The "immature" Book Review #2

>> Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Welcome, welcome, we are now in Review #2... continuing with immaturity...

First of all I absolutely LOVED this book! There was nothing immature about it. As I mentioned before this is a very first novel by the author and its always a ton of fun to read while thinking about what parts of the book perhaps actually happened to her in real life!?

Here is the cover.

This book really does capture the "feel" of NYC. I think anyone who is thinking of coming to work here in the city should read this book first. It describes some very real elements and situations that comprise the experience of working in this hectic and crazy city. Anyway, the book is a ton of fun anyway you want to look at it!

Here is the "official" website and has a little Q&A with the author:

Somehow I think the book is based on more of her own experiences than she'd like to reveal...


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