>> Monday, March 14, 2005

Happy Monday!
I had a huge headache last night and unfortunately there were no Advils in the house so I had to take these other pills with a whole lot of cafeene in them... needless to say I couldn't fall asleep till like 2!! (and I have to wake up at 6am) So in addition to the usual "happy monday" mood, I'm now tired as well. *note to sell- buy Advil*

But nothing can get me down because after my Saturday of pampering at the mini-spa I KNOW I'm a present to humanity! waaahaha :) Please do not listen to Wall Str who called our new blond hair (bottle blond) !?!! How could you utter such words! Here at the Primavera headquarters we call it... BEING KISSED BY THE SUN. (Now remember that.)

It ended up actually that all three of us (Dulce, Wall str, and I) got our hair "kissed" on Saturday, so it was great fun to see everyone when we went out to dinner that night. We looked extremely gorgeous. Craziness!

In attendance:
Dulce, Wall str, Sexy Bomb and Dynamite(her boyfriend), Dulce's Felippo, and her cousin.

Location: the Jersey subberbs! aaaaa, I know... scary dark woods! Sorry Jerseyites
Venue: I forgot the name of the restaurant, but its this chain sea food place, good though.

Food was great, good wine, very relaxing and nice, had nice fountains as a part of decore. I had Ahi Tuna! Black and blue of course.

Just one bad thing happened during dinner. The sweet Felippo comented that all the girls were wearing black, so he asked us if we were going to a funeral. (yep, can you believe it!!! Dulce please administer pain to your boyfriend!) Yes Felippo, we ARE going to a funeral, YOURS infact!!! We need to forgive our young jovial lad, he is obviously just not familiar with who he is dealing with yet. YET! We love to "love" each others boyfriends... its standard procedure. I do honestly think he is a sweetie pie and will try not to give him any open wounds. Plus he's got a nice ride- Mercedes- shows good taste- PLUS he wears really nice shirts from Banana Republic-- (Ok, sorry Dulce, I know, I'm loving your bf a bit too much.) Like I said, his only negative is that he talks. I think you should consider going back to dating guys that do not speak English. What do you say?

After dinner we had grand plans of going dancing, but of course that did not happen because we're so old! So we went to Dynamite's house to watch a movie. I fell asleep almost immediately... YEAHHH WHAT CRAZY PARTY TIME!!!!! (*note- to self- buy more vitamins!!!)

BIG kisses to all you party animals!


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