Veronica yelled at me!

>> Friday, March 11, 2005

Sorry for the interruption, as I had to send a very important memo. But I was saying that work has been rather "involving" last few days so I haven't had a chance to report on our Wednesday Ladies' Night outing. ohhhhaaahhaa. Some VERY important issues came up!

I did have time to book an apoitment at my mini-spa. I am so OVERDUE for pampering its not even funny. Its tomorrow at 11am so I'm hoping to be done sometime by 3pm. Apparently it has been so long that when Veronica (the owner lady) heard my voice she gave me a "piece of her mind"!! So after yelling at me for the first 10 minutes... saying something to the effect of "who do I think I am not pampering for the past 3 months!!??!? Did I by chance go to a DIFFERENT SALON!??! has there been any family situations or unfortunate incidents that have prevented me from coming in???! " Well, lets just say, she really gave it to me. SORRRY!! VERONICA!!!! I've just been a bum! I know I don't deserve to live...PLEASE PLEASE REHABILITATE ME!!! So after she was sure of the sincerity of my repentance she immediately squeezed me in for Saturday (I felt like a movie star since it takes 2 week advance notice to get the coveted Saturday apoitment).

The worst is not over though, I'm sure when I show up tomorrow my faded highlights will be discussed to the core!!! Anastasia (my hair dresser does not hold her tongue). I really need to learn the crucial importance of regular pampering!

Oh, I found my passport!!! Thank goodness!! It was where I thought it was, in one of my leather portfolios, somewhere in the back seat of my car. I apparently took it with me to one of my job interviews and forgot that it was there. Now that my job hopping days are over I can stop living out of my car maybe?!

p.s. sorry for the multitude of spelling mistakes the computer at my job is super protected and doesn't allow popup windows, so I'll have to revise tonight.


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