"The Princess Diaries" Part 1 - Royal Eats

>> Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Yes I was (STILL AM) on cloud 9 after the trip to the wonderful world of Nicoland. Again, I must turn my head into the general direction of Hollywood and say: EAT YOUR HEART OUT! I felt like royalty, so I decided to entitle these next few posts as the "Princess Diaries"

I will start this merry story of royal indulgence of the senses, with the food! I don't know who came up with the saying: "A way to a man's heart is through his stomach" but I just have to say, it sure can be applied to women too!!!

There is just something about being in a warm, candle lit place with sipping glass after glass of wine... Carrying on with an animated conversation, flirting... making bedroom eyes at each other... while eating............:


YES WE DID!!! I wasn't going to at first... but it was this absolutely fancy shmancy place the one you must find in a secret alleyway, behind the secret door where you must ring the bell to be let in... a place that serves based on a full menu that you choose where all the courses complement each other in a special way that we simple mare mortals cannot possibly understand thus the super fancy shmancy chef must make all the decisions for us... So well, I decided to just trust it. And it was SO DELICIOUS! Hmm... deer!? Who knew...? (Not kosher, that's for sure.) But then again, lots of good things in life are not... ahem... kosher.

Here are some glimpses of the place.
I had no idea but Northern Europe really knows how to do their food experience really well.

And this was just the first evening...


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