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>> Thursday, November 30, 2006

I DID go shopping and got her! Haha, its a skirt with a style name "Bandaid"!! I have basically discovered my new favorite store!!

Funny enough they got started in Chicago as a Nautical company, making sails. Funny for two reasons: 1. Because there is no sea in Chicago, 2. It has been bought by the Italians in the 70's but they still carry out the American Nautical theme.

Anyway, their clothes simply ROCK! I later found out that the company that bought them is the Sixty Group, yes the creators of "Miss Sixty" brand which I LOVE because its the only brand of jeans that can fit me correctly!!! Its all about the fit. It shoud be called "the hug" really.

As for the Beers, the winner for me was Leffe Blond! The awesomest picture of Leffe here!!

Now something more relevant, one of my favorite bars here on the east coast in Phili, not too bad at about 20 Belgian beers on TAP with about a hundred others available bottled.

Chocolates... hmm... I going to get into it, but ended up completely ignoring them! Just not a big chocolate person. Plus if anything I like my chocolate hard and bitter! Non of that mushy sweet stuff for me. And I like biting it right of a big chunk! Non of those tiny truffle thingis that look like boobs... hmmpf!


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