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>> Sunday, March 6, 2005

Ciao gente!
Ok, day #2 and I am being faithful to my plan of documenting all the "Primavera" happenings. Sunday is definitely NOT my favorite day. Can you guess why?? Yep- Work tomorrow! Its not that I don't like my job... its just the fact that YOU HAVE to go. This "HAVE TO" is what I have a problem with.

Ahhh, work, don't get me started on that... For the past year I've exhibited all qualities of a certain animal not yet classified in nature. So lets do the world a favor and bring this new classification to life. This "animal" will be called: JOB HOPPEReitus Maximus. Lets lovingly call him simply "Job Hopper".

You can identify a job hopper by the following qualities:
1. sour face, sometimes also a smirking face
2. continuous vacation planning mode
3. does NOT decorate his/her cubicle
4. stays late everyday (only to send out resumes and write cover letters)
5. talks constantly of the day his/her trust fund matures (or the unfortunate LACK of it)
6. has hopped jobs at least twice in the past 6 months.

Yep, I know one, because I was one. In the last six months I've not only hopped 3 jobs, I also hopped a few States as well! Its a long story of what exactly set me off on this hopping spree, but saying that corporate world sucks will suffice. (Plus, such a HUGE opinion of myself doesn't help much either). Well, my last hop culminated in landing a job that I plan on keeping for a while. How can I be sure?

Ok, first of all, when you live the job hopping lifestyle correctly, meaning: every time you resign you give yourself a nice REST and send yourself on a wonderful relaxing vacation with a huge allowance for shopping, (because after all you've been stressed out at your last job and you can't start fresh at your new job with old clothes!) you begin to notice a very disturbing trend of bank account depletion. (No kidding! after 3 vacations and 3 renewed closets!!)

Also, I'll be very proud to announce that I have decorated my office! Yes, for the very first time EVER. I haven't done that even on my last "keeper" job at which I was at for 2 years! Its possible that the inspiration finally came because I am no longer in a cubicle with depressing gray felt walls, but in an actual office with HUGE windows with my very own exotic potted plants! (that's another allure of job hopping, every hop is better than the last).

Nevertheless, its work and merits the Sunday evening drudgery! And since misery LOVES company, my friend and I decided a few months ago to spend sunday evenings together to help ease the pain and suffering. So started the wild Sunday evening get togethers at my friend's FAAHbulous loft, with poker nights, wine tastings, scary movie viewings and simply detailed gossiping sessions. Sometimes its a big group of us "suffering together", sometimes its just me and my friend. Either way, Sunday nights are no longer dreaded! Ha-ha! Problem solved!

So, now I must run and prepare, my friend told me that she has a surprise for me! Ohhhh, I hope its a gorgeous Brazilian man!!! (Told you that the Brazilian story will come up again!)

Tchau-Tchau! beijos!


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