Grapes + Oranges = Apples!!!

>> Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Ok, so all this talk about cooking and liking to cook and stuff, made me inspired to actually... am... cook!

I thought about the wonderful recipes I'd like to bring to life, opened my cook books and started looking. Ummm so many yummy things to make!!!! Well, all this activity made me kinda hungry so I decided to make myself a little something for energy!

I went to pick up the groceries (in my parents' fridge, where I do all my grocery pick-ups...) and saw a huge container of grapes! This gave me an idea to make a smoothie!!!! I grabbed an orange from the fruit bowl... I thought about grabbing an apple as well, but apples are complicated and involve pealing and taking the core out... too much work. So just the grapes and an orange! Perfecto!

Then I remembered that I bought Guarana powder from this AWESOME website ( where you can get all kinds of brazilian stuff. Food, clothes, etc. Let me tell you, I ordered some farofa, some cheese bread mix, flip flops (yes Havaianas) and the Guarana, and the box arrived promptly on time with every item so carefully and neatly wrapped in bubble wrap. It really felt that they definitely take pride in their business and want happy customers. EXCELLENT job!!! I felt the love!

Anyway, I threw in a double doze of the powder and a few ice cubes into the blender poured into my glass... Tasted... and... It tasted like APPLES!?!???!!! Whaaat? Weird.... did I do something wrong?? How did I mess up a recepie of TWO ingredients (unless you count ice cubes and guarana powder).

Anyway, it tasted good, guarana gave me a caffeine buzz and I decided to go for a run instead of cooking anything else.

The end~

Lesson kids: To remember that even if life gives you only Grapes and Oranges, it doesn't mean you can't make a smoothie that tastes like APPLES! If only the "angry bitches" from the book could have figured that one out!


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