Oscar and I..miiiaaaau

>> Saturday, March 12, 2005

Ahh, Friday afternoon. It is now 4.59pm, so the weekend is officially about to start. I'm still at work and proud to say that all the top management has already "retired" for today and I'm "the good one" still here. Well actually its just Oscar the cat (my hot co-worker) and I here in the glass conference room. He is currently giving me a great shoulder massage as we discuss who will get to go to Spain on the business trip. He is being very convincing in stating his case...

Woowww, JUST KIDDING! Nothing like that is going on here. I don't participate in activities that would cause a commotion in the HR department (not on work premises at least). While Oscar the cat is a hottie, there will not be anything more than a professionally stimulating relationship between us. (unless he wants more...no, no, just kidding, hahahha)

But I do have an update on the trip... I think I will be going after all! Because Oscar (the cat) may have to go on a trip to Atlanta instead, which just came up and is not something that can be skipped.

Ok, now that I've revealed my scandalous relationship (not really) with my coworkers I can go home and relax.

"peace out--cub scout"


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