>> Friday, November 3, 2006

Wallstr and I had a fabulous time sipping our beautiful martinis (hers: pomegranate, mine: dirty with three olives). The place has an unbelievable view and is more or less quiet where people can carry on nice intimate conversations and get all romantical. (NOT that that's what Wallstr and I were doing!) PiuPiu are you taking notes?? :) Here is the link.

This weekend promises to give me time for various activities that I've put off for months and years... for example putting my pictures from a trip I took 3 yrs ago into an ALBUM!!! We'll see... And I'd like to cook a new dish from my wonderful Beautiful Mediterranean Cookbook, no really, that's what its called.

They say a way to a man's heart is through the stomach, so I'm just trying to cover all ground. Plus, a girl's gotta eat too you know!

Oh, and MAJOR news flash: Kaya (aka the Bali Princess) is coming to town!!! She is not really from Bali, but she is so exotic she could be... Anyway, in accordance to her royal and exotic status she has gotten herself a FIRST CLASS ticket!!!! I just love surrounding myself with exotic and royal friends that fly first class! :) We'll try to keep our heads firmly screwed onto our bodies, because when the three of us get together: Highcontrast, me and Kaya things tend to get... loose... guys... I still have guilt pangs about robbing coffee joints... and kinko's...


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