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>> Sunday, March 13, 2005

So, the girls and I went out for our Ladies Night Wednesday night. In attendance were "us":

Dulce de Leche-
she is a super sweet and sexiliSHUS, brunette who lives right in the center of the big apple. She loves tulips (this is so you all sexy men out there will know what to send her).

Wall Street Diva-
a very strong personality (meaning: do NOT mess with her, cross her or annoy her in anyway, or you'll get it). She also flies planes, and sometimes throws herself out of planes (with a parachute, she is not totally an evil canneivil).

Super Sex Bomb-
(to keep this PG13, we'll tone it down to just Sexy Bomb) now if you leaf through the dictionary to look up the word "sexy" you'll will see her picture. (ou will also see her picture next to: super high maintenance, party animal and WILD party animal).

and ME! - just to be fair I'll give a description... hmmm... lets see.... the most beautiful, intelligent, wonderful, perfect.... ahhh, yes and you KNOW I'm not even joking.
alright fine: I love to travel and I strive to be the most optimistic and energetic person alive (when I'm not being negative and lazy...)

There, now everyone's even. (I hope.)

The venue this time was:
Cedar Tavern, around Union Square.
Its a nice cozy place, especially upstairs. Decor- Tavern like, duh. I also like the glass cathedral ceiling on the second floor. Food- American, bar food, buffalo wings, onion rings, burgers.... fun stuff. The beer selection is not huge though, but I happily had my Hafeweizen with lemon.

Needless to say we had much gossip to catch up on! (A week has passed since we all communed like this!) Sexy bomb looked as great as ever with her perfectly manicured hands and "I just came back from Tahiti" suntan (by Portofino Sun Center on 38th Street and 3rd Avenue-- oh, just a side note: the upper east side location offers a double bed so you can tan with a friend! how hot is that!). Wall Street came out even though she felt a bit under the weather to go to work that day...hmm. Dulce was as dulce as ever wearing a pink shirt with light pink stripes (yes like a candy!).

So after the proformatory first 10 minutes of kisses and compliments we finally got down to business. We discussed (and dismissed) the topic of work in about 2 minutes, that naturally progressed into a conversation about vacations. Wall Street (who, mind you, has been on a mini vacation every month for the past 6 months) suggested that we need to start planning our New Year Eve mega celebration. OK! That leaves us only about 10 months to get even more gorgeous, perfect timing, good one Wall st! Here are the places we are considering:

Mexico has beat out other locations because it would encompass people, shopping, beaches, nice scenery, nice amenities, restaurants, and scuba diving (my new kick is to scuba every place I go).

Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos are the two locations we're going to look at. I'm super excited since strangely enough I've never been to Mexico. Haaha, that reminds me, my grandparents went to Cancun during the spring break and apparently partied it up with drunk kids in their hotel! and had a total blast!! They're nuts! They actually just came back from the Norwegian Dawn cruise and had some wacky stories. Apparently my grandpa was flirting with their waitress and my grandma had more than one photo taken with some tall distinguished gentleman... and she was totally blushing!!! Waw, I wish I age like them...

Anyway the New Years should be a total blast. After that we got down to second order of business, a more quantitative one: measurements of... things. Everyone knows girls talk about stuff like that in great detail. We discussed how long.... a vacation... needs to be to be completely satisfying. How wide your boyfriend's... arm... needs to be to fit perfectly into... that turquoise polo shirt. These are probably the questions that will never be completely agreed on by all women. I guess all that could be concluded is the longer the... vacation is... the better, and the... arm needs to be wide enough to fit well in a large polo. Just kidding mom! We talked about cupcakes and exchanged pictures of our herb gardens.

The funniest of all is that we were pretty loud and the cute boys at the nearby table wearing light shirts with sweater vests were a bit too interested in our conversation that they neglected to have one of their own. At ease boys!

So cheers to another successful Ladies Night!


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