New discoveries in the new land!

>> Thursday, November 30, 2006

I DID go shopping and got her! Haha, its a skirt with a style name "Bandaid"!! I have basically discovered my new favorite store!!

Funny enough they got started in Chicago as a Nautical company, making sails. Funny for two reasons: 1. Because there is no sea in Chicago, 2. It has been bought by the Italians in the 70's but they still carry out the American Nautical theme.

Anyway, their clothes simply ROCK! I later found out that the company that bought them is the Sixty Group, yes the creators of "Miss Sixty" brand which I LOVE because its the only brand of jeans that can fit me correctly!!! Its all about the fit. It shoud be called "the hug" really.

As for the Beers, the winner for me was Leffe Blond! The awesomest picture of Leffe here!!

Now something more relevant, one of my favorite bars here on the east coast in Phili, not too bad at about 20 Belgian beers on TAP with about a hundred others available bottled.

Chocolates... hmm... I going to get into it, but ended up completely ignoring them! Just not a big chocolate person. Plus if anything I like my chocolate hard and bitter! Non of that mushy sweet stuff for me. And I like biting it right of a big chunk! Non of those tiny truffle thingis that look like boobs... hmmpf!


>> Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Inspite the fact that I bring my camera around and take lots of pictures, I usually steal other pictures on the internet of the very same thing just because they're better. Well, we were in such gorgeous towns that it was just not possible to mess up! Here is my very own "work".

*Info on the city here

More to follow, I'm just having post partum depression now... well, not "partum", I guess more post parting depression.



>> Wednesday, November 22, 2006

See ya'll next week!

Want to wish everyone a great Thanksgiving!!!

ciao belli!

ps: I'm so nervous I can't eat! Dieta Instante!


>> Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Meet Karla and Lotti! (Yes I DID just name my boots!) They're my new darlings. They sleep on a silk cushion on the couch, they do not go into the closet nor do they actually touch the floor. I think they are perfect for an international rondevou! Oh heck, they're Perfect period. And the color! The COLOR!! I ran out this weekend to get me a RED lipstick just so that I can try to compete for attention with them.

BTW speaking of lipsticks. Actually I've never in my life wore lipstick, I'm more of a mascara overdose girl, but lately a number of circumstances made me go out and do it...

1. My matchmaking Grandma is always commenting how I NEVER wear any make up. (Cus I wear colors that are natural.) She is of the opinion that a pretty young girl must have enough color on her lips to be able to be seen from all the way down the block.

"Sounds like something out of a prostitute's handbook Grandma!" I would always protest.

"Well Sweetie, they must be doing something right if they get all the men. A young pretty girl must help the nice young gentleman notice her, she must wear bright colors so that he will be able to see her from afar, but once he comes over you don't have to actually act like a prostitute." My grandma would always say.

"Ok, grandma, got it, don't act like a prostitute, just LOOK like one, ok, got it!"

2. I read somewhere that red lipstick is not exactly appropriate for ladies over 30. I think that's just poppycock, but just in case, I might as well put the next two years to good use- like wearing red lipstick.

3. Highcontrast was giving me some tips on what men go crazy for. I believe the first thing he mentioned was Red lipstick. To my question of why? He said that the red color makes men's heart rate increase. "Like the bulls' in la corrida?" "Yes."

So I did it. Do you know how many different shades of RED there are in existence!?!?

PS: still haven't figured out what to wear but whatever it is I'm sure Karla and Lotti will be stealing the show...

PSps: I'm nervous, I don't know why? But hey, in the words of Marilyn Manroe in the movie "Some Like it Hot" she said: "Do you know what I do when I feel nervous... I just..." and she leans over to kiss Tony Curtis.


Dangerous liaisons

>> Friday, November 17, 2006

Some people drunk dial. Some people send drunk text messages.

Me on the other hand, I send drunk letters... Yes the kinds with stamps and envelopes and stuff.

