>> Saturday, March 26, 2005

notice the FIVE candles!

Hey people! Today is a VERY important day... can you guess why..? hehe
So I've started out by doing all the important (note: order is chronological, NOT by importance)things:
1. jogging (I usually say 'running' but today I was kinda dragging myself)
2. tanning (the girls at the salon acknowlegded the importance of today as they checked me into my Delta 3000)
3. breakfast (fresh squeezed juice "Energy Capsule" with apples, 1 beet, and lemon- delishUUs! and gives your lips a semi permanent hooker red hue- very funcional)

Now I'm about to take a nap, as I came home rather late last night. Wallstreet and I were reminiscing about the 'good'ol' high school days. Apparently we were the mean girls! I NEVER realized that before!!! It took bumping into a few of my old schoolmates and having a lovely chat with them complete with hugs and all... only to later remember having made fun of them... Waw, talk about feeling stupid and embarrassed. Looking back on it now I can't even imagine a more immature way to behave, and as if there were any reason for such behavior! Nope, absolutely none whatsoEVER! Just pure teenage stupidity I guess. I have NO IDEA...

As smart and "mature" as I am now though (that is, having the age to suggest at it) I realize that in some ways I'm still the same way... passing out judgments left and right, categorizing everyone o pieces... Oh well, some things never change. I guess at least now I'm AWARE of it being an incorrect way of thinking. OK, progress, so maybe by 50 I'll actually STOP doing that.

Wall str is so funny though, reading the multiple love revelations by various classmates (and sometimes more than one from some) she just laughed hysterically, you know that soundless laugh that makes you turn red in the face. Yeah, well that was her for a good part of the evening! Apparently its funny to read how someone is professing their love for you and not even being able to recall "who in the heck" that person was! Nice one Wallstr, at least I remember everyone that I've put my mark on! (Well actually its because I wrote their names down in my journals... in a special tally at the end of each month entitled "the secret black box".) Ahhh high school, what sweet careless time it was, and all those silly little problems just seemed so real! Amazing. Hmm.. I wonder if 10 years down the road my "little problems" now will seem like silliness?


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