St. Patrick's Day!

>> Friday, March 18, 2005

Hey people,
Last year we celebrated with a BIG bang (to the head next morning...) with lots of fun, midnight kisses, and yet another sincere self promise to never -NEVER- drink again.

So that was then, and today a year later we knew we had to celebrate. (Yes, I'm the biggest sucker for creating and keeping traditions, they're such lovely and NOBLE excuses to get drunk, go wild, and vow to never do anything so stupid again...till next year.)

I stayed at work a little longer. I've been really putting on a "good face" for the past 2 weeks. It seems that those extra 10 minutes in the morning and in the evening really help to put you in the category of "the good one". hmmm... I'm a slacker through and through so doing stuff like that really means I'm enjoying myself.

Back to the party life... so after serving the extra 10 minutes at work, I headed to the "Apple Core", which is Dulce's house in Manhattan- for those who are simuli challenged. I picked up corona's and 7up to make Rrrrrrhadlers (you know, german drink of beer and sprite-like soda).

Grande Dulce de Leche had awesome spanish food! Leftowers from her fabulous dinner the night before, as she explained. Sweet life girl... I had a half of a cashew myself last night! I had to converse with the ever present Felippo the boyfriend. Yet again not being able to be abusive to him because he totally heated up "the leftovers" for me!!! I mean he knew how to use the microwave and everything! -good boy!-

Sexy Bomb showed up at around nine all because Dulce is completely oblivious of SMS Etiquiette!! (I will post the official rules in the next entry!) The little, slutny was as gAAArges (irish accent) as always. I did get totally pissed off at Dulces roommate, we'll call him the Aztec Warrior Prince, because he has a beautiful face that (in my mind) resembles the great ancient aztec warriors. Anyway, that said and done, he was making me angry, by talking on the phone with some girlfriend of his! Like, NO, when I'm around, you need to pay attention to ME!!
So we are so through!!!! (We were never actually dating, once again... all in my mind...)

Wallstr was going to try to meet with us, but her flight from PR was not due untill midnight so I figured she may be too tired to come out... but regardless, we still conferenced with her to make aware of all our plans. Which actually involved and open bar at club Quo and a fashion show. Courtesy of Felippo, who kindly procured our invitations. (I'm telling you the boy is surprisingly useful.) Damit!!! Dulce will get married and leave us all!!!!!!

In the yellow cab on the way there the driver was blasting traditional irish love ballads. But I think Sexy Bomb was a bit tipsy since she was licking Dulce's ear (thus, Dulce was probably not able to hear the music either). My friends are so entertaining. For those of you who are wondering where Dynamite (Sexy Bomb's boyfriend) was this evening, well he was celebrating by overdosing on GREEN NyQuil at home...poor thing.

At the bar, I was totaly getting bored (maybe because I was not drinking) so I SMSed everyone I knew thus accomplishing to look very "cool" by the bar along side other posers who were texting as well!!! aaah, yes, it was one of "those" crowds. Sexy Bomb was texting Dynamite and I think at one point of the evening me and her were texting each other as well.

The fashion show was not extra special. The only positive thing that I can say is that the Designer himself looked like a nice, sweet boy that would not embarrass you at a family function.

2.00 am: return to casa, and I ended up reading the remainder of "Devil wears Prada".

Nothing as wild as last years, but overall a very pleasant evening.


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