First of all I have to comment that last December was the first time in about ten years that I've sent an actual letter! (I'm a huge fan of online banking, online dmv communication, online taxes etc etc.) There is something about the whole envelope sealing, stamp, postal address writing thing that just seems like way too many unnecessary movements.

Anyway, so last year I sent a letter for the first time in ten years, yes the price of the stamp was a shocker first of all. Another shocker was seeing my own handwriting again! Thirdly, I literally got a HAND CRAMP! I'm so not exaggerating!! I had to stop and breathe for a moment! It was a letter (card) to Nico, the first one and I wanted to make a good impression, especially since I received a nice neat one from him (I half jokingly asked him to send me a post card while he was on vacation).

Well, we've kept up this tradition of little letter exchange. The last one I sent... I don't remember what I wrote exactly. I know for sure it had some kind of combination of "I miss you"s and "Lots" in it, but what did it say exactly I can't remember. First of all I was having a glass of wine (Crios de Susana Balbo, Argentina), I also wrote maybe 3 versions of the letter and I just don't remember which one I finally decided on.

Now the trick to drunk letter writing is to SEAL the envelope immediately, so you can't re-read the letter! (Yes, brilliant!) Anyway whatever I wrote is one thing... but Nico mentioned that he especially enjoyed the heart shaped confetti that apparently spilled out as he opened the envelope... WTF!??? Now, I DEFINITELY don't remember THAT!!! Little multi colored heart shaped CONFETTI!????

Lesson kids: Keep all international postage stamps under lock and key while enjoying a glass (a bottle) of nice white wine from an international location. Again, please exercise caution while drinking, the reprecautions could be dangerous...! ... you know..confetti hearts!


Blonde moment dos cientos tres.

>> Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ale: Niiiiiiiccooooo....!!!!! I have NOTHING to weeeeaaahhhhhaaar!!!!

Nico: Really?! That's good news!

Ale: Ohhhh pooooo- you know what I mean! I need fun outfits to look cute and adooooorable!!!!

Nico: You're always cute and adorable, but if you want we can go shopping here for your "fun outfits".

Ale: But that's no fuuuhuuun! You will totally see what my outfits look like!!!!

Nico: But sweetie, I will see what your outfits look like anyway - when you'll wear them.

Ale: ....oh.... right... but... um.. anyway, so should I get more highlights??

I don't know, how, why, when, porque, but my blondest self comes out at first sight (hear) of Nico. Though he did say he sees right through my blond act... but I bet that's just a LINE.

Heheeeh... he totally does NOT see through the blonde act, I got him ALL confused!! ... wait, what... who?


The perfect life

>> Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The 10 year high school reunion is coming up. I'm not going, not only because its in Chicago, but also because all the people that I really care to see and know, I DO see and know.

That whole thing however got me thinking. Is every thing in my life the way I want it to be? Wait, no, that's an irrelevant question really, because weather or not all things in my life are just how I want them, what is relevant is am I doing everything to make my life perfect??

Hm... ?

Well, lets see.

Things in my life that I currently do not like:

1. commuting to work with ugly people (if they were more stylish and cuter I don't think I'd mind it so much)
2. not having my own kitchen to conduct food related experiments in
3. not having enough occasions to wear dressy dresses

Things in my life that I like:

1. my job
2. living with people that give me hugs, make me fresh strawberry salad and peel my grapes
3. living in a place that is green and relaxing

Now how can I arrange not commuting with ugly people, having my own kitchen and living with people that peel my grapes? While living in a green and relaxing place with plenty of opportunities to wear dressy dresses??

Hm... well definitely NOT by sitting around asking dumb questions!!!!!

Ok, so I'm going to get up and get me some coffee so I can think this through with more clarity.

Maybe later go to a Sephora... I mean, I'll need fresh new colors to wear with those dressy dresses!

Lesson kids: its not about having the perfect life, its about THINKING that you have the perfect life!

(you're welcome!)


SOHO survival guide!

