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>> Tuesday, October 31, 2006

They may not look too pretty now in my lunch box, but they tasted GREAT! (This is the recipe I used.) I was going to do a "styled" shot at home, but they were literally INHALED by the members of the family in flight from the stove to the dinning room table... thus, the very brief photo-op moment had escaped me!

Thank you Monz for participating in a cooking class earlier, and thank you Cousin for the wonderful coverage of the event. Since we WERE actually paying attention, we picked up on the tip of using wanton wrappers to make the raviolies. This resulted in extra light raviolies with more focus on the taste then dealing with the CARB-guilt.

Trick question: What language do the russian ladies speak when talking to a chinese lady in a chinese market? ...and... in what language does the chinese lady respond?

Answer: why of course! the russian ladies speak russian to the chinese lady and she in turn responds in chinese! Naturally!

I didn't stay long enough to find out if the russian ladies had success in finding the produce they were looking for. I myself had to ask where the wanton wrappers were which involved a long chain of various people translating to each other and similarly translating back to me what the answer was. Sometimes I wish I spoke all the chinese dialects! Shopping in Brooklyn would have been a brease!!!

Another, simpler question: Lately I've been wanting to have a drink after work... is this some kind of sign of budding alcoholism? I keep looking at the bottle of almond Champaign I got in Gillroy, California (which is so unfairly being overlooked, though has tremendous wine country potential! and pst... FREE wine tastings!!!! HELLOO!). Should I open it? And drink it?? By myself??? The whole bottle???

I have no more reports... or questions... I do need some new input! Can everyone just tell me a secret would you!? Just one!!!! I feel like Jonny5, that robot from Short Circuit... need input... need input... It can be a personal secret, a secret about some one else (gossip- yes!) a kitchen secret... anything!!!! Input!!!!!



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