>> Friday, September 28, 2012

As a lover of ALL THINGS BRAZIL I'm happy to see that Gusttavo Lima will be in Amsterdam on October 4th!  I've been curiously watching, or rather listening, how quite a few Brazilian imports could be heard on the radio here in Holland.  Imagine that!?  The country where a party signifies sitting (or standing) around in a circle.  I've said it once, and I'll say it again.  It just proves that deep down inside we really are all the SAME.  All we really want to do is tche-tche-re-re... ;)

Now while I won't be going to the concert, I may alert my coworker and perhaps he can meet some women "HIS AGE" there.

Speaking of Brazil... and being young...  I can't believe this was FOURTNEEN years ago....  This was some crazy time in Buzios which involved many Batitas de Coco.  Now days it makes me exhausted to even THINK about it.


Corner View: "oh my, ... this is horrible!"

>> Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The other day I had a conversation with a co-worker who I considered "my age".

Me: So what's new and exciting?
Him: Oh this weekend I had a love story with an older woman.
Me: Oh yeah?  How did you meet her?
Him: In a bar, she was just visiting.
Me: Aha... so how old is she?
Him: Thirty four
Me: .....................
Me: What!???????????
Me: What do you mean OLDER woman!?????????????
Him: ....um... I'm 27....
Me: YEAH AND!????
Him: ....um....... she is like SEVEN years older then me...

Later at home...
Stomp feet... to the kitchen
Older woman.... OLDER WOMAN!?!???!!!!!!!
Oh my...this is horrible...

Open the cabinet and throw all glasses on the floor............
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Hosted by Francesca
Invented by Jane


Keep your man happy - 2 simple steps!

>> Monday, September 24, 2012

This Sunday was romantic.  When our blond butterball was having a nap, Vito and I decided to do something we've been planing for a few weeks (more him then me)....  It involved sweating for three hours!  Vito thought it was so romantic that I did it with him.   Afterwords he said: "Wow, that was a perfect Sunday afternoon!".

We took out paints and refreshed our walls downstairs.

Yes, that's right.  We PAINTED our walls for three hours straight.  And Vito thought it was romantic.


We women go crazy thinking up all these complicated ways of being happy and making our men happy. Every time I come to a conclusion that my grandmother was so right!  She told me that to keep a husband happy (and out of trouble), wife should make sure of TWO things:

- his hands are always occupied
- he is physically exhausted

(and you thought this applied only to a toddler!)

MUST KEEP THIS IN MIND next time I'm drawn to plan a romantic day with him.

Hmm... maybe next Sunday I suggest we chop a tree down and make some wooden furniture...  Or clean out the garage??  Or weed the garden??  Or simply move stacks of bricks from one side to the other...

Now just imagine how much romance will be in my life when Jr. gets older!

All joking aside, I do have to say, I'm very oblivious when it comes to "structural home needs".   If it wasn't for Vito, the paintings would still be leaning against the walls, there would be no furniture in the house... and the warmth would be coming from a small campfire in the middle of the living room...


Clever skirt!

>> Friday, September 21, 2012

Not the best photo job, but you get the point.  This is a very clever skirt not being too tight to constrain certain un-constrainables and having just the right amount of stretch in case the un-constrainables do indeed 'run away'.  And never mind the toe cleavage...oopsi.  
In case you're wondering how I've achieved such a banging thighs and butt.... ehem... I have to comment that it takes a LOT of work!  It doesn't happen just over night!  I worked on it hard!  Spaghetti, pizza, cheese!  Lots and lots of cheese!  :) Speaking of which... I must go join Vito on the couch for hot Friday evening of TV watching and random grabbing (of cheese) from the fridge.   Tooddles!



>> Thursday, September 20, 2012

Now, when I said "tomorrow" yesterday, I really meant, TOMORROW!  Friday.  And today clearly is not Friday, but it's Thursday.  Ok, now I'm glad we concluded that this whole little misunderstanding was all your fault...

Today I worked from home and well, for the first part of the day I was wearing a very interesting combination that was screaming: "Pajama party while on safari".  Then after lunch I got dressed because I had some conference calls.  Do you do this too?  Dress up for business calls?  Mind you these were not video calls.

Ok, next topic... I agree.

