1 day untill DEPARTURE!!

>> Thursday, March 31, 2005

Actually, at this time tomorrow I will be getting into a white limo to be driven to JFK International Airport (...I had to put the stress on International). I know white limo's are vulgar, but WE at the "Primavera" headquarters happen to LIKE vulgar! Alright!?! However be comforted to know that it will not be a stretch limo.

I can't believe it I'll be going to Barca and even thought I'll be working all day I will have the nights free (unless not). Actually I'm looking forward to the flight. There is something very relaxing knowing that nobody NOBODY can reach you for these 8 hours! I'm not a stressed out kind of person (anymore) but still the subconscious understanding of this little truth make my skin glow.

Last night we: Dulce, Wallstr and SexyBomb went out to our usual spot for "Ladies Night". Unfortunately, or fortunately for some, we in NO WAY acted like "ladies" infact I think that our straight out vulgarities could have put the boys with trucks on interstate 95 to SHAME. Hey, sometimes when you need to express yourself you need to use appropriate language. What we were discussing last night called for explicit terms.

That's all I shall say, now I gotta run to complete a ton of work so I can get home in time for tanning. I just need a moment more to digest my beautiful French Dip sandwich... yaaaammm!
I don't usually eat stuff like that, but I've been hungry ever since yesterday.



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