>> Monday, November 13, 2006

It is always great fun to have an excuse to enjoy NYC without having to wear the usual "I'm slightly bored and unamuzed" look that is a must when walking around Manhattan.

Kaya was in town this weekend to entertain HighContrast and I. I mean, we were entertaining her... right, that's how it was... Anyway, the weekend was a blur of laughter, psychoanalysis, serious shop browsing... and of course food and drinks!

Here is what I suggest if you have an afternoon in NYC in which you just want to relax and have the sights pass you by (instead of you passing by to see them).

SOHO will provide you with plenty to laugh about on any given weekend afternoon! But keep in mind you'll need plenty of colorful drinks to help you handle the constant FLOW of people up and down Broadway.

So here is what you do: forget Balthazar for Bruch, there is honestly nothing super special about it, yes, the food is great but do you really want to be waiting outside for at least an hour to be seated!?!??? Come on! What is this? We are not in a town with only one IHOP on the main street. Just walk around the block and you can treat yourself to an excellent breakfast/brunch at an Indian chutney house (Hampton Chutney). There is a yummy selection of Dosas that will come with a fresh made chutney, and you can sip your cardamom coffee for complete bliss!!

We went there and it was SOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!!

Its not posh inside or anything but the food is delicious, you don't have to wait for hours nor will you be spending millions of dollars on breakfast! (You will still spend that money in all the boutiques though!!!)

For a quick drink pop into Cafe Bari and sit either downstairs on the bar stool and watch the crowds pass by, or go to the upstairs bar and grab a seat near the window for even more of a view! I had a Kir Royale, Kaya had a mimosa and HighCon opted for a Coka-Cola in one of those pretty vintage bottles. Here is the view from above.

After more shopping, more walking, etc etc etc... you'll not only get thirsty (again) but also be ready for some lunch. I say you go to Bar 89 on Mercer street (as in 89 Mercer st). Beautiful space with high ceilings to help you relax your eyes after browsing all those shops. Wonderful drinks and good eats. Do not forget to check out the bathroom upstairs! Transparent doors!!! (Fear not, as soon as you close the latch the window magically turns smoky white and you can pee in peace!).

Now, since we are hardcore shoppers (and drinkers) we went for yet another drink (6 more drinks actually- EACH), at Antique Garage, just down the street. Cozy and cute. (Unlike my hangover today.)

In Soho!

Hampton Chutney -
Cafe Bari, Broadway and Spring street
Bar 89 -
Antique Garage -



>> Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Friday!!!!
I'm at Highcontrast's and we're sipping champaign as we wait for Kaya to make her way over here from being delayed for 5 hours!! But like I said, we're drinking champaign, we can hold on for afew.

And now a word from Highcontrast himself.

"I would like to give a shout out to all my old female bloggas: Alana, my homegirl Jazz, of course Cadiz in the dungeon, or "home" as her gmail notifies.." ..."wassup b***chessss"

um.. his words, I call my girls "Princesses".

This afternoon I had ANOTHER very special treat! Got to meet up with VespaRosso!!! She is super adorable!!! Gosh, I just love to surround myself with super adorable people! Anyway, we were totally channeling "Ladies that Lunch" as we went to Cristanello for some sopa di giorno e tramezzini! Followed by espressos and a piccolo fruit tart. Was good to catch up!! In "real" life.
We discussed everything from men to murano grass necklaces! What great fun!

My fingers are beggining to numb... which means I should either drink more champagne or less...?

Well see ya, Highcon is about to do a "special dance" for me... and as for you all- you better be having fun!


>> Thursday, November 9, 2006

For some strange and unknown reason, all day today I had this ardent desire to pick a fight with Nico.

I'm totally baffled, there is really no reason for this! Needless to say the day was spent in my avoiding opening my email account and hiding the blackberry on the top shelf in the office so that I don't accidentally send any nasty communications accross the ocean. I won, but maaaan that was weird.


I want to vacuum. Like, now!

