Dangerous liaisons

>> Friday, November 17, 2006

Some people drunk dial. Some people send drunk text messages.

Me on the other hand, I send drunk letters... Yes the kinds with stamps and envelopes and stuff.

First of all I have to comment that last December was the first time in about ten years that I've sent an actual letter! (I'm a huge fan of online banking, online dmv communication, online taxes etc etc.) There is something about the whole envelope sealing, stamp, postal address writing thing that just seems like way too many unnecessary movements.

Anyway, so last year I sent a letter for the first time in ten years, yes the price of the stamp was a shocker first of all. Another shocker was seeing my own handwriting again! Thirdly, I literally got a HAND CRAMP! I'm so not exaggerating!! I had to stop and breathe for a moment! It was a letter (card) to Nico, the first one and I wanted to make a good impression, especially since I received a nice neat one from him (I half jokingly asked him to send me a post card while he was on vacation).

Well, we've kept up this tradition of little letter exchange. The last one I sent... I don't remember what I wrote exactly. I know for sure it had some kind of combination of "I miss you"s and "Lots" in it, but what did it say exactly I can't remember. First of all I was having a glass of wine (Crios de Susana Balbo, Argentina), I also wrote maybe 3 versions of the letter and I just don't remember which one I finally decided on.

Now the trick to drunk letter writing is to SEAL the envelope immediately, so you can't re-read the letter! (Yes, brilliant!) Anyway whatever I wrote is one thing... but Nico mentioned that he especially enjoyed the heart shaped confetti that apparently spilled out as he opened the envelope... WTF!??? Now, I DEFINITELY don't remember THAT!!! Little multi colored heart shaped CONFETTI!????

Lesson kids: Keep all international postage stamps under lock and key while enjoying a glass (a bottle) of nice white wine from an international location. Again, please exercise caution while drinking, the reprecautions could be dangerous...! ... you know..confetti hearts!


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