Is it only me, or has Summer vanished without a trace??  It feels as if only yesterday we were.....

Ahhh... I'm a beach snob.  I love finding these secluded places.  Like this beach near Castricum aan Zee is only reachable by bike and via a steep foot path up over the dune.

Oh, and guess what!?  Tomorrow is FRIDAY!  In the words of my son: Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


>> Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I don't usually follow or care about celebrities in love, but this I like: Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis together!  I'm rather a sucker for long brewed romances... and love at first sight.  Ok, now how much sense does that make?  But it's ok, I forgive myself.

The other report for today is that Summer is officially over.  Fall weather is rolling in quickly.  AREN'T you EXCITED!!?!  Ok, I maybe sarcastic, but to be completely frank, I am excited.  After moving to the Netherlands I have discovered something very admirable about myself.  I love NASTY weather.  The nastier the better!  I really do!  It gives me energy, and makes me feel so accomplished!  When the weather is horrendous, just rolling out of bed is an accomplishment.  If you make it out the door that's like double points!  If you smile and exhibit signs of good mood that's like telling the rest of the world "ha-ha, I'm smiling and you can not bring your self to do it, I win!" And I LOVE to win.  As I keep telling my darling Vito: the competition is on, whether or not you choose to play.  Well I'm playin' and I'm a'WINNIN'!  Ok, enough of this psycho babble, I will now go and act age appropriate.

Speaking of age appropriate, today during lunch hour I ran over to one of my favorite boutiques near my work and just in a very matter of fact way, grabbed me a wonderful knee length pencil skirt.  The boutique is big on carrying Italian and French designers and I was so pleasantly surprised that this particular skirt is a Dutch label!  YXN  I'll model it for you tomorrow.  I know you can't wait, but please, now it's your turn to act age appropriate. ;) ciao ciao


>> Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Waw, it's been a while...  A long while.  This is seriously like tearing through prehistoric cobwebs!  But don't worry, I have GREAT excuses!!!  The first thing I do when I start reading a certain blog is to look when the blog started, and usually go back and read the very first inauguration blog post.  So if you're like me, you would see that I started writing since 2005!  That is a long time ago.  That is when you just picked a template out on blogger and it was exciting to figure out how to post photos.  Anyway, that was when I started my blog Sempre Primavera.  I was living in NYC and being a bit of a brat saying how much NY sucks and how I'm so bored. (Gosh, to be twenty something again!?)  So in efforts to force myself to appreciate NY and enjoy all that the glorious city has to offer I started the blog.  Let me tell you, it was MAGICAL!  It really worked!  Because I actually focused on seeing the good things, NYC became the glittering wonder that it really is.  It was a fantastic "girl in the city" type adventure.  

Then...the unimaginable happened!  A gorgeous European man dropped into my lap from the sky (arrived on a KLM flight), and there proceeded to be all kinds of delicious romps in sexy international destinations.  The blog became a romance diary good enough to outdo any chick flick.  After a year I moved to Holland to be with Vito and the blog became an expat chick blog, "It's Sunny All the Time".  It was a ton of fun keeping a diary about ignoring the rain, discovering Amsterdam, making new friends, getting settled and of course buying lots of shoes as always.  

So here come the excuses... after the expat theme wore off, I mean there are so many times you can write about the windmills and the wooden shoes, I couldn't find my 'theme'.  And by "theme" I mean, what I wanted the blog to help me accomplish.  Sempre Primavera helped me to enjoy NYC and inspired me to have adventures.  It's Sunny All the Time was all about settling into a new life.  And The Sunny Orangery?  It was just there and I got bored of it, but only because it's hard to pick just one theme. 

So what is it not?
- Not a fashion blog, though I'm on Rue La La and Guilt as much as the next girl
- Not a mommy blog, though yes I like to give my input into how it's done
- Not a marriage blog, though Vito also like to give input, who knew?
- Not a cooking blog, while I do take photos of everything I eat, a crazy yet useful habit 
- Not a travel blog, but my bags are packed and ready!

So what IS this blog going to be?  A bit of all of the above.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  Minus the bad and the ugly!  Maybe it should be like Sinefeld: Blog about nothing?  ...These pretzels are making me thirsty...

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