztec warriors. Anyway, that said and done, he was making me angry, by talking on the phone with some girlfriend of his! Like, NO, when I'm around, you need to pay attention to ME!!
So we are so through!!!! (We were never actually dating, once again... all in my mind...)

Wallstr was going to try to meet with us, but her flight from PR was not due untill midnight so I figured she may be too tired to come out... but regardless, we still conferenced with her to make aware of all our plans. Which actually involved and open bar at club Quo and a fashion show. Courtesy of Felippo, who kindly procured our invitations. (I'm telling you the boy is surprisingly useful.) Damit!!! Dulce will get married and leave us all!!!!!!

In the yellow cab on the way there the driver was blasting traditional irish love ballads. But I think Sexy Bomb was a bit tipsy since she was licking Dulce's ear (thus, Dulce was probably not able to hear the music either). My friends are so entertaining. For those of you who are wondering where Dynamite (Sexy Bomb's boyfriend) was this evening, well he was celebrating by overdosing on GREEN NyQuil at home...poor thing.

At the bar, I was totaly getting bored (maybe because I was not drinking) so I SMSed everyone I knew thus accomplishing to look very "cool" by the bar along side other posers who were texting as well!!! aaah, yes, it was one of "those" crowds. Sexy Bomb was texting Dynamite and I think at one point of the evening me and her were texting each other as well.

The fashion show was not extra special. The only positive thing that I can say is that the Designer himself looked like a nice, sweet boy that would not embarrass you at a family function.

2.00 am: return to casa, and I ended up reading the remainder of "Devil wears Prada".

Nothing as wild as last years, but overall a very pleasant evening.


Spain revisited...

>> Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ok, so here is the Spain trip update. Big Boss man called me in his glass corner office and was like: "OK, grab a notebook we're going to plan your itenuary for Barcelona."


I have to very proudly report that I made no such sound what so ever! I didn't jump up and down... nor did I whip out my Blackberry and immediately start "thumbing" to everyone I knew to begin making plane reservations to meet me in Barcelona... I ACTUALLY managed the well know "New Yorker" look. You know, the: I'm "not amused and even slightly bored" look, and said: "Yeah, sure one sec.." Than I SLOWLY walked to my desk, took my notebook and SLOWLY walked back to his office.

So yep, I'm going to be the one to go (Oscar the Cat is going down south). Apparently it was decided a while ago, I was just not informed. Yeah, yeah, its only a business trip, but its a big deal to me since I promised myself not to go to Europe anymore unless its official business. (To many heartbreak and stuff... tell you all later sometime.) So basically that's why I'm excited. Plus I finally get to be "that person" who totally complains about having to go "AGAIN to stupid Europe on a stupid plane... aaaggghhh, I sooooo hate my glamorous globe trotting life.... aaagggh, such an annoyance having to grab my suitcase and just fly to these awesome places free of charge every other month!!! buuuuhoooo I'm so miserable... I can't have a "normal" life with this hectic travel schedule and international shopping sprees and fun time drinking capuccinos in ITALY...." WHATEVER DUDES YOU'RE CRAZY!

But I guess I'm not going to be any different... watch soon I'll be complaining about something!!!

On a side note, the "Primavera movement" is working so far... no?

Ok, have to go now and eat my bloody bisteca and green beans and watch the "Simple Life". YES I watch it and I LOVE IT! Paris is funny sometimes, but I think its really Nicole who is really hilarious. Every time I watch it I'm literally on the floor laughing. They show how ridiculous the "normal" world is. Its so true, if you take this nonsense seriously... and by "nonsense" I'm referring to life on this planet, you just won't survive.

I love the episode where they stayed with a family in Staten Island and had to commute to their work assignment in Manhattan. They showed them get up at an ungodly hour to get dropped of at the train station to take the train to the ferry to go to work. And as they're sitting on the ferry one of them asked: "So, people do this every day... to come to work... what's the point??" THANK YOU GIRLS!!! MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY!!!!!!! Even though I don't commute to work on the ferry, I just think its the most ridiculous thing in the world to have to spend 3 hours a day JUST FOR COMMUTING!!! You said it sistas! WHAT'S THE POINT!!!?? And unfortunately it is what most people who work in NY (and surely other places as well) do, for days, years, DECADES if they chose to work in the city.

