>> Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Friday!!!!
I'm at Highcontrast's and we're sipping champaign as we wait for Kaya to make her way over here from being delayed for 5 hours!! But like I said, we're drinking champaign, we can hold on for afew.

And now a word from Highcontrast himself.

"I would like to give a shout out to all my old female bloggas: Alana, my homegirl Jazz, of course Cadiz in the dungeon, or "home" as her gmail notifies.." ..."wassup b***chessss"

um.. his words, I call my girls "Princesses".

This afternoon I had ANOTHER very special treat! Got to meet up with VespaRosso!!! She is super adorable!!! Gosh, I just love to surround myself with super adorable people! Anyway, we were totally channeling "Ladies that Lunch" as we went to Cristanello for some sopa di giorno e tramezzini! Followed by espressos and a piccolo fruit tart. Was good to catch up!! In "real" life.
We discussed everything from men to murano grass necklaces! What great fun!

My fingers are beggining to numb... which means I should either drink more champagne or less...?

Well see ya, Highcon is about to do a "special dance" for me... and as for you all- you better be having fun!


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