>> Thursday, November 2, 2006

I was going to say how I've had a headache for two days in a row... or how everytime I walk into the Staten Island Ferry terminal and see the crowd of morning commuters and it makes me remember a scene in Godzilla where the main characters discover thousands of hatched godzillas all slobering green slime from their mouthes... But I won't talk about it! Because here at Sempre Primavera everything is ALWAYS perfect! ;)

SO! Instead, we are going to talk about the trully glamorous life that I lead. (Apart from green slime slobbering godzilla offsprings that I have to see everyday...)

Anyway... Just a few short weeks from now I'll be in the land of flowing chocolate and beer!!! Where the chocolate (and beer) will be... flowing!

Lets see some visuals:

Yeah I guess not only beer will be flowing...


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