What's the point people!?

Well I'll tell you the POINT!! (YES, I have an answer to everything.) The point is that you just can't take all this seriously!! Its pure rubbish, noncense, ridiculousness (don't know if this is a real word but I like it) craziness, and finally just so silly that if you take it all as being NORMAL than you can kiss your sanity GOODBYE for good. No people, its not normal, its completely unnatural and ridiculous... Now that having been said... carry on, be happy and don't stress about it. It can't be changed (unless you build yourself a hut in the amazonian jungle and carry on as a subsistent farmer) so no use being upset about it.

An with this I bid you all a goog night!
muahh! (tonight you all got a little kiss, especially those who commute more than the necessary 15 minutes).


>> Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Monday and Tuesday both so far have been uneventful. Well, except for at work... Although I hate admitting that my life is nothing but work, but I'm afraid for now that's just how it is.

So, I'm excited to report that I have this new project that I'm starting to work on. Hey if you have no choice but to work 12 hour days than might as well fill them with SOMETHING! It's a pretty creative project that I will be managing by myself so its ok. The Spain trip is still not confirmed and no mention of it has been made by anyone... almost as if its not going to happen at all. But I'm still making my preparations just in case: I started my 14 day Crest Whitening Strips routine, so my pearly whites will be even more pearly white, and next weekend I will be going for a nice relaxing session at the solarium. Pedicure and Manicure and next in line... Maybe I need to book them for March 25th...



>> Monday, March 14, 2005

Happy Monday!
I had a huge headache last night and unfortunately there were no Advils in the house so I had to take these other pills with a whole lot of cafeene in them... needless to say I couldn't fall asleep till like 2!! (and I have to wake up at 6am) So in addition to the usual "happy monday" mood, I'm now tired as well. *note to sell- buy Advil*

But nothing can get me down because after my Saturday of pampering at the mini-spa I KNOW I'm a present to humanity! waaahaha :) Please do not listen to Wall Str who called our new blond hair (bottle blond) !?!! How could you utter such words! Here at the Primavera headquarters we call it... BEING KISSED BY THE SUN. (Now remember that.)

It ended up actually that all three of us (Dulce, Wall str, and I) got our hair "kissed" on Saturday, so it was great fun to see everyone when we went out to dinner that night. We looked extremely gorgeous. Craziness!

In attendance:
Dulce, Wall str, Sexy Bomb and Dynamite(her boyfriend), Dulce's Felippo, and her cousin.

Location: the Jersey subberbs! aaaaa, I know... scary dark woods! Sorry Jerseyites
Venue: I forgot the name of the restaurant, but its this chain sea food place, good though.

Food was great, good wine, very relaxing and nice, had nice fountains as a part of decore. I had Ahi Tuna! Black and blue of course.

Just one bad thing happened during dinner. The sweet Felippo comented that all the girls were wearing black, so he asked us if we were going to a funeral. (yep, can you believe it!!! Dulce please administer pain to your boyfriend!) Yes Felippo, we ARE going to a funeral, YOURS infact!!! We need to forgive our young jovial lad, he is obviously just not familiar with who he is dealing with yet. YET! We love to "love" each others boyfriends... its standard procedure. I do honestly think he is a sweetie pie and will try not to give him any open wounds. Plus he's got a nice ride- Mercedes- shows good taste- PLUS he wears really nice shirts from Banana Republic-- (Ok, sorry Dulce, I know, I'm loving your bf a bit too much.) Like I said, his only negative is that he talks. I think you should consider going back to dating guys that do not speak English. What do you say?

After dinner we had grand plans of going dancing, but of course that did not happen because we're so old! So we went to Dynamite's house to watch a movie. I fell asleep almost immediately... YEAHHH WHAT CRAZY PARTY TIME!!!!! (*note- to self- buy more vitamins!!!)

BIG kisses to all you party animals!


The "immature" Book Review #1

Ha ha! I love having this blog because I am about to proclaim myself a WORLD ACCLAIMED LITERARY CRITIC, and there ain't much anybody can do 'bout it!