>> Tuesday, November 7, 2006

I feel like I'm in a vacuum. I don't mean the outer space kind, I mean a vacuum, like for vacuuming your house. I feel very focused and thankfully a strong "wind" is blowing me into the right direction. Actually scratch that. I feel like I'm in a leaf blower! Pretty soon I will be propelled out into the right direction! Ok, that's a better imagery, I obviously don't think getting sucked into the vacuum cleaner is the right direction to go.

I'm the kind of person that just CANNOT "float" through life. I work best either when I have to fight against the flow, or have a strong jet stream bring me to where I need to be going. But it may be noted that I always have to have some kind of GOAL and preferably a deadline. Otherwise, I literally cannot function. I'm not proud of it. I don't think there is anything particularly wrong with just floating and enjoying life. But I personally can't function unless there is something ahead of me that I need to accomplish.

I can directly correlate the times of my life in which I was the busiest to the times when I undertook extra hobbies, extra sports, boyfriend(s), and had the highest grades. This would explain why I always overloaded on courses in college and graduated early anyway. But this is very very sad, because the only bragging I can do stoppes with college. After that, everything was just one big unseasoned mashed potatoes mush. Just plain nothing bla.

The good thing is that now I feel very focused on a new task, and precisely that is helping me to start setting up for accomplishing my other goals. Though everything is still moving at what seems to be turtle speed. Even when I go running in the evenings I tend to sprint like a mad woman because I feel the need for speed.

I realize this is a bunch of abstract mambojumbo. So we're going to put together a list of things to actually DO right now:

1. Shopping for jaw dropping outfits for my trip.

2. Increase my mad woman dashings to twice a day.

3. Get a pink leather passport cover that says: "Princess"

4. Find a proper Album for my PICTURES!!!!!

That's not enough, but lets concentrate on geting this done well.



Closet blues

>> Sunday, November 5, 2006

Less then 20 days till my trip... and I realized that...


update (Sunday 7.42pm): ... um... STILL NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


>> Friday, November 3, 2006

Wallstr and I had a fabulous time sipping our beautiful martinis (hers: pomegranate, mine: dirty with three olives). The place has an unbelievable view and is more or less quiet where people can carry on nice intimate conversations and get all romantical. (NOT that that's what Wallstr and I were doing!) PiuPiu are you taking notes?? :) Here is the link.

This weekend promises to give me time for various activities that I've put off for months and years... for example putting my pictures from a trip I took 3 yrs ago into an ALBUM!!! We'll see... And I'd like to cook a new dish from my wonderful Beautiful Mediterranean Cookbook, no really, that's what its called.

They say a way to a man's heart is through the stomach, so I'm just trying to cover all ground. Plus, a girl's gotta eat too you know!

Oh, and MAJOR news flash: Kaya (aka the Bali Princess) is coming to town!!! She is not really from Bali, but she is so exotic she could be... Anyway, in accordance to her royal and exotic status she has gotten herself a FIRST CLASS ticket!!!! I just love surrounding myself with exotic and royal friends that fly first class! :) We'll try to keep our heads firmly screwed onto our bodies, because when the three of us get together: Highcontrast, me and Kaya things tend to get... loose... guys... I still have guilt pangs about robbing coffee joints... and kinko's...


>> Thursday, November 2, 2006

I was going to say how I've had a headache for two days in a row... or how everytime I walk into the Staten Island Ferry terminal and see the crowd of morning commuters and it makes me remember a scene in Godzilla where the main characters discover thousands of hatched godzillas all slobering green slime from their mouthes... But I won't talk about it! Because here at Sempre Primavera everything is ALWAYS perfect! ;)

SO! Instead, we are going to talk about the trully glamorous life that I lead. (Apart from green slime slobbering godzilla offsprings that I have to see everyday...)

Anyway... Just a few short weeks from now I'll be in the land of flowing chocolate and beer!!! Where the chocolate (and beer) will be... flowing!

Lets see some visuals:

Yeah I guess not only beer will be flowing...

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