>> Thursday, September 20, 2012

Now, when I said "tomorrow" yesterday, I really meant, TOMORROW!  Friday.  And today clearly is not Friday, but it's Thursday.  Ok, now I'm glad we concluded that this whole little misunderstanding was all your fault...

Today I worked from home and well, for the first part of the day I was wearing a very interesting combination that was screaming: "Pajama party while on safari".  Then after lunch I got dressed because I had some conference calls.  Do you do this too?  Dress up for business calls?  Mind you these were not video calls.

Ok, next topic... I agree.

Is it only me, or has Summer vanished without a trace??  It feels as if only yesterday we were.....

Ahhh... I'm a beach snob.  I love finding these secluded places.  Like this beach near Castricum aan Zee is only reachable by bike and via a steep foot path up over the dune.

Oh, and guess what!?  Tomorrow is FRIDAY!  In the words of my son: Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!


alexis September 21, 2012 at 7:56 PM  

You guys spend loads of time at the beach! and I will remind you our summer was like 2 weeks of +25, as usual. Summer can be over by mid-July!

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