>> Saturday, March 5, 2005

Spring is the GREATEST time of year.

Notice, I didn't say "season", because in reality I love each season and the fact that they're all different. (I realize of course that when some are covered by snow, Brazil enjoys fun and sun... well, maybe a bad example... Brazil, or more precisely Brazilians will find a way to make you feel all warm and sunny no matter what the weather may be like... but that's a whoooole other story... which I'm sure at some point will come up. And not just once.)

What I'm trying to say is that even in the countries where the temperature perhaps is rather even throughout the year, different seasons will still bring change with them. And the change is really what triggers different feelings and thoughts.

So back to the subject at hand: spring being the GREATEST (for those of you who have already spaced out). Its the greatest because unlike another season it bring this crazy energy... almost as if you find yourself waking up from a long dream (for some of us it was probably a nightmare!). Together with spring come new ideas, new romances (ANY romances!!) new found feelings of being able to accomplish anything, the actual desire to TRY to accomplish SOMETHING! Well at least for me. I feel like with the first days of spring I actually "wake up" and want to reach my full potential (which is of course limitless!! haaaahaa!). So this spring I'm giving myself a present of this blog so that there is a clear record of the excellent changes that are about to manifest themselves! Some will happen by themselves and I'm sure some will have to be "pushed" but this way it will all be recorded.

My theory is that if you hold yourself accountable and benchmark your successes, you are more likely to strive to achieve more. I seemed to only "awaken" in spring and some of my most notable accomplishments thus far have come to fruition in the springtime. Now imagine how much I would be able to do if I can carry on this feeling throughout the entire year!!?? So, my goal is to make SPRING last FOREVER. Hence, the name of this blog: SEMPRE PRIMAVERA! (Italian used here to make it sound more ... interesante, bello, importante.) You see, it SO works! Alright fine, it works for ME! Anyway, if I start recording all my "good works" here, I may just get enough momentum to keep this "primavera" feeling going all year long. Well, hopefully!!!


Ananda Mind+Body March 6, 2013 at 3:42 AM  

I agree... winter is much of an inward growth... like a preparation...Although things look "dead" during winter, there are actually things going on underneath and you don't it until the buds reveal themselves in the spring!

This is very apropos for this spring... no?!!!!

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