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>> Thursday, March 17, 2005

Ok, so here is the Spain trip update. Big Boss man called me in his glass corner office and was like: "OK, grab a notebook we're going to plan your itenuary for Barcelona."


I have to very proudly report that I made no such sound what so ever! I didn't jump up and down... nor did I whip out my Blackberry and immediately start "thumbing" to everyone I knew to begin making plane reservations to meet me in Barcelona... I ACTUALLY managed the well know "New Yorker" look. You know, the: I'm "not amused and even slightly bored" look, and said: "Yeah, sure one sec.." Than I SLOWLY walked to my desk, took my notebook and SLOWLY walked back to his office.

So yep, I'm going to be the one to go (Oscar the Cat is going down south). Apparently it was decided a while ago, I was just not informed. Yeah, yeah, its only a business trip, but its a big deal to me since I promised myself not to go to Europe anymore unless its official business. (To many heartbreak and stuff... tell you all later sometime.) So basically that's why I'm excited. Plus I finally get to be "that person" who totally complains about having to go "AGAIN to stupid Europe on a stupid plane... aaaggghhh, I sooooo hate my glamorous globe trotting life.... aaagggh, such an annoyance having to grab my suitcase and just fly to these awesome places free of charge every other month!!! buuuuhoooo I'm so miserable... I can't have a "normal" life with this hectic travel schedule and international shopping sprees and fun time drinking capuccinos in ITALY...." WHATEVER DUDES YOU'RE CRAZY!

But I guess I'm not going to be any different... watch soon I'll be complaining about something!!!

On a side note, the "Primavera movement" is working so far... no?

Ok, have to go now and eat my bloody bisteca and green beans and watch the "Simple Life". YES I watch it and I LOVE IT! Paris is funny sometimes, but I think its really Nicole who is really hilarious. Every time I watch it I'm literally on the floor laughing. They show how ridiculous the "normal" world is. Its so true, if you take this nonsense seriously... and by "nonsense" I'm referring to life on this planet, you just won't survive.

I love the episode where they stayed with a family in Staten Island and had to commute to their work assignment in Manhattan. They showed them get up at an ungodly hour to get dropped of at the train station to take the train to the ferry to go to work. And as they're sitting on the ferry one of them asked: "So, people do this every day... to come to work... what's the point??" THANK YOU GIRLS!!! MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY!!!!!!! Even though I don't commute to work on the ferry, I just think its the most ridiculous thing in the world to have to spend 3 hours a day JUST FOR COMMUTING!!! You said it sistas! WHAT'S THE POINT!!!?? And unfortunately it is what most people who work in NY (and surely other places as well) do, for days, years, DECADES if they chose to work in the city.

What's the point people!?

Well I'll tell you the POINT!! (YES, I have an answer to everything.) The point is that you just can't take all this seriously!! Its pure rubbish, noncense, ridiculousness (don't know if this is a real word but I like it) craziness, and finally just so silly that if you take it all as being NORMAL than you can kiss your sanity GOODBYE for good. No people, its not normal, its completely unnatural and ridiculous... Now that having been said... carry on, be happy and don't stress about it. It can't be changed (unless you build yourself a hut in the amazonian jungle and carry on as a subsistent farmer) so no use being upset about it.

An with this I bid you all a goog night!
muahh! (tonight you all got a little kiss, especially those who commute more than the necessary 15 minutes).


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