So welcome to the very first book review, hope you all will like my picks. Feel free to send requests to "my agents" and I'd be glad to review your favorite book too.

I love to read all different kinds of books. I've read many classics as well as all the Shopaholik series. I love books written by world famous writers and the very first books of "never before" writers. So anyone want to join me for a good read you're very welcome! It would be great to exchange notes.

Currently I'm reading:

"The Fifth Mountain" by Paulo Coelho
Below is a little review from Amazon since I'm not finished with the book yet....

Editorial Reviews from Amazon.com

With The Fifth Mountain, Paulo Coelho turns his talent for spiritual fiction to the story of the Biblical prophet Elijah. Like a blossoming flower, Coelho opens up the brief account of Elijah's flight from Gilead and his time in Zarephath. He deepens the prophet's character by revealing the thoughts, doubts, and discoveries that Elijah must have experienced as he struggled to find his course in life amidst the confusion of war and political turmoil. When being a prophet of the God of the Israelites is like a warrant for your death, concerns about your chosen path are sure to arise. Perhaps it is this believability in Coelho's retelling that makes it so evocative, or it may be the bit of Old Testament wisdom he brings to popular literature of the 20th century: "the words of the lord are written in the world around us. Merely be attentive to what happens in your life, and you will discover where."

Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite contemporary writers. Born in Brazil, he lived and traveled all over the world. This is his official website to check out: http://www.paulocoelho.com.br/inicio.html

"The Alchemist" is one of my absolute favorite books that I can say touched my life. I am the type of person that hardly ever takes anything seriously, but this book has really made me stop and think. I was browsing in Barns&Nobles one day and picked this book up... 3 hours later I have finished reading it. It was literally impossible to walk away from it.

Now to change direction about 180 degrees... Let's talk about what I call "sexy, fun reads".

Today my friend Wall Str and I were at Target for some "fun items" shopping, and we picked out a few books read. I got "The Devil Wears Prada" by Lauren Weisberger which I've been meaning to read it for a while now, also Dulce de Leche said it was lots of fun. It is also a very first book by Lauren so I'm excited to read it and contemplate about what it was that prompted her to write a book. You know, maybe I'll email her and ask her!!! Waw, I've never thought about doing something like that before. We all think that famous people are always busy partying or at some fabulous and important gathering... but in actuality I'm sure they have time to vege out at home maybe watch the "amazing Race" or something like that. In any case why wouldn't they want to receive an email from one of their readers!?? Ok, its officially decided, I will shoot her an email after I'm done reading the book and see what she'll have to say.

Wall Str got "Who You Know" by Teresa Alan, which she's planning on reading as she lounges by the pool and under the palm trees in the sunny Puerto Rico (YOU suck!). Of course we are planning to switch when we're done. (Cus single girls have got to watch their money- read her entry for Sunday) http://wallstr.blogspot.com

Anyone that has already read these books feel free to give a little preview... just don't tell me what happens at the end.

Hmm... now I need a good exit frase... "and have happy literary travel, see you next time..." no, I don't think so... I think Rick Steeves uses that if you take out the word "literary". We'll see maybe I'll come up with something for next time... Ciaaaaao for now...


Measurements of...things...

>> Sunday, March 13, 2005

So, the girls and I went out for our Ladies Night Wednesday night. In attendance were "us":

Dulce de Leche-
she is a super sweet and sexiliSHUS, brunette who lives right in the center of the big apple. She loves tulips (this is so you all sexy men out there will know what to send her).

Wall Street Diva-
a very strong personality (meaning: do NOT mess with her, cross her or annoy her in anyway, or you'll get it). She also flies planes, and sometimes throws herself out of planes (with a parachute, she is not totally an evil canneivil).

Super Sex Bomb-
(to keep this PG13, we'll tone it down to just Sexy Bomb) now if you leaf through the dictionary to look up the word "sexy" you'll will see her picture. (ou will also see her picture next to: super high maintenance, party animal and WILD party animal).

and ME! - just to be fair I'll give a description... hmmm... lets see.... the most beautiful, intelligent, wonderful, perfect.... ahhh, yes and you KNOW I'm not even joking.
alright fine: I love to travel and I strive to be the most optimistic and energetic person alive (when I'm not being negative and lazy...)

There, now everyone's even. (I hope.)

The venue this time was:
Cedar Tavern, around Union Square.
Its a nice cozy place, especially upstairs. Decor- Tavern like, duh. I also like the glass cathedral ceiling on the second floor. Food- American, bar food, buffalo wings, onion rings, burgers.... fun stuff. The beer selection is not huge though, but I happily had my Hafeweizen with lemon.

Needless to say we had much gossip to catch up on! (A week has passed since we all communed like this!) Sexy bomb looked as great as ever with her perfectly manicured hands and "I just came back from Tahiti" suntan (by Portofino Sun Center on 38th Street and 3rd Avenue-- oh, just a side note: the upper east side location offers a double bed so you can tan with a friend! how hot is that!). Wall Street came out even though she felt a bit under the weather to go to work that day...hmm. Dulce was as dulce as ever wearing a pink shirt with light pink stripes (yes like a candy!).

So after the proformatory first 10 minutes of kisses and compliments we finally got down to business. We discussed (and dismissed) the topic of work in about 2 minutes, that naturally progressed into a conversation about vacations. Wall Street (who, mind you, has been on a mini vacation every month for the past 6 months) suggested that we need to start planning our New Year Eve mega celebration. OK! That leaves us only about 10 months to get even more gorgeous, perfect timing, good one Wall st! Here are the places we are considering:

Mexico has beat out other locations because it would encompass people, shopping, beaches, nice scenery, nice amenities, restaurants, and scuba diving (my new kick is to scuba every place I go).

Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos are the two locations we're going to look at. I'm super excited since strangely enough I've never been to Mexico. Haaha, that reminds me, my grandparents went to Cancun during the spring break and apparently partied it up with drunk kids in their hotel! and had a total blast!! They're nuts! They actually just came back from the Norwegian Dawn cruise and had some wacky stories. Apparently my grandpa was flirting with their waitress and my grandma had more than one photo taken with some tall distinguished gentleman... and she was totally blushing!!! Waw, I wish I age like them...

Anyway the New Years should be a total blast. After that we got down to second order of business, a more quantitative one: measurements of... things. Everyone knows girls talk about stuff like that in great detail. We discussed how long.... a vacation... needs to be to be completely satisfying. How wide your boyfriend's... arm... needs to be to fit perfectly into... that turquoise polo shirt. These are probably the questions that will never be completely agreed on by all women. I guess all that could be concluded is the longer the... vacation is... the better, and the... arm needs to be wide enough to fit well in a large polo. Just kidding mom! We talked about cupcakes and exchanged pictures of our herb gardens.

The funniest of all is that we were pretty loud and the cute boys at the nearby table wearing light shirts with sweater vests were a bit too interested in our conversation that they neglected to have one of their own. At ease boys!

So cheers to another successful Ladies Night!


Oscar and I..miiiaaaau

>> Saturday, March 12, 2005

Ahh, Friday afternoon. It is now 4.59pm, so the weekend is officially about to start. I'm still at work and proud to say that all the top management has already "retired" for today and I'm "the good one" still here. Well actually its just Oscar the cat (my hot co-worker) and I here in the glass conference room. He is currently giving me a great shoulder massage as we discuss who will get to go to Spain on the business trip. He is being very convincing in stating his case...

Woowww, JUST KIDDING! Nothing like that is going on here. I don't participate in activities that would cause a commotion in the HR department (not on work premises at least). While Oscar the cat is a hottie, there will not be anything more than a professionally stimulating relationship between us. (unless he wants more...no, no, just kidding, hahahha)

But I do have an update on the trip... I think I will be going after all! Because Oscar (the cat) may have to go on a trip to Atlanta instead, which just came up and is not something that can be skipped.

Ok, now that I've revealed my scandalous relationship (not really) with my coworkers I can go home and relax.

"peace out--cub scout"


Veronica yelled at me!

>> Friday, March 11, 2005

Sorry for the interruption, as I had to send a very important memo. But I was saying that work has been rather "involving" last few days so I haven't had a chance to report on our Wednesday Ladies' Night outing. ohhhhaaahhaa. Some VERY important issues came up!

I did have time to book an apoitment at my mini-spa. I am so OVERDUE for pampering its not even funny. Its tomorrow at 11am so I'm hoping to be done sometime by 3pm. Apparently it has been so long that when Veronica (the owner lady) heard my voice she gave me a "piece of her mind"!! So after yelling at me for the first 10 minutes... saying something to the effect of "who do I think I am not pampering for the past 3 months!!??!? Did I by chance go to a DIFFERENT SALON!??! has there been any family situations or unfortunate incidents that have prevented me from coming in???! " Well, lets just say, she really gave it to me. SORRRY!! VERONICA!!!! I've just been a bum! I know I don't deserve to live...PLEASE PLEASE REHABILITATE ME!!! So after she was sure of the sincerity of my repentance she immediately squeezed me in for Saturday (I felt like a movie star since it takes 2 week advance notice to get the coveted Saturday apoitment).

The worst is not over though, I'm sure when I show up tomorrow my faded highlights will be discussed to the core!!! Anastasia (my hair dresser does not hold her tongue). I really need to learn the crucial importance of regular pampering!

Oh, I found my passport!!! Thank goodness!! It was where I thought it was, in one of my leather portfolios, somewhere in the back seat of my car. I apparently took it with me to one of my job interviews and forgot that it was there. Now that my job hopping days are over I can stop living out of my car maybe?!

p.s. sorry for the multitude of spelling mistakes the computer at my job is super protected and doesn't allow popup windows, so I'll have to revise tonight.


Did my MEMO get lost or something?

Last few days were pretty crazy in terms of work. I had to stay later since a few projects came due at the same time. Weather update: today has been cloudy, snowy, than rainy, than snowy again, and just now the sun came out, and according to the news its supposed to rain and snow again in the afternoon. Ok- great, I must have forgotten to CC them when I sent out my MEMO that clearly stated:

From now on forward the weather will be ALWAYS sunny, with ocasional shade (caused by muscular bodies of gorgeous brazilian guys bringing you drinks with little umbrellas in them)

Every afternoon from 2.30-3.00 warm brease will be felt.

Following will be sunshine, with more sunshine and a bit more sunshine.

At about 5.15 you will experience another shadow (yes, that's right - caused by the muscular body of a gorgeous brazilian with the umbrella drink).

Sunset will be at 9.35 pm, and stars will promptly appear in the sky to create a beautiful star-lit nightsky effect.

Click-and SEND

There!! Now I know for sure that the memo is out! Just give "them" 2 hours to activate my request and we can all step outside to immediately start tanning!

"Primavera movement will NOT be contained."


Maybe Spain?!?!!

>> Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Good morning!
Today is just splendid!! I love life! Haaahahah, yes OF COURSE there is a concrete reason why I'm talking silly! I want to be positive all the time, but I'd be crazy to walk around saying life is splendid for no reason at all (maybe that's a problem, maybe I should?).

Yesterday at work I found out that a business trip to Spain is coming up!! I MIGHT be going but its not decided yet. It is actually between me and one of my co-worker, lets call him Oscar the Cat. He is more senior on the job than me so it is possible that he will be the one to go. So why am I so happy you ask? Well first of all, if a trip like this came up once, surely more similar trips will be coming up. If I don't go this time, I am still ecstatic to know that there is a POSSIBILITY of going on the next one.

Anyone who knows me, knows that travel is my life! I LOVE to travel and to such an unhealthy extent that driving past an airport makes me salivate. (Ok, its not a sexy picture, but you see what I mean.) I traveled extensively during college and even after starting a "real job", but for the past 2 years I've been abstaining. Maybe I've been loosing my "mojo" my "joie de vivre" whatever you want to call it, I just did not want to travel anymore. (I think in good part the reason for it was the job hopping tendencies and my inability to settle into a "real life with a real job".)

I strongly believe that in order to really enjoy your travels you must have a good "home base". Without having something to come back to, traveling becomes this desperate SEARCH . You become like an astronaut let out into space without the cord. Oooops! You'll be planet hopping for the next billion light years. How stressful is that!? Definitely NOT good for your complexion. So all in the name of "saving my face" I haven't gone overseas in a while.

Having a precise purpose to go overseas (and a well defined time frame) is a perfect way to travel for me at this point in life. Lets admit it, its the ONLY way I will be able to handle it without wanting to run off and become a migrant construction worker somewhere in Eastern Europe. Ahhh, I love Prague... you can go the the best tanning salon for $5! I could have been a very sexy, tanline less construction worker! (See how easily I get carried away.)

Anyway, nothing is decided yet, but I'm excited! Oooff! That reminds me!!! I have to find my passport! I was actually admiring it a few weeks ago but now that I think about it I haven't seen it since!!! Imagine I'll be chosen to go and I don't have my passport!!! (I think even the expedited service takes about 10 days.) That would be a real nightmare, I don't know what I would do.

Bessos! (in keeping with the Spain theme)


>> Tuesday, March 8, 2005

I just wanted to say a quick "hi!" to everyone who lives in beautiful warm countries!!! Because right now there is a SNOW STORM here in NY! So I would just like to say: "hi everyone who is now enjoying the sunshine, I really, really "LOVE" you! Muuuaah!" ("muahh" is a big kiss, in case you didn't feel it).

But no, I am not complaining... Its just this snow storm is not fitting into my "Primavera" movement. And by the way, the snow is comming down horizontally at this point. Hey, anyone who hasn't put away their skiing gear yet.. Coooommon down! we'll go skiing down 5th avenue!!

Kisses, muah, muahhh!!

ps: I didn't forget to talk about the happenings of sunday night... I just didn't have time.


Gazpacho Soup

Hi everyone! I know that you are all just dying to know if there were any hot Brazilian guys hidden at my friends FAAHbulous loft... Well, let me tell you... ok, fine, there were no exotic men there (last night), but we found a way to indulge ourselves in other ways.

First of all, a few words about this famous friend of mine, lets call her Wall Street. Wall Street got her name because she's successful and smoking hot. Actually I'm just so blessed with all these hot friends but Wall Street is also talented! (Can I hear a "wa-a-a-aw"). That's right, YES she is! She cooks! Shhhhh, it may ruin her image on wall st.

So as I made my arrival to her house (yes, the Faaahbulous loft) she had Gazpacho soup ready. I love that soup. Not just because its from Spain, but because Mediterranean kitchen is just awesome!! Hey Cadiz... are you hearing this?

Gazpacho is a summer soup that is eaten cold, here is the recipe from www.netcooks.com:

Cold Tomato Based Soup

8 ripe tomatoes
1 green bell pepper
1 red bell pepper
1 cucumber1 slice of bread
1/4 cup olive oil
dash of vinegar
dash of salt
dash of pepper

Mix all ingredients together in a blender till smooth.
Add water to taste.
Garnish with sliced cucumbers or chopped green pepper.
Serve cold.

Buen Apetito!

Preparation Time: 1/4 hour
Serves: 6
Recipe Origin: Spain

Ok, I also like to cook and egg and sprinkle it on top of the soup. For you super health conscious people, this soup is excellent. Be aware though, some people hate it, but those who love it will love it forever.

Other than the Gazpacho, our evening was reasonably relaxing. We had this excellent Argentinean Cabernet sauvignon... I forgot the name of it!! We also contemplated life and resolved a few of the current issues... and we gossiped! But is it gossiping if you're talking about yourself?? Who knows... All I know is that gossip is juicy and she had juicy stories to tell me.


You are a Job Hopper!

>> Sunday, March 6, 2005

Ciao gente!
Ok, day #2 and I am being faithful to my plan of documenting all the "Primavera" happenings. Sunday is definitely NOT my favorite day. Can you guess why?? Yep- Work tomorrow! Its not that I don't like my job... its just the fact that YOU HAVE to go. This "HAVE TO" is what I have a problem with.

Ahhh, work, don't get me started on that... For the past year I've exhibited all qualities of a certain animal not yet classified in nature. So lets do the world a favor and bring this new classification to life. This "animal" will be called: JOB HOPPEReitus Maximus. Lets lovingly call him simply "Job Hopper".

You can identify a job hopper by the following qualities:
1. sour face, sometimes also a smirking face
2. continuous vacation planning mode
3. does NOT decorate his/her cubicle
4. stays late everyday (only to send out resumes and write cover letters)
5. talks constantly of the day his/her trust fund matures (or the unfortunate LACK of it)
6. has hopped jobs at least twice in the past 6 months.

Yep, I know one, because I was one. In the last six months I've not only hopped 3 jobs, I also hopped a few States as well! Its a long story of what exactly set me off on this hopping spree, but saying that corporate world sucks will suffice. (Plus, such a HUGE opinion of myself doesn't help much either). Well, my last hop culminated in landing a job that I plan on keeping for a while. How can I be sure?

Ok, first of all, when you live the job hopping lifestyle correctly, meaning: every time you resign you give yourself a nice REST and send yourself on a wonderful relaxing vacation with a huge allowance for shopping, (because after all you've been stressed out at your last job and you can't start fresh at your new job with old clothes!) you begin to notice a very disturbing trend of bank account depletion. (No kidding! after 3 vacations and 3 renewed closets!!)

Also, I'll be very proud to announce that I have decorated my office! Yes, for the very first time EVER. I haven't done that even on my last "keeper" job at which I was at for 2 years! Its possible that the inspiration finally came because I am no longer in a cubicle with depressing gray felt walls, but in an actual office with HUGE windows with my very own exotic potted plants! (that's another allure of job hopping, every hop is better than the last).

Nevertheless, its work and merits the Sunday evening drudgery! And since misery LOVES company, my friend and I decided a few months ago to spend sunday evenings together to help ease the pain and suffering. So started the wild Sunday evening get togethers at my friend's FAAHbulous loft, with poker nights, wine tastings, scary movie viewings and simply detailed gossiping sessions. Sometimes its a big group of us "suffering together", sometimes its just me and my friend. Either way, Sunday nights are no longer dreaded! Ha-ha! Problem solved!

So, now I must run and prepare, my friend told me that she has a surprise for me! Ohhhh, I hope its a gorgeous Brazilian man!!! (Told you that the Brazilian story will come up again!)

Tchau-Tchau! beijos!



>> Saturday, March 5, 2005

Spring is the GREATEST time of year.

Notice, I didn't say "season", because in reality I love each season and the fact that they're all different. (I realize of course that when some are covered by snow, Brazil enjoys fun and sun... well, maybe a bad example... Brazil, or more precisely Brazilians will find a way to make you feel all warm and sunny no matter what the weather may be like... but that's a whoooole other story... which I'm sure at some point will come up. And not just once.)

What I'm trying to say is that even in the countries where the temperature perhaps is rather even throughout the year, different seasons will still bring change with them. And the change is really what triggers different feelings and thoughts.

So back to the subject at hand: spring being the GREATEST (for those of you who have already spaced out). Its the greatest because unlike another season it bring this crazy energy... almost as if you find yourself waking up from a long dream (for some of us it was probably a nightmare!). Together with spring come new ideas, new romances (ANY romances!!) new found feelings of being able to accomplish anything, the actual desire to TRY to accomplish SOMETHING! Well at least for me. I feel like with the first days of spring I actually "wake up" and want to reach my full potential (which is of course limitless!! haaaahaa!). So this spring I'm giving myself a present of this blog so that there is a clear record of the excellent changes that are about to manifest themselves! Some will happen by themselves and I'm sure some will have to be "pushed" but this way it will all be recorded.

My theory is that if you hold yourself accountable and benchmark your successes, you are more likely to strive to achieve more. I seemed to only "awaken" in spring and some of my most notable accomplishments thus far have come to fruition in the springtime. Now imagine how much I would be able to do if I can carry on this feeling throughout the entire year!!?? So, my goal is to make SPRING last FOREVER. Hence, the name of this blog: SEMPRE PRIMAVERA! (Italian used here to make it sound more ... interesante, bello, importante.) You see, it SO works! Alright fine, it works for ME! Anyway, if I start recording all my "good works" here, I may just get enough momentum to keep this "primavera" feeling going all year long. Well, hopefully